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Friday, December 27, 2013

Online Income Madness: The Problem Of Scaling From A Zero Exposed

//edit I have already surpassed this level

I have reached a threshold on my online income goal. I have essentially doubled the amount I earn online passively. Not one dollar. But two! This is $2 of gold!!!!!!! Here is a Chinese store cat of gold.

While this post will seem rather satirical, understand that this to me is an accomplishment.  I. Am. Dead. Serious. This income which is not just a dollar but a full one dollar + one dollar is worth way for me than any form of wage. It means something.

I would like to say that this income was created out of thin air, but reality is.. and what I’m learning is that online work is grueling.  And it will take more from me. More time.. energy.. sweat.. tears.. and other bodily fluids.

On a purely cost-benefit standpoint – this is lunacy. Yet I assure you that I would rather be doing this than working for corporate land.. or retail land.. or whatever large conglomeration of organization you put out to create profit.

This to me is $2. And it is real income.

And it will grow.

I have already surpassed the first big challenge. Which in true economist fashion I dub “scaling from zero.” The challenge of scaling a zero is that it cannot be done. A zero multiplied by any real number cannot be anything other than zero. You can not just make 0 into a 1.

But you know what you can make into 1?

Try this number.

0.01  (zero-point-zero-one)

This number is something and has the potential to become something. If you increase/double it per time period you will at some point reach the integer 1. I have surpassed 1. I am now at 2.

It is something. So don’t give up with whatever you have. You may want to move to out the USA. Maybe start something.  But realizing that the something can be doubled and double and doubled.. until what you have is something significant. That is how most people in this sphere got started. And it can be done. Just believe in yourself and keeping scaling it up. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Manila Clubbing Scene - Why I Avoid it

Backstory @ bottom

I had three weekends of partying and I’m feeling tired of that scene.

The bar scene, the alcohol, the women waiting to be hit on, the beautiful girls that are shallow inside, the foreigner pick-up artists, the fags, the frustrated jerks, and the rich kids.

Manila will suck you into this lifestyle if you’re not careful. #itsmorefuninthephilippines indeed

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy it but I can see how something like that could morph into a complex… and into an addiction.  

All in all, as I approach 30, I think I don’t really want to be an active player in the club scene. I like to check it out for sociological investigative reasons, or if there’s a fellow expat in town. This is great for the young guy. 

I will still go as it truly is fun! But I’ll employ the “no-drinks for me” stance from this day forward. My recovery time is increasingly getting higher and I do not want to squander this opportunity. I also view alcohol as a personal weakness, something I need to work on.

The clubs should be relegated to when I need to get some of my desire for debaucheries out. If I need to grab a tit or ass. Then bring home to my local sogo.
Manila Clubbing Scene- Oh My!

And there are options.

Another Manila option is the health scene. Basically the marathon people. Manila has a trending demographic of the fitness people and I would rather be in this scene than the non-producing clubbing scene. At least check it out. It might be too boring.

From what I see, these types don’t really go out on Saturday’s.. you hang out with them on Sunday mornings. The concentration of beauty is lower than the club scene but you meet down to earth girls that are much much better quality than their party girl cousins. Wife-material. You also meet executives and the deep pocketed people.

health: another Manila "scene"
The Back Story:

I got mugged and a Filipina came to see how I was doing. I was floored when I saw her. She is a fashion designer with works featured overseas. Accomplished and rich. Funny how our first date was supposed to be in Jollibee (she agreed).

She invited me to Prive. Which is the most upscale club located in Fort Bonifacio. From the website, Prive is a member’s only club with annual membership fee of $2,500 (big sum here for clubbing).

Me and a fellow expat went to a dinner in a fancy Italian restaurant for wine and champagne and were introduced to the Fashion people. Then went to prive for bottomless drinks basically.. tequila shots and Johnny walker black label (a Filipino favorite it seems). I got drunk but my wing didn't.

Tequila shot to get your date more "tolerable" costs: PHp300.00

So I am now questioning myself for drinking.

With Fashion chick.. I think there is no romantic future between me and her.

//Videos will be up soon.

