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Monday, June 15, 2020

$480 Ripoff at Manila US Embassy for Bogus Tourist Visa Interviews for Filipinos - Scam and Complaint Letters

Below is my letter of complaint to the US Embassy in Manila for their bogus Tourist Visa Interview - which was only a 2 min interrogation in which they were NOT even allowed to speak - of my girlfriend and her family, which was improper, unfair and unreasonable. The lady interviewer didn't even allow them to speak or present their evidence of supporting documents for their qualifications, even though me and my girl's sister paid a total $480 for it ($160 per applicant). Hence it was a SCAM AND RIPOFF.

Note: If you are connected to the media, and wish to do a story about the mistreatment and scam of Filipinos at the greedy US Embassy, which charges $160 for the bogus tourist visa interview, feel free to do so. Especially if you are from these Manila media outlets:

Manila Bulletin
Philippine Daily Inquirer
The Manila Times
The Philippine Star
GMA News
CNN Philippines


以下是我要打印並給台灣牙醫的一封信,他堅決告訴我,根據ADA,銀汞合金牙科填充劑(又稱牙科汞合金)是安全的,因此無需更換。 如果您知道在台灣或其他地區的任何牙醫說同樣的話,也可以隨時將這封信轉發給他們,或者打印出來並根據需要將其提供給他們。 希望他們能從中獲得啟發和啟發。



Letter to Taiwan Dentist: Why You Are Wrong About Mercury Dental Amalgam Fillings Being Safe - Why The ADA LIED To You And Why You Believe It (Evidence, Reasons, Links)

Below is a letter I'm going to print out and give to a dentist in Taiwan, who told me adamantly before that silver mercury dental fillings (aka dental amalgams) were safe according to the ADA, so they did not need to be replaced. If you know any dentists, in Taiwan or otherwise, who say the same thing, feel free to forward this letter to them too, or print it out and give it to them if you like. Hope they will find it informative and enlightening.

"Dear Taiwan Dentist,

Last time I visited your clinic, you told me that silver mercury fillings were safe because the American Dental Association said so, and you were confident they were correct. So you suggested that I don't get my mercury fillings replaced with white composite fillings. But I'm sure you never researched the other side. You just took the ADA's (American Dental Association) word for it, and assumed that authority institutions and agencies are always honest and never lie and are the best source of truth. This is an obvious logic fallacy and flaw and a form of mind control. Of course the establishment wants you to blindly trust it and not think for yourself or examine contrary evidence. They condition you to do so, so you can be controlled easily to serve the agenda of the medical mafia industry - which is to keep people sick so they will need more drugs and healthcare services.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Myth of Confidence and Self-Esteem - Fake Concepts in America Designed to Make You Feel Insecure and Inadequate

I'm sure you've probably noticed that Americans are obsessed about things like Confidence and Self-Esteem. But have you ever really wondered what all that means? These concepts seem nebulous and thrown around loosely, often in an attempt to shame someone. Have you ever felt like there was something off about that or something fake and unreal? I certainly have.