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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Why did Flirtation become Taboo in America after 1990 but was Normal/Acceptable before? A Taboo Question & Rant That No One Dares To Talk About!


Winston Wu asks a taboo question that no one dares to touch: Why was flirtation in America normal and acceptable before the early 1990's but became a taboo, transgression, creepy and a form of harassment after that? And why is flirtation still acceptable in saner foreign countries like Brazil, Colombia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, Philippines, Thailand, etc? And why does no one dare to touch this question or bring attention to it? Why is it an even bigger taboo than anti-semitism? Yet this should be an important topic because natural flirtation between men and women is an important part of life and a fun joyful part of the courting process. 

See this video below where Winston discusses this taboo topic that no one dares to touch, not even in the alternative media.

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  1. Hello Winston. In America, once 1990 rolled in, affirmative action against straight male whites came into effect, besides favoritism of women over men, immigrants over Canadian or American born people then yes, anti-flirtation and many other things. Politics is not politics, instead it is only a business for the sole purpose of making money, shafting most people over. Many people are complacent in their own little comfortable office jobs and benefits that careers in politics have, not for some humanity purpose. Social media i.e. Facebook is also very bad and serves only one sicko, the CEO, yet too many Americans are dumb enough to follow and support it. Check out a book called: An inconvenient minority on Amazon. Let me know what you think.


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