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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Foreign Women vs. American Women: 15 Major Differences and Reasons to Date Abroad! Best Comparison! (Original Benchmark Article. Groundbreaking. First of its kind!)

 Why Date Foreign Women? 15 Major Reasons and Advantages

Liberating truths and comparisons
that the US media will NEVER tell you!

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Why date Foreign women rather than American women? This is one of the most important questions you could ever ask if you are a single male. But it's a taboo question. No one in the media will touch it, not even the alternative media. That's why you are lucky to find this page, because such taboos are not feared here. All that matters are life-changing truths here. Now I don't mean to generalize, but there are definite major PATTERNS of differences that are very real and noticeable when you date women abroad. So I am here to define them as best I can. (After all, if I told you that people were the same everywhere, like the politically correct crowd does, then not only would that NOT be true, but what would be the point of this site?)

Note: The following attributes of foreign women apply primarily to women in the following regions: Eastern Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia and Latin America, which are considered dating paradises for men. But not to women of North America or Northeast Asia. (no way) 

Now, these qualities do not apply to all foreign women in those regions of course, but I would say that they are true of most or a high percentage of them, which is very significant, with qualifiers which I will specify. These significant differences matter to men, because deep down, every normal guy prefers such qualities - which is not suprising, since after all, these qualities have always been inherent in women throughout human history. It's only in modern America that women have deviated from them. Here is a list of them:

  1. Foreign women are very feminine and proud of it. They dress, look and act feminine, and do not try to become masculine like their American counterparts, which is not attractive to normal men. They act sweet and modest, and are proud to wear skirts, dresses, and other feminine attire - which many American women find oppressive and degrading. Foreign females keep their hair longer to look feminine, which every man prefers, rather than cut it short like a man's hair, as lesbians and feminists commonly do, which no man likes. When they step off or onto a vehicle or train, they are glad to take a man's hand, whereas American women are too proud to do that.

  1. They generally treat men better and appreciate them. They admire and respect men, and do not carry an attitude of disdain and contempt for them, nor harbor a "men are creeps" attitude (unlike American women who deem every man as a "creep" unless he proves otherwise). They seek relationships with men, rather than resist them. Men feel more relaxed around foreign women because they are authentic, down-to-earth and not so defensive or paranoid. It does not feel like walking on eggshells when you are around them. They do not twist your words around and use it against you.

  1. They are usually thin or not overweight. Being overweight is less common in foreign countries, especially in Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. As such, females abroad are healthier and slimmer. Outside of the US, there is no obesity epidemic.

  1. In most foreign countries, women are more open, approachable, friendly and easier to meet. This generally applies to second and third world regions, such as Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Mexico, SE Asia, China, etc. (See my Photos and Videos for absolute proof) They are far more approachable, for they do not harbor the "men are creeps" attitude that American women are programmed with. (See Approachable Faces Gallery) In their culture, good quality financially secure guys are hard to find. It's also a sociological fact that poorer people tend to be more kind, compassionate and friendly due to their need to be more interdependent with others to get by. They are also more sweet, modest, appreciative, and commitment-oriented, which makes them better marriage material. This is sad but true - having more money tends to make women less social and friendly. (but not men, since affluent men still need and desire women, love and romance, whereas women who are middle class and above somehow have less of a need or interest in men, unless he is richer than she is) The more money women have, the more likely they are to limit their social interaction to within closed cliques, and the less likely they are to talk to strangers. They also become less friendly and more picky. That's just the way it is, and it definitely makes dating in first world countries harder and more competitive for guys.

  1. They are generally more down-to-earth, authentic and natural in personality and attitude. Interacting with them is a far more genuine experience. You do not need any artificial "game" or PUA techniques to meet or date them. All you have to do is be yourself, as long as you are sincere, decent, down-to-earth, kind and especially charming. That's what foreign women want. Nothing complicated about it, which is the way it should be. Deep down, every normal male prefers women who are feminine and down-to-earth. Every American male who has experienced this has said that it is very refreshing and liberating.

  1. They act more mature at an earlier age. This is especially true if they are from an economically challenged country, where they have to become more responsible at an earlier age rather than spoiled. But even women in first world overseas countries are still more authentic and down-to-earth, because they were raised in more normal, healthy and wholesome environments, without the need to acquire fake pseudo-confidence or insecurity complexes.

  1. They liberate men psychologically and set them free from insecurity. There is a deeper psychological issue here that is felt by men but not easy to define and put into words. You see, when American males date foreign women, for the first time in their life, they actually feel valued and appreciated for what they are (isn't that what we all want?). This is something guys can't experience in America, where virtually everyone is insecure and trying to mask it, because they do not feel accepted for what they are. This is the essence of true confidence - feeling appreciated and accepted for what you are, not the pseudo fake confidence that is often referred to in West Coast America, and has to be constantly "pumped up" artificially. Thus, there is a huge psychological mental health benefit that foreign women bring as well, which liberates men and sets them free from the constant feeling of insecurity they've had their whole lives in America.

