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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Debunking the "Taiwan Is the World's Friendliest Country" Claim by Internations - 7 Obvious Reasons Why It's FALSE!

Hey Everyone,
Check out this bogus bizarre claim by Internations that Taiwan is rated by expats as being "the friendliest country in the world". 

WTF?! You gotta wonder what they are smoking. When an obvious lie is peddled as truth, you know this world is very upside down and messed up. They have no evidence or basis for this extreme claim either, other than some bogus surveys and some dumbass photo like the one above, which you can find at the link below. Notice how fake the two guys above look, like BS faces composed of plasticity who would say any fake thing that is expected of them just to be polite. lol. Totally different from my crowd. 

I can easily debunk the Internations claim above with 7 obvious logical reasons, which indicate that Taiwan is in fact one of the LEAST friendliest countries in Asia, not the most. No way. In contrast, Internations has no logical reasons to support their claim at all, so it's 7 vs 0. Let's begin.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

10 Reasons TAIWANESE Are NOT Friendly or Social! But Very Closed-Off, Cold, Repressed, Uptight, Prudish, Overly Restrictive, Reclusive, Soulless, Unnatural, and Awkward!

"If Taiwan is so friendly, then how come no one wants to be your friend?" - A simple question that stumps everybody.

Dear All,
I don't understand something. Why does everyone or most people online claim that Taiwan is "very friendly" and that the people are very warm, open, wonderful, etc? For example, see these blog posts:

My big question about that is: How can Taiwan be friendly if no one wants to be your friend? And everyone ignores you and treats you like you don't exist? How is that friendly or warm or social?

Every time I ask that question to Taiwanese locals or pro-Taiwan foreigners, they get stumped and tongue tied and have no answer. Yet they continue to spout "Taiwan is friendly" like a parrot as though they were part of some religious cult and brainwashed. I don't understand what they're smoking.