Friday, December 13, 2013

How Moving To Asia stopped my Porn Usage and Saved My Life

The USA is a cold place with limited sterile interactions. The Female/Male dynamic is so that if you do not meet certain requirements, you will eventually miss out on satisfying man’s most basic need: Sex.

If you find yourself in a socially harsh environment this can wreak havoc on your health. The need to feel touch is an important element in the production of certain chemicals that does the body good.

Using porn, which is most prevalent in developed nations due to harsh social dynamics and the virtualization of every aspect of life – this can wreak havoc to a man’s health.  When women are not looking to bang your dick then you most likely resort to using porn.

Porn is a lethal addiction that plagues a MAJORITY of men in developed nations. It is only increasing as men turn into virtual world to escape the realities of their real lives.

The thing is it is hard to stop porn usage in the USA for most men.


To stop porn, you need an outlet. You need women/vagina that you could use to empty out your stress accumulated from daily life. You need these women/vagina on standby.

But what if you cannot procure these women?  What if you do not want to get into a relationship for pussy?

You will need an incredible amount of will-power not to succumb to porn.

Non-porn usage gives men one option: the need to hunt. But what if you fail pussy hunting missions?

The porn cycle will grip you again.

Thing is ejaculating to a vagina is a need for men. Especially for young guys who has lots of testosterone.

Every porn use warps the brain a little. You empty out the stress but little by little you are warping your mind. Soon you might be fantasizing about banging Thai dolls in dungeons. Ten at a time.

You are releasing to a digital contraption, an artificial creation that hooks you, and warps you little by little.  

In the USA, with every failed vagina hunt your stress builds up. On top of that, you have other worries: tanking economy, competition for jobs, healthcare, what your friends think of you. Your stress is high. Everyone around is also stressed.

Most men resort to porn and it hooks them. They become emptied out shells of their former selves.

Now a different world.

Imagine an environment where your Sexual Market Value is high. You have as much a choice as when and with whom you release. You are in control of the level of days or weeks that you will sustain before a release. The women know this as well.

When you have control on the release then you are not susceptible to the grips of Porn addiction. You hunt and you score on the weekends if you do not want to get into relationships. You can get in and out of relationships.

You start manipulating your masculine energy. Storing up to become more aggressive then releasing when appropriate. This gives you the masculine edge. This affects areas of your life including your work, your mental health, your physical health, how you view women, and how you view life as a man. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Approaching Filipina for a Number

Find more at..

Saturday, November 30, 2013

3WH Approaches Dior Girl in Manila

 Stay Tuned For More Videos!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life Overseas Is a New Beginning

I talk the talk for going overseas and changing my environment. But let me tell you something you may already know: leaving the cocoon of your environment is not an easy task. 

First, if you really want to leave then you must have a valid reason for doing this. Maybe you were born in the wrong country. Maybe your vibe is not with your current environment. If that is the case then you must find the inner motivation to leave and search the vibe. Without leaving and searching for it, what you are doing is giving up on your life and the idea that things should happen for you.

I will tell you a story. It was a boy who always felt that he wasn't really part of the home that he lived in. He knew that his spirit belonged in a different place another family, that life had more to offer him. So he did what he could to see what other types of life were out there. He didn't have money so he had to get a job. He couldn't get a job so he had to get an education. He started reading online about all these places on earth where he felt he belonged in. He read these things online that it warped his brain. One day, when he had enough -- he bought his freedom from his corporate masters and went to look for the place where he belonged.

Now this boy thought everything was falling into place. When he got there he realized it was just the beginning of his journey. He knew nothing of what it really was. He knew he could have just visited but that would be an easy route. He was in it to win it. He wanted to stay. So he pushed himself hard trying to scrape enough to make things happen to him. He happened to a lot of things. He became like all those he read about.

Slowly this boy found that it is no cake walk to move abroad. He was getting his ass handed to him and the world was no sunshine. Yet, he held firm because he wasn't going to give up. He knew a ticket way back to the cocoon would alleviate his problems but he wasn't having it. He was in the thick of things and would only return once he achieved the life that he wanted. Coming back to the cocoon was not part of his story.