  1. They are sweet and modest, appreciate niceness, blush and giggle, and like to hear compliments. Such qualities are inherent in true femininity - but absent in American women. Foreign women find compliments flattering and charming, whereas American women see them as "creepy and offensive" (unless it comes from their fictional Mr. Perfect). They also appreciate and reciprocate niceness and kindness from men, which American women deem to be an unattractive weakness to step all over, and counts for nothing. (Now I don't know about you, but when niceness is not appreciated but used against men, I think it speaks volumes about how screwed up, dysfunctional and bizarro the dating culture is) Also, young foreign girls (especially from Asia) commonly blush and giggle, a trait long gone with American and Western girls - who are too tough and masculine to do that. But all normal men love it when girls blush and giggle while interacting with them, and in response to their compliments. It lightens the mood and is very sweet, cute, feminine, and attractive to guys. It also makes guys feel young and desirable, like school boys again, which they like as well. Moreover, blushing and giggling are indicative of a sweet, modest, and feminine nature, which men like because it naturally complements them. In short, guys simply feel good around such girls.

  1. They are raised with good family values. They tend to have healthier relationships with their families, not the hate and disdain for their fathers that is common with American women. What this means is that they will also have better values toward their own family as well, which makes them better marriage material. So if you are looking to raise a family, such foreign women will make better wives. Another thing to keep in mind is that foreign women tend to view their husband and them as one unit, whereas American women tend to view their husband and them as two separates individuals with their own needs and interests. This means you can trust them more, for they have a stronger sense of commitment and loyalty, whereas American women will toss their partner away like used clothes as soon as they get tired of him.

  1. They are marriage-minded in countries with traditional values. There are many foreign cultures with traditional values where many women are still marriage-minded, such as China, Latin America, Philippines, Russia and Ukraine. They dream of having a husband and family, and believe in sticking with their man through thick and thin. They seek fulfillment in finding a good man, and provide love, support and companionship to their partner, which makes them good marriage material.

  1. They are more tolerant of age differences in some countries. In certain cultures such as Russia, Ukraine, Latin America and SE Asia, women do not mind big age differences with their partner. In fact, some actually see older men as more mature and financially stable, and therefore more trustworthy and better husband material. This is good news for older men seeking foreign partners.

  1. They still believe in old fashioned romance. The kind of romance you see in films from the 50's and 60's still exists in the minds and hearts of foreign women - whereas modern American women see that kind of romance as an unrealistic childish fantasy (obviously because it doesn't exist in their hearts anymore). But foreign women are not jaded toward romance. They still have a certain purity and innocence within their hearts and spirits that is open to "love" the old fashioned way - which has become lost with Western women. This is good news if you are a guy who still believes in and longs for old fashioned love and romance.

  1. Beauty and brains are the norm in women from Russia, Europe and China. In the US, women with beauty and brains are a rare exception, for there is an inverse relationship between brains and beauty there. In contrast, in Russia and Europe, women are far more intellectual, cultured, broad-minded and have a wider range of interests. Thus, you can find women with beauty and brains everywhere there, even among young girls in their 20's. Any casual interaction with them reveals this to be obvious. A typical 20 year old girl in Russia or Europe, for example, is far more down to earth, speaks more languages, and has more intellectual interests than their counterparts in America. This may not mean much if you are not an intellectual guy yourself, but if you are, then this is good news because it means you will mentally connect with them better. Also, in China, many women have high IQ's (East Asians are rated with the highest IQ's in the world), are well organized, health-conscious and harbor classic Chinese wisdom.

  1. Women from SE Asia are far more easy going and nonjudgmental. Although females from Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia are more simple and less educated/refined/sophisticated than in Russia, Europe, China and even America, the plus side is that they are more relaxed, easy going, and much easier to get along with. It's in their nature to be more simple, harmonious, carefree, and not to think much. Now this may make them less capable of holding intelligent conversations, however, it also means that they will be more forgiving and will not try to complicate things. To many Western guys, this attitude is very refreshing and comfortable to be around. SE Asian girls are not high strung, uptight or easily offended, so you don't feel like you're walking on eggshells around them. Anyone who has dated them can attest to this.

  1. Even in overseas first world countries, they are still nicer and more feminine. Now it is true that foreign women in first world countries - e.g. Western Europe, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. - are pickier, have higher standards, and are more independent. And the dating scene in those countries is more competitive too. However, they are still feminine and modest, especially in Asia, and do not try to masculinize themselves. Nor do they harbor disdain or contempt for men. Also, if you are a white male, you are automatically valued in Asia by the pool of Asian women who specifically like white guys. Furthermore, women in Western Europe are far more cultured and down-to-earth, so it's easier to connect with them or befriend them as well (as long as you share their interests), even if they are snobby or not romantically attracted to you. On the other hand, a typical American woman will not even be friends, hang out or have coffee with a guy who is "not their type".

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  1. When we date an abroad woman which main thing of her should we follow to impress her?

  2. This article is dead on and speaks volumes about the lost American culture as it was not always this way. If I find myself single again at any point, I will definitely consider a foreign woman. Ukraine females right now would be good choices as they are fleeing the war in their native homeland.


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