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Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Creates An American Incel?

I have always felt an affinity for the incels in the USA. Incel if you do not know means involuntary celibate. These are guys who cannot break out of the shell of their virginity.That is a tough spot to be in.

If you don’t know my story, I am a minority guy in the USA who also faced the racism in the dating world. Of course, the dating world is only the reflection of the whole of society and it translates and pervades the entire life force of a man. It affects everything.

Fact is: if you do not fit the standard models in the USA, you become an outcast quickly. If you have one quirk then you are sent to be an outsider forever banished from the world of normalcy. My whole issue was that I was a square in a round hole. Things were working towards me. This only reflected in the dating market.

How can you say I am a flawed individual who cannot get with girls when I am now in a position of managing harems and writing about the psychologies of females? A simple location change was all it took! From coming home blue balled in the winter to suddenly turning down girls for a chance so they may “pitch” why they should be with me.  

But fact is, when I was in the USA, I too had problems in getting involved in a normal healthy relationship. It was all an accumulation of the forces of society that made me leave. It made me experience the hardships that would later strengthen my resolve and also develop the humility to help the others who are also in dark hours of their lives.

Incels are here on the internet because they have nowhere to go. I was there too bro. It sucks. But I have helped others find a way out of that tight spot. Like I said, I had an incel roommate Indian engineer that made over 100k and ALSO was a vegan muscle builder weighing over 200 pounds. Every guy he met liked him. But why were the females non-receptive to him?

Oh I don’t know. Maybe him being Indian? Or was that too politically incorrect?

Fact is there are many forces that rule our lives. We could fight these forces, we could succumb to these forces. But the important thing is to realize that these forces do exist. That’s why I created my first online venture that deals with this taboo topic. Because, bro, I’ve been there and it sucked big time. I am here now and I am in sexual nirvana but I will never forget that spot.

So shout out to the incels out there!


  1. I'm a Black man with Yellow Fever. I'm incel no matter where I am.

    1. try Manila. Stay away from Angeles city (90% prostitutes), there are a lot of Africans (from Africa) immigrating to Manila and they are seen positively by local girls. You will see them walking around with a Filipina.

      Your best bet is to get out of America. If you have to teach English do it. Trust me staying America will affect your well-being. Life is too short brother!!!

      There's also Brazil... but very little Asians there.

  2. You the man bro! It's so fucking true, and I come from Long Island, can you imagine the little useless cunts I deal with?

  3. You're a fucking idiot. You are literally acting like every American women you've seen was some sort of disgusting, repulsive creature when In fact many American girls happen to be gorgeous and very fit and healthy. Sure there are people who are obese but please, don't go around acting like that is every girl in America because it's not.

  4. You are an idiot. You don't live in America, you have no business stereotyping us as these things because you only saw some people. And saying we cant cook, What did you do go to every house in the US and have a meal with them?, You're such an idiot. Just because things are different where you are from, doesn't mean you have the right to come to our country and disown our peoole. So next time you have something to say about my country's people, just call me up cause I will gladly talk. Because putting stereotypes on us and putting this where everyone around the world to see this , so that they think we are like this is probably the rudest thing you could possibly do.

  5. Which charm school did you attend?

  6. Perhaps a follow-up post would be nice, just to reflect your thoughts on.

    There has been an uptick of incels in the US for sure. It doesn't matter how nurturing or pretty they are. If you cannot get them, then there is no point.

    Incel is such a cancer because it bleeds into many parts of your life and makes you very very unproductive.


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