What the boy realized is that his life overseas was his new beginning. He was a man now. He realized that the very act of living there was transforming him. He knew he had a purpose. His purpose was to stay and that's what he devotes himself to do. He wants to achieve by staying and leaving. He was not going to be an old retiree but a young hustler using his game to achieve what very few had done.

The man then thought of a quote.
 “Imagine if you will being on your death bed – And standing around your bed – the ghosts of the ideas, the dreams, the abilities, the talents given to you by life.
And that you for whatever reason, you never acted on those ideas, you never pursued that dream, you never used those talents, we never saw your leadership, you never used your voice, you never wrote that book.
And there they are standing around your bed looking at you with large angry eyes saying we came to you, and only you could have given us life! Now we must die with you forever.
The question is – if you die today what ideas, what dreams, what abilities, what talents, what gifts, would die with you? “ – Les Brown 
You can do whatever you set your mind to. Find your river and flow with it!

Friday, November 22, 2013

CNN Peddles Disproven Lies on JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary

50 years ago, the last real US President was gunned down in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on November 22nd, 1963. It was one of the most tragic days in American history. It also marked the turning point in people's trust of government. Instinctively, people knew that the government had conspired to kill their beloved President and covered it up. Thus, growing dissatisfaction in government and lack of trust began to grow from that day. Child-like faith in government turned to rabid cynicism.

Ever since then, the US government has lied about what happened that fateful day on November 22, 1963. Commissioned by the subsequent President, Lyndon Johnson, the Warren Commission concluded that a lone nut assassin named Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing President Kennedy.

However, many books have been written, and documentaries produced, as well as a blockbuster film by Oliver Stone, JFK (1991), that have debunked the government's official account of what happened. Even the second official government investigation into the matter by the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978 concluded that there was more than one shooter. Yet this did not change the government's official position.

Yet in spite of this, the US government continues to stick with its disproven claim that a lone nut acted alone, despite all evidence and data to the contrary. This continuing and obvious cover up has only further undermined its credibility. You'd think that after 50 years, the government would learn its lesson and stop lying to the American people, and finally fess up on what everyone knows, that there was an obvious conspiracy in the assassination of JFK.

Well on the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination this year, the major media network CNN continues to aid in the cover up of the assassination of President Kennedy, and making themselves look like fools in the process. They began running specials on the Assassination event, all clearly biased and one-sided toward the disproven and outdated Warren Report conclusion of a lone assassin.

Some of the CNN specials show clips from conspiracy researchers, but they are only interviewing those who support the Warren Commission's cover up and fiction, such as the lying sociopath Vince Bugliosi, author of "Reclaiming History" and Gerald Posner, author of "Case Closed". Both act with religious zeal that Oswald acted alone, and seem to certain of it, which is odd because it is a 100 percent indefensible position that contradicts so much data. Besides, even if one truly believed that Oswald was an assassin, there is no way any person could say that he acted alone with 100 percent certainty. Thus, the lone assassin position is highly illogical, as Spock would say.

How can Bugliosi and Posner explain the following:

