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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Man's Guide to Life and Love in the Philippines by Larry Elterman


Hi everyone,

I'd like to endorse and recommend Larry Elterman's Ebook A Man's Guide to Life and Love in the Philippines.

It is very comprehensive, realistic, informative and no-nonsense. The Ebook is a must have for anyone wanting to live or date in the Philippines long term. Larry has lived in the Philippines for nine years and is an expert on expat living and dating there.

Ebook Description:

"A practical guide about life and love in the Philippines; a no holds barred, no subjects avoided, non sugar coated look at all aspects of Expat life, love and sex in the Philippines. Are you a middle aged man not ready to give up on fun? Are you divorced and alone? Do you crave a younger sexy woman but don’t have any hope in your own country? If so, this book can help you in two ways; it can help you to find a Filipina wife to bring back to your country or it can help you to start a new life and adventure in the Philippines! This book is chockfull of practical information such as: The best places for Expats to live; How to find women while in the Philippines; The culture and psychology of Filipina women; The legal system and it’s dangers; Prostitution, entertainers and massage; Buying property and building a house; Immigration/ Visa laws; How to handle your money; About medical facilities; Estimated living expenses; Culture and history; and much more!"

To order or read some sample chapters, click here.

Larry has also registered on this forum. So if you have any questions for him, feel free to post them in this thread.

He also does private one-on-one consultation. If interested, visit his ebook site at the link above and click the Consulting tab at the top.

I've also put the link to his Ebook in the right sidebar of the forum index page, so you can also get to it from there next time.

Thanks and hope you check it out.

A Man's Guide to Life and Love in the Philippines



Larry just did a great interview with Steve Hoca! It's very informative, helpful and balanced. Here is the link to listen to it:


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Urgent Films: Invisible Empire NWO Defined and Obama Deception - Watch and Pass on!

Please watch this urgent new film "Invisible Empire - New World Order Defined". It contains hundreds of news clips from politicians and reporters about the New World Order plan (which has been made public now and is no longer some conspiracy theory) and how it will affect YOU and all of us! After you watch it, you'll understand what's coming and why you NEED to pass this film on to everyone you know!

If you have limited time, just watch the second half or last third of it. There are many versions uploaded on YouTube. Remember, MASS LARGE SCALE nonviolent resistance is the only chance we have of winning against the Orwellian NWO to come!

Also see this short eloquent video "Even the troops are waking up" and pass it on too.

And if you haven't yet, watch "The Obama Deception" film in high quality. It already has 6 million views and it on a roll. So help its momentum by watching it and then sharing it with everyone you know!

Remember, MASS LARGE SCALE nonviolent resistance is the only chance we have of winning against the Orwellian NWO to come! David Icke and Alex Jones together explain this solution and what we can do about it here in their interview together:

Together, Alex Jones and David Icke have a lot of synergy and deep mind blowing discussions. They make quite a pair.