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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Are most people A.I. bots or soulless clones with a hive mind? Like in the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" or the Borg Collective from Star Trek?

Have you ever wondered how so many people who are unrelated can collaborate on a conspiracy or agenda that's deceptive and nefarious? For instance, all the major media outlets, government agencies, and big tech industries are all trying to cover up the 2020 Election Fraud against President Trump and collaborating with the Covid-19 lockdown which is overblown and exaggerated, rather than questioning it. They're all promoting the NWO agenda too. And of course they've also all helped to cover up big past events such as the JFK Assassination, the 9/11 impossible official story, the Roswell Crash, etc. How can so many people who never met and are seeminly unrelated all collaborate on all these things without questioning it? They obviously cannot have all met in a room together and agreed to do it. 

Well I do have a theory, but it's pretty out there. But I think it's worth considering. As Sherlock Holmes said "When you've eliminated all possibilities, whatever is left must be the answer, however impossible." My theory is this: The reason widespread fraud and collusion can occur and why total strangers can all cooperate with each other on carrying out an agenda like Socialism/Communism/Globalism/NWO is because most people are not actually human. They are bots with a hive mind controlled by A.I. consciousness like the Borg Collective in Star Trek, or the alien clones in the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Other terms of this are Organic Portals and NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

I know that sounds crazy but it makes sense and would explain a lot. Thats why freethinkers and living souls can see what's going on so clearly like the blue sky, but most people deny it and pretend not to see it or they help cover it up. A chilling thought no doubt. It means we are in a sci fi horror movie, one thats real. It could be metaphorically true but it may be literally true too. Remember that truth can be stranger than fiction. And sometimes crazy theories turn out to be true. After all its highly improbable for any life to exist at all. 

Look up videos on Organic Portals by Devin Madgy and Robert Stanley. They talk about organic portals and NPCs too. Also see the original Star Trek episode "Return of the Archons" for a tale of how everyone can be controlled by a hive mind and A.I. brain. And also the Borg collective episodes in Star Trek the Next Generation. Sci fi contains a lot of metaphorical and sometimes literal truths that are hidden in plain sight or later discovered to be true. Also see the Hermetic book The Stellar Man by John Baines which talks about this too, and how most mainstream people today are controlled by a central computer. 

It would explain how so many unconnected people can seemingly move and think in unison, as though part of one hive mind, without direct collaboration. Even to cover up a crime or suppress the truth, which in theory should be abhorrent to average good folks. 

Supposedly, according to the organic portal theory, the organic portals were from a race of pre-adamic species, before Adam and Eve received the divine spark of a living soul with higher consciousness. Throughout history the organic portals and living souls have shared the Earth almost 50/50. But in modern times the organic portals have taken over and become the majority on Earth. That's why most people are more soulless today than ever before and why if you have a living soul, then you feel more alienated than ever before. Especially in an artificial culture like America or Japan which are very hive minded and collectivist (despite what their cultures claim). 

Whether true literally or metaphorically this theory definitely resonates with me at a gut level and soul level. It feels true in other words, even though it sounds preposterous on the surface and like crazy sci fi. Just something to think about. A lot of aware people have stated that they feel like they are already living in a sci fi futuristic dystopia or orwellian new world order. So I'm not the only one. You never know do you? After all, there's a lot we don't know about existence and reality and how we even got here. So anything is possible and many things are in fact open ended. Think about it, if you still have an independent mind that is and aren't part of the hive or collective. ;)

One of my favorite movies that depict very well how I feel in soulless countries like America and Taiwan.

A Chinese American guy I talked to experienced the same collective cold dislike and rejection that I do in Taiwan and America by seemingly hive minds. That's why he said Taiwan is like a US state, not true Chinese culture. Taiwanese take an immediate disliking of him too even at first glance, for no reason at all. Only an A.I. hive mind programmed to reject and detest you can explain that. Conversely, some people also like you for no reason at all too. The universe is weird like that. Social skills are non-existent and have nothing to do with it. Most people don't have good social skills, they get along with others merely because they are part of the same hive. 

How else can people dislike you before they met you or know you? That Chinese American guy's mom and brother don't know me but they dislike me anyway at the mere mention of my name. My Filipina girlfriend's mean aunt also disliked me before she ever met me. Only an A.I. consciousness programmed to dislike certain people can explain such things. 

How is it that in 1963 when JFK was assassinated all the media reporters, thousands of them, collaborated on covering it up. They cannot have gotten together in a big room and decided to collaborate on a cover up of a conspiracy. Only an AI hive mind controlling all of them can explain that and how they all act in unison as if they were one. Same with some guys in my forum and some I know who automatically dismiss all conspiracies, no matter how proven or obvious they are, immediately without exception. A living soul would not do that. Only a hive mind would. 

Look into the eyes of staunch atheists you know and u will see dead eyes too. No one with a living soul would deny that they have a soul. That defies basic logic. Only a dead soul or A.I. would deny that they have a soul. No living soul would deny the imprint of God in their soul too. Or claim that everything came from random forces and was not designed, which goes against common sense instinct which even children have.

So you see even though this A.I. hive mind theory is crazy, it makes a lot of sense and adds up and would explain a lot, if u meditate on it that is and think deeply about it.

To learn more about Organic Portals and soulless humans, see these links:

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  1. I've noticed the same exact things written in this excellent article. This whole scenario coincides with the Parable of the Wheat and Tares in Matthew Chapter 13. Genesis 3:15 also mentions two separate seedlines at "enmity" with each other on the earth, one being the seedline of Adam/Seth through EVE (seed of the woman) and the other being the seedline of the serpent also through EVE (seed of the serpent/Cain). Notice that Cain selfishly murdered his half brother (heteropaternal twin) based on nothing but pure envy. And Cain then projected his own evil onto his dead brother and God. Cain cared about nothing or no one except CAIN, just like all the narcissistic "organic portals" today. And Psalm 58:3-5 pretty much says it all.....Of course the so called "churches" are full of these organic portals and are ran by them, which is why the Bible refers to these "shrines on every street corner" as "the Harlot".....(read Ezekiel Chapter 16). These phonies controlling the church system will only cherry pick verses from the Bible that fit their fake narrative which is to keep the pew warmers as dumbed down as possible and make them so comfortable in their willful ignorance that they never bother to actually READ THE BIBLE on their own, without a pre- planted "denominational" narrative. Thus, they are "every learning and end up devoid of the Truth", falsely believing they are somehow "saved" when the exact opposite is happening. They will be in for a very rude awakening one second after death.

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  4. The problem is that religion is one of the corner stones of their control grid btw, you're really talking about the Saturn moon control grid hologram


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