- Why minutes after the assassination, J Edgar Hoover immediately said that Oswald was guilty and acted alone? How could he know that after a few minutes? That's a dead giveaway that he was a patsy set up in advance. What could be more obvious? No one can explain that away.
- Why the Dallas District Attorney said the SAME DAY of the assassination, that it was a "moral certainty" Oswald alone was guilty and no one else was involved. How could that be a moral certainty when there was no investigation and no way he could have known that? Unless of course, he was trying to frame him.
- Why 16 doctors and 40 medical personnel at the Parkland Hospital saw head wounds with a rear exit wound that contradicted the official autopsy photos, which can only mean that they were altered?
- Why there was a massive cover up attempt and suppression of evidence? If there was no conspiracy, then why classify documents and silence witnesses and sabotage Jim Garrison's prosecution case? That makes no sense. If there's nothing to hide, then why suppress?
- Why people with incriminating evidence, such as Dorothy Kilgallan who was the only person to interview Jack Ruby, suddenly decided to "commit suicide", or were made to look like they did?
- Why did most people at Dealey Plaza hear shots coming from the grassy knoll, including a police officer? Why were there fake Secret Service agents behind the fence at the grassy knoll?
- Why did Kennedy's head in the Zapruder film move to the BACK AND LEFT after the fatal head shot, if the shot came from the rear? No tests have ever shown that an object moves toward the shooter rather than away from it, as the lone nut theorists claimed and lied about, such as Gerald Posner (Case Closed) and Vince Bugliosi (Reclaiming History), who are attorneys, not truth seekers.
- Why was the arrest of Oswald never explained? The story goes that he entered a theater after the assassination without paying the ticket price. The theater staff called the police and all of a sudden, 20 cops showed up to arrest Oswald. Wouldn't the cops have been too busy looking for the assassin of JFK and the murderer of Officer Tippit to have bothered with a guy who entered a movie theater without paying? Yet they sent 20 men to get him? That's never been explained.
- Why did the Secret Service lower their protection around Kennedy's limo? They were all behind him or in front of him. Why was there no protection from the side? And why did the limo driver, William Greer, slow down to almost full stop when the shots began firing out, instead of speeding away? Why did he only speed away after Kennedy was killed by the fatal head shot? Actions speak louder than words don't they?
- Why did the Warren Commission move the bullet wound on Kennedy's back up 6 inches to try to match the "single bullet theory" needed for a lone assassin theory to work? Why alter the data if there's no conspiracy?
- Why did the guy running the morgue that housed Lee Harvey Oswald's body say that the FBI came and took ink prints of Oswald's hand, and then immediately after, they claimed that Oswald's fingerprints were on the alleged rifle? If he alone was guilty, then why would they have to take fingerprints from his body and plant them on the rifle? That makes no sense.
- If the fatal head shot came from behind, then why did Jackie Kennedy climb onto the back of the limo to try to retrieve a piece of her husband's head that was blown off? Shouldn't she have climbed to the front of the limo? CNN's piece NEVER addressed this. They obviously aren't objective truth seekers.

These facts cannot be explained away by lone nut defenders like Bugliosi and Posner, so they sweep them under the rug and pretend they don't exist. That's the only thing they can do. Their minds are already made up because they were never objective truth seekers to begin with. They clearly had an agenda and foregone conclusion from the start, and set out to prove it. Clearly they do not follow the data and were not interested in the truth, only in defending the lone nut theory.

You gotta remember that Bugliosi and Posner are professional attorneys. Attorneys are paid to carry out an agenda. They are not truth seekers or lovers of truth and wisdom. Duh. So what makes them think they are credible is beyond me. Lawyers have a bad reputation for a good reason.

Still, I wonder how these CNN news anchors who are covering up the truth in this matter sleep at night knowing that they lied to people on TV? Why does CNN lack any critical thinking on this matter and fail to ask any of these critical questions? Obviously because they are controlled by the powers that be. Yet CNN is critical on other subjects such as petty low level civilian crimes. Go figure.

For more evidence, facts and logical arguments proving a conspiracy in the JFK Assassination, see my Conspiracy Trilogy Report

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

4 Quick Tips on Transitioning Abroad

4 Quick Tips on Transitioning Abroad

When you are in a transition period in a foreign land, you are in a state of unfamiliarity. Follow these tips to ease your transition.  

When men go abroad for a short time, what they see is only the surface of society not the underlying themes that play beneath it. When you have just arrived to your target country, either to expatriate or as tourist, what you are is clueless. That is how most men from USA who move to Asia or Latina-America are: clueless. I too from my first weeks moving was clueless.

To illustrate, during my transition period.. 

If you had charged me Php100 peso for an orange? I would not have questioned you.

If you had taken me to a fancy restaurant for a sea-food smorgasbord . I would have unknowingly paid for it.

If you had asked me what I do for a living within 5 minutes of meeting me. I would have not thought malice.

If you were being aggressive of being my girlfriend. I would have made you mine without consulting my dating market value.

There are lessons to be learned from moving overseas. There is a transition period where your information is incomplete and things are not what it seems. It lasts weeks or even months. As time goes by you start to acclimatize to the local vibe, the local aura. You will be a man whose environment only plays part to his purpose.

