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Monday, November 23, 2020

Even if Amanda Knox is Guilty... A unique perspective and theory that no one else dares to say (Warning: May be offensive to lemmings)

    Amanda Knox                            Meredith Kercher

Disclaimer: None of what I say here is fact. This is just my theory, opinion and speculation. If you are interested in this case, research the evidence on both sides and make up your own mind. Thank you.

For the last few months I've been analyzing the infamous Amanda Knox murder trial case where Knox was accused, tried, convicted and then acquitted of the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy. It's sure a brain twister and messy jigsaw puzzle with half or more of the spectators believing that Knox is guilty and the other half that she's innocent. I found it immensely fascinating for some reason, as have many others. If you're interested in true crime cases, you should research this one if you haven't yet. It's a very captivating case that stays with you and makes you think and wonder. There are many documentaries about the case on YouTube, as well as websites if you search for "Amanda Knox". 

With that said, I'd like to offer a unique but well reasoned and logical perspective that no one else dares to say due to most people's black and white mentality on both sides. Warning: This may be a bit offensive to some, but if you read it, you will see that it's sensible and well reasoned and does not appeal to cheap emotional tactics. So hear me out if you are open minded.

Why Our "Sacred Democracy" Doesn't Work - 8 Core Flaws and Fallacies that America NEVER tells you about!


As we've all seen, this 2020 Election fiasco shows just how flawed our "Sacred" Democracy is. The news media keeps referring to "Our Sacred Democracy" yet democracy itself is inherently flawed in many major ways. Why does the media never talk about this or bring on someone who can (like moi)? Why do they always TELL you what to think but never encourage you to think for yourself? Someone should ask them that. Here are several key flaws with democracy and why it doesn't work.