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Monday, June 15, 2020

Letter to Taiwan Dentist: Why You Are Wrong About Mercury Dental Fillings Being Safe - Why The ADA LIED To You And Why You Believe It (Evidence, Reasons, Links)

Below is a letter I'm going to print out and give to a dentist in Taiwan, who told me adamantly before that silver mercury dental fillings (aka dental amalgams) were safe according to the ADA, so they did not need to be replaced. If you know any dentists, in Taiwan or otherwise, who say the same thing, feel free to forward this letter to them too, or print it out and give it to them if you like. Hope they will find it informative and enlightening.

"Dear Taiwan Dentist,

Last time I visited your clinic, you told me that silver mercury fillings were safe because the American Dental Association said so, and you were confident they were correct. So you suggested that I don't get my mercury fillings replaced with white composite fillings. But I'm sure you never researched the other side. You just took the ADA's word for it, and assumed that authority institutions and agencies are always honest and never lie and are the best source of truth. This is an obvious logic fallacy and flaw and a form of mind control. Of course the establishment wants you to blindly trust it and not think for yourself or examine contrary evidence. They condition you to do so, so you can be controlled easily, not because they are always right or honest.

But the reality is that truth is NOT determined by authority (as Asians tend to blindly believe because they are conformists by nature and never think independently) but is instead determined by evidence, reason and experience. Authority institutions can lie and be wrong, or be corrupt with a hidden agenda, have biases and self-interest and play politics, or be controlled by a medical mafia cartel and monopoly. History, both past and present, is filled with countless examples of corruption. You gotta "follow the money trail" to be a good detective and find out whose self-interest and agenda is being followed. Official institutions are not objective and neutral and do NOT only care about doing good and protecting people, as you've been brainwashed to believe. They are not infallible as you Asians assume due to your conformist nature and genetics. So I doubt you have looked at both sides of the issue, and only assumed that authority = truth.

Therefore, I would like to show you some links to documentaries and articles online that show you how and why mercury fillings are toxic and cause neurological damage to the brain. And how many people have had their illnesses alleviated or cured after having their mercury fillings removed. They have given their testimonials and seem like good honest people with no reason to lie. You should consider both sides of an issue, not only one side just because it is endorsed by an establishment institution. That's the only way to have a balanced view of an issue, not by blindly trusting authority, government agencies and official institutes.

60 Minutes on Mercury Fillings

BBC report on hazards of mercury fillings

Documentary: Evidence of Harm - The Hazards of Dental Mercury Amalgam Fillings (MUST SEE!)
Now FREE to watch here:

Mercury fillings ARE dangerous say regulators - but British health bosses still refuse to take action

Mercury Fillings Shattered! FDA, ADA Conspiracy to Poison Children with Toxic Mercury Fillings Exposed in Groundbreaking Lawsuit

Campaign to end mercury fillings

PDF: MEASURABLY Misleading - Evidence the FDA and Dental Industry are Deliberately Deceiving American Families about Mercury Dental Fillings and Why That Now Has International Consequences

Health risks of mercury fillings:

Hope you will see these links and documentaries and get educated. Remember there is no such thing as a safe level of mercury even if it's low and even if you are not allergic to it. Ask a Chemist, they will tell you that, so if the ADA says otherwise, they are wrong and lying. Remember a chemist knows a lot more about metallurgy and heavy metals than a dentist does. A denist is only an expert on teeth, not on metallurgy or toxic metals like a chemist is. So please do not arrogantly pretend to be an authority on toxic metals or metallurgy. When you do, you are speaking from a brainwashed hive mind, not from true knowledge.

Of course the ADA doesn't want to officially admit the truth that mercury is toxic and can damage your health and brain. If it did, then millions of people would file lawsuits against their dentists and sue the ADA too, for lying about its safety for many years. So they have an obvious self-interest in covering up the truth. It's common sense, but for some reason, even smart Asians cannot see that. Only other races that are more freethinking and skeptical of authority see this.

The thing is, Americans have known since the 1960's that government lies a lot. They were lied to many times that decade, about the Kennedy Assassination, the Vietnam War, the assassination of RFK, MLK, etc. Yet most Asians today still think the government never lies and is a caring parent who always tells the truth. They are way behind on the curve since Americans figured all that was false long ago in the 1960's. I don't understand why Asians don't catch up. They are still total conformists and group minded by nature. They never think outside the box or for themselves. The few freethinking Asians I've met (myself included) are only from western countries, and even there are still rare. But in Asia, it's virtually impossible to find any freethinking Asians who can think outside the box and think for themselves. This is obvious everywhere you go in Asia, even in Taiwan. I mean no offense, but these are my honest observations and just because they are offensive or taboo or negative does not make them wrong. Truth is not often equal or politically correct as you've been brainwashed to believe.

Hope you consider all this. Thanks for your attention.


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Chinese translation from Google Translate:









汞填充物碎裂! FDA和ADA陰謀以開創性訴訟中暴露的有毒汞填充物毒害兒童









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