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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Amanda Knox: Evidence Lists of Her GUILT or Involvement in Meredith Kercher's Murder - Best Summaries From True Crime Buffs

Above: Amanda Knox's devious mischievous smile during trial 

If you've studied the infamous and controversial Amanda Knox true crime case, involving her and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito's public trial, incarceration and acquittal for the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher, you may confused because the evidence doesn't stack up and seems conflicting and confusing. However, if you weigh all the evidence and arguments on both sides, the evidence and case for her guilt seems stronger than her innocence. This suggests that she was at least involved in the murder at some level, even if she didn't commit the murder herself. See the Murder of Meredith Kercher Wiki Site.

Since researching this case is time consuming, I thought I'd help you out, if you're interested, by posting the best summary lists of the case for her guilt or involvement that I found and collected from YouTube comment sections and other sites written by true crime buffs. They will give you an idea of the big picture and see what I mean. Keep in mind that while each piece of evidence individually can be explained away with alternate theories, when added up cumulatively it paints a very strong big picture of guilt, hence the preponderance of evidence definitely points to her guilt or involvement in the crime. This is what the pro-innocence crowd that defend Knox doesn't understand or consider. They nitpick and cherry pick flaws in the prosecution case due to their biases, but don't look at the big picture. 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Why America is NOT "The Last Bastion of Freedom"! 13 Reasons and Why Foreign Countries Have More Social, Romantic & Personal FREEDOMS!


In America, you always hear Patriots, Truthers and Trump Supporters say something like: "America is the last bastion of freedom. If America falls, the whole world will fall too." They always say that as if it was some type of religious mantra that the hive mind of Americans chant without basis, just because everyone else is chanting it. But it's just not true, for many good reasons that I will give you below. America is actually one of the least free countries in the world, but not just because of government policy "taking away your freedoms" as they chant, but for a lot more reasons for that, some of which are taboo and not supposed to ever be mentioned. Now before you get offended and condemn me for not conforming to the hive, please hear me out first. If you do you may change your mind and agree with me and hence no longer be offended. So hear me out first. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Foreigners Say "TAIWAN Is Lonely, Alienating, Depressing, and Hard to Make Friends" - So You're Not the Only One and Neither Am I!

If you're a foreigner or local in Taiwan, and you feel lonely, alienated, depressed and unable to connect with others because they seem cold, distant and ignore you and exclude you, well then please understand that you are not alone. You may think you are alone though, because nearly everyone on the internet seems to be describing Taiwan as "friendly, wonderful and a hidden gem", which makes you think you must be crazy to feel the way you do, or that there must be something wrong with you because everyone else claims to feel the opposite. 

But you are definitely not crazy or the only one that feels this way. It's just that almost no one dares to be honest about it or some people are just closed and don't even need social connection because they are unsocial and not outgoing like we are, so it's not even an issue to them. Overall, from talking to foreigners and travelers who have been to Taiwan, I would say that at least 25 percent of foreigners in Taiwan feel the same way I do, and another 25 to 50 percent partially agree with me but are not as vehement about it. But the rest think I'm crazy and totally disagree and have a very positive view of Taiwan it seems.

Back in 2004 I complained about Taiwan on the internet and thought I was the only one too. No one else dared to. Now though, more and more are speaking out their true feelings about Taiwan, such as in the comments below from another blog about Taiwan expat life. Read them below and you will see that others feel the same way too, including myself.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Are most people A.I. bots or soulless clones with a hive mind? Like in the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" or the Borg Collective from Star Trek?

Have you ever wondered how so many people who are unrelated can collaborate on a conspiracy or agenda that's deceptive and nefarious? For instance, all the major media outlets, government agencies, and big tech industries are all trying to cover up the 2020 Election Fraud against President Trump and collaborating with the Covid-19 lockdown which is overblown and exaggerated, rather than questioning it. They're all promoting the NWO agenda too. And of course they've also all helped to cover up big past events such as the JFK Assassination, the 9/11 impossible official story, the Roswell Crash, etc. How can so many people who never met and are seeminly unrelated all collaborate on all these things without questioning it? They obviously cannot have all met in a room together and agreed to do it.