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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Debunking the "Taiwan Is the World's Friendliest Country" Claim by Internations - 7 Obvious Reasons Why It's FALSE!

Hey Everyone,
Check out this bogus bizarre claim by Internations that Taiwan is rated by expats as being "the friendliest country in the world". 

WTF?! You gotta wonder what they are smoking. When an obvious lie is peddled as truth, you know this world is very upside down and messed up. They have no evidence or basis for this extreme claim either, other than some bogus surveys and some dumbass photo like the one above, which you can find at the link below. Notice how fake the two guys above look, like BS faces composed of plasticity who would say any fake thing that is expected of them just to be polite. lol. Totally different from my crowd. 

I can easily debunk the Internations claim above with 7 obvious logical reasons, which indicate that Taiwan is in fact one of the LEAST friendliest countries in Asia, not the most. No way. In contrast, Internations has no logical reasons to support their claim at all, so it's 7 vs 0. Let's begin.

1. First, the simple question "If Taiwan is so friendly, why does no one want to be your friend?" stumps everyone, even the smartest people. Even Einstein cannot answer this. This speaks volumes. It means that a simple question can knock down a house of cards. Hence it only takes 3 seconds to debunk the bogus claim. Now don't get me wrong. Taiwanese can be polite and kind, but they can also be rude, grouchy, and cold too. But the bottom line is that they aren't interested in being your buddy or hanging out or bonding with you. They are very superficial by nature, and their motto is similar to the one in the Seattle Freeze which is "Have a nice day... somewhere else (not around me)". Most of the time they ignore you completely. Even most of my Taiwanese cousins ignore me and do not reply to me on social media. Not kidding. 

2. You never see foreigners and local Taiwanese hanging out. When you see foreigners, they are usually either alone, with other foreigners, or with Asian Americans (like me) or Taiwanese Americans. Not with local Taiwanese. This speaks volumes. It means foreigners are ignored too, like me, even if they are given some hospitality and niceness from locals, which is superficial of course. So it's not just me. That's why you see foreigners standing around looking bored and ignored by the locals. Keep in mind that I can speak some Chinese and Taiwanese too, so language barrier is not an issue and never was. That's a total myth that superficial people give with no basis.

3. Taiwanese people, especially Taiwanese women, seem to have ZERO enthusiasm and interest in making new friends or meeting men. They have a cold wall and are very closed off and cold, and if you try to talk to them, you will feel like a creep who is violating some boundary or taboo. They all want to be left alone, similar to in America. This is very consistent and clear to see out in public. It cannot be just me, because I notice HIGH enthusiasm from women in the Philippines and in Russia. And I have many videos and photos to prove it of course. Even in China, there is at least a little to moderate enthusiasm from women toward meeting new people or making new friends. Not zero like in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or America. So location makes all the difference, NOT my thoughts or attitude or beliefs, as New Agers and Self-Help books FALSELY claim. I know this because I am the SAME person with the SAME outgoing personality and attitude in all the countries mentioned above, yet my experiences are completely different. And I will swear on the Bible to that. That conclusively proves location makes all the difference. It's all about THEM, not me.

4. In Taiwan the only strangers who say hi to you or make small talk with you are either: 1) Elderly Taiwanese, 2) Little Children, or 3) Foreigners. But anyone between 20 and 40 is usually totally closed off, cold, uptight and never makes any eye contact with you or acknowledges your existence. They totally ignore you in other words as if you don't exist. This pattern is consistent all throughout Taiwan and is obvious. Anyone can go to Taiwan and see this for themselves. Go for a walk or a hike around Taiwan and you will notice this pattern. Taiwan is very homogenous so any patterns are usually consistent. Again, it's all about THEM, not me. Taiwan has a super CLIQUISH environment, like high school, which to me is very immature and shallow and small minded. I don't like that at all. It's very different than Europe or Russia which are much more mature, open minded, curious, outgoing, social, and less cliquish than Taiwan is.

5. Local Taiwanese do not deny the above if you put these things specifically. Especially if you ask someone in Taiwan that is older and more down to earth, not a young airhead. Of course they will say "Taiwan is friendly" because they are supposed to, but when you get specific and ask them if their women are approachable and open to chatting to strangers, etc. then they will admit that they are not. So once you get specific rather than asking a vague question like "Are Taiwanese friendly?", then you start getting real answers. Yet ironically, they will still say "Taiwan is friendly" even though they will admit that the above is true, because that's what they are supposed to say. Asians are copycats and will copy each other like with a hive mind, as we all know. So even if they lie, they will all lie, because they are connected to their collective, like the Borg in Star Trek. To do otherwise is rude and inappropriate. Also in the modern world, a positive lie is preferred to a negative truth, just like in America. And since Taiwan is very Americanized, they will tend to be just as fake as Americans. They will even claim to be happy when they do not look or act happy, just like Americans do. Go figure. In any case, if honest local Taiwanese themselves admit that my specific observations are true, then how can I be wrong?!