So what are the lessons? 
  1. Keep your cash tight – as time moves, you will develop a natural inclination for the economics of the prices of goods that you require in your target coutnry. Internet expensive. Fish? Cheap. Fruits? Cheap. Restaurant with php700 per plate. Expensive. Taxi wants to do a contract. Do not let him. Bar charges too much for drinks. Locals prefer this over this. You should keep your cash tight and your spending to a minimum. After getting your bearings is when you should let the dollars flow.
  2. Ask questions – locals are helpful. They know the market and grasps constitutes a bargain -- you, on the other hand cannot. Ask them where they hang out. Ask them what they do on the weekends. What is important is that you ascertain the lifestyles of the locals to benchmark your own. Ask them their opinions on certain things. They are your friends they provide valuable information. 
  3. Do not over-game – I know American dating culture is horrible but don’t  go crazy with dating girls here. There is a metric of how long a foreigner has been overseas, and generally, the shorter staying expatriate is fresh meat. Start with going on some "testing" dates. See what dates revolve around. Maybe office hours ends late due traffic so dinner is not an idea. The clubs are open late. Maybe malls are there for a reason, maybe there are other day gaming venues. Who are these women? What is my value as a male in my new environment? These are things you need to figure out. During transition period, In terms of love, it is better to assume that things are not what they seem.
  4. Focus on your work – the anchor of man is his work. The environment only poses a challenge into whether it is suitable for you to do your work. You must always find time to focus on the things that will give you income and not just hedonistic pleasures of women. If you are still trying to launch something, spend your time with the launch instead of working on it when you have free time. Make your money making activities take the majority of your time. If you need something for your work, chances are you will learn something about your environment trying to find it --  so use it as a mini-mission. 
The important thing to remember is that during a transition, or a quick stay, your information will be incomplete making you vulnerable to scammers and other less desirables. Enjoy your new environment but take things slow as opposed to taking it all in. Make your mission your priority and structure mini-missions and dates around this.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why social isolation is due to lack of soul, not just friends

Why lack of soul in America leaves the soulful feeling lonely, isolated and alienated

Hi all,
I've come to some new realizations after observing people in America. The other day, as I was buying a sandwich, I noticed how the cashier had empty eyes with no soul and a plastic smile. Then a realization suddenly hit me and a light bulb went on.

I suddenly realized that the social isolation and alienation I've always felt in America wasn't just due to a lack of friends or social contact (though those are factors too). It was more due to the lack of soul and authenticity in America. Let me explain.

You see, if you are soulful, deep and authentic, and you are surrounded by soulless people who are shallow, repressed, fake, plastic and inauthentic, then you will definitely feel isolated and alienated. This will be the case even if you are socializing with people or at a party, because you will not feel any real connection with anybody. It will also seem as though people are not "alive" to you.

In contrast, in Europe, Russia or Latin America, where people have a lot more soul, and are more deep and authentic, you will NOT feel isolated and alienated, even if you are sitting alone at a cafe or park and not talking to anyone. This is because you are surrounded by people with real souls, like yourself, who are more deep and authentic than in America and seem more "alive" as well.

I know this because I've personally experienced both scenarios and now I can pinpoint the real cause. But of course, if you are a shallow person with no soul yourself, you may not notice any of these things, since they will not be a part of your reality. After all, people with no souls do not suffer around other people with no souls. This brings to mind a great quote from the freethinking Swiss psychologist Eric Fromm:

"The sick individual finds himself at home with all other similarly sick individuals. The whole culture is geared to this kind of pathology. The result is that the average individual does not experience the separateness and isolation the fully schizophrenic person feels. He feels at ease among those who suffer from the same deformation; in fact, it is the fully sane person who feels isolated in the insane society - and he may suffer so much from the incapacity to communicate that it is he who may become psychotic."
- Eric Fromm, Swiss Psychologist (The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness)

That is one of the most brilliant observations and analyses I've ever read. It's so true and explains my new realization and insight as well.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why Freethinkers are Happier in Europe than in America

Good News: Freethinkers and Deep Thinkers will be Happier in Europe than in America. Here's why:

Freethinkers and deep thinkers tend not to like America, because American culture is predicated on a great deal of fakeness, phoniness, hype, lies and illusion, all of which are pet peeves to deep thinkers, who are able to see through these things. They tend to prefer Europe, where the cultures are more conducive to being intellectual, philosophical and genuine, and the people tend to be more authentic, down-to-earth, friendly and social.