Furthermore, Taiwanese women themselves will ADMIT that they are CLOSED if you ask them. They are happy to admit it and will not pretend to be open. Try it and you will see. They are not ashamed to admit that they are closed, because it's a simple FACT. That's all. In short, Taiwanese women do not like people they don't know and are not open or curious about others, especially strangers. That's just the way they are. If you are good at reading people, you can see this when you meet them (if they will even talk to you that is, since they simply aren't into chatting with strangers, even if you have a mutual friend with them). It's obvious, and they will admit it if you ask them. So again, if they themselves admit that they are closed, then how can I be wrong about it?! Think about it.  

6. If you check the official birthrate in Taiwan, it's the lowest in the world, even lower than Japan! This speaks volumes. An extremely low birthrate means that male-female relationships are cold and sour and unnatural, and that something is very OFF and unnatural. In other words, it means the country is very ASEXUAL. Sorry but there's no way around it. A normal friendly social country would not have the lowest birthrate in the world. No way. See these links below:

In contrast, the birthrate in China is higher and closer to normal, and the birthrate in the Philippines is still very high, which means male-female relations are still normal and healthy. These are all facts you can look up to validate my point.

7. Taiwanese men are known to import many brides from Vietnam every year. Why would they have to do that if Taiwanese women are "so friendly"? If Taiwanese women were friendly and social, then any Taiwanese man could easily ask their social connections to find him a nice single Taiwanese woman with decent personality and looks. But it's not that easy of course. Think about it. Add 2 and 2.


So you see, obviously Taiwan is one of the LEAST friendliest countries in Asia, not the most. These 7 simple obvious reaons solidly back up my observation and experience on the matter. 

Now you might be wondering "Who are you? You're just one whiny guy, whereas Internations is a popular expat organization. What credibility do you have as opposed to them?" Well excuse me, but just because an organization is popular doesn't mean it's honest and truthful and unbiased. Duh. Do you think CNN is truthful and honest and unbiased just because it's a big organization? Duh. Use your inner tuning fork, if you have one and are not just an NPC. Come on. Ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I'm the most honest and authentic guy they know. They definitely would believe me over some random BS internet article any day. 

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you can't get a girlfriend or wife in Taiwan. Some do of course, that's why you see many couples in Taiwan out in public. But you don't choose it and you don't make it happen. It happens if it's your destiny, like all things do. Ask any couple how they met, they will tell you it happened naturally, as if it was meant to be and destined. They didn't do anything special to "make it happen". Some people are destined to have a partner in Taiwan, some are not. It's not a choice. If it's your destiny, it will happen naturally, if not, then it won't. 

That's how pretty much all things work. Even friendships are like this if you think about it. People have an instinct and sixth sense about who they can be friends with and who belongs in their tribe. That's how cliques form. It has nothing to do with logic or common interests. You can have common interests with everyone in your church, but if there is no resonance or connection, there will be no real friendship or relationship. That's how it is. Even birds instinctively know which birds they can fly with as a flock, and which they can't. There is an intangible resonance. It's not something you can choose or control.

The thing is, even when I meet people in Taiwan, there's never any chemistry or connection, only politeness or awkwardness. Never any resonance or connection or synergy or chemistry. They are totally bland and empty and have nothing to connect with. Not my fault. Just telling it like it is. Saying that it's my fault is like faulting ketchup for not mixing well with ice cream. There is no fault there, some flavors just don't mix together. Likewise, my soul and personality doesn't mix with Taiwanese culture and people and their awkward weird uptight vibe. Not my fault. Just like it's not the fault of ketchup that it doesn't mix well with ice cream. But ketchup does mix well with french fries of course. You see what I mean? Victim blamers and narrow people don't understand this for some reason. They love to blame misfits and never see the big picture.

Simply put, if you are not narrow, uptight, closed, cold, and superficial like Taiwanese are, they will see you as a creep and weirdo and freak, and you will FEEL like one too! No joke! I'm serious. That's how odd it is. I swear. I didn't make it that way, that's just the way it is. Hence if you are not like them, you will not vibe with Taiwan at all. That's the simple truth.


  1. Winston, one thing I learned about people, especially Taiwanese people is that they tend to say things that are complete lies but are socially acceptable. What things you said are quite true but not socially acceptable. The fact that Taiwan is one of the coldest, one of the most closed place on earth, is so obvious that all the facts stare in your face. But it can not be said. Thank you for stating all the facts so directly and obviously.

  2. My experience with Taiwanese people online is that they are cold people, but there was one Taiwanese girl on Japanese twitcast that kept speaking to me in English and even when I told her sorry I'm trying to learn Chinese & Japanese she kept saying “why don't you like me", etc... She had actually gone and lived in California for a while, and she also agreed that Taiwan was a cold place. Too bad we had to separate because her English was *TOO* good.

  3. Taiwan is not the only place that imports brides from Vietnam. Last time I checked, the South Koreans and Singaporeans men were also in the same game big time.


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