Monday, August 26, 2013

8 Reasons Why Modern Americans Seem Soulless and Inhuman

Have you ever noticed (but never dared to tell anyone about it) that modern Americans seem soulless and inhuman, as if they lacked warmth and feeling? Well it's not all in your head. Even TV shows and movies reflect this.

You might have noticed that the TV shows and movies from the 60's and 70's had very different characters from today. The characters in those days exuded kindness, warmth, feeling and had strong morals. The main characters were never assholes, even if they were action heroes. They cared about others, and were nice and friendly, like people you'd be glad to hang out with. And they had an air of familiarity to them, like they were part of your family. Viewers felt an emotional attachment to them. Love and drama scenes were full of genuine emotion and feeling. Even the music in older TV shows and movies was very romantic.

But modern TV shows and movies have cold, uncaring, gritty characters that seem soulless, inhuman and devoid of feeling or warmth. All they care about is acting tough and badass. With no emotional investment in them, you don't even care if they live or die. Sadly, I guess that reflects the attitude of young modern Americans (or is supposed to).

It's kind of like that 1978 sci-fi horror movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" with Donald Sutherland. In that great classic film, alien pods replicate humans on Earth into alien clones who are devoid of any emotion or feeling. At the end, everyone in the city of San Francisco has turned into soulless inhuman clones. You gotta wonder if the filmmakers were trying to tell us something, since the film's scenario so chilling accurately depicts modern America. Plus, the humans only get replicated when they "go to sleep" which was a great pun, whether intended or not.

Many foreigners and soulful aware people have observed to me that Americans seem to lack soul, and have only money in their eyes. It's as if the "life force" has been drained or sucked out of them. Now, I don't see how it would even be possible to suck out the soul or life force of an entire nation, so I can only wonder if something "out of this world" is going on at a higher or deeper level of reality. (Reality is multi-layered after all, with both physical and non-physical layers) It's as if invisible extra-dimensional forces are at work.

However, since I cannot speculate on things unseen, I can only try to find more physical earthly reasons and causes. So here are some that I offer based on my speculation and educated guesses.

1. Americans are conditioned to be single-minded about the purpose of life, which is to make money. They are taught that life and everything is all business. A workaholic lifestyle is considered to be the norm that one strives for. Such a narrow focus on life suppresses their creativity and imagination, and makes them dull as well. 

In America, the pursuit of money has REPLACED the human soul. Thus the eyes of Americans look empty and plastic, not soulful or passionate. Their eyes often look depressed too, as though they've been overworked and been overconsuming too much with nothing else to live for.

Moreover, the ever increasing high cost of living in America (due to inflation and the malpractices of the Federal Reserve and banking elite), which has gone out of control, has further perpetuated the need for living a workaholic lifestyle to keep up.

Most Americans don't realize how insane it is to live on a treadmill though. They never stop to ask themselves this enlightening question: What's the point of making a living if all you do everyday is work to make a living? After all, there's no "living" to make if there's no time or freedom to "live" and do what you want right? Thus the phrase "making a living" becomes a self-contradiction and oxymoron.

2. Americans are conditioned to be materialistic and derive happiness from consumerism and material possessions. Thus their focus is on the external rather than the internal. As a result, they do not cultivate their inner self or soul and thus become soulless. This explains why people who are highly materialistic seem to have empty soulless eyes with no inner self or spirit radiating within, and lack true passion as well.

Americans also trade happiness for comfort, by following the system rather than their soul. This is a big mistake because when you focus on bodily comforts and neglect the wishes of your soul, heart or spirit, you deny yourself and live a very fake and inauthentic life.

3. Americans are conditioned to live in fear and paranoia. Someone told me this once: "Cars run on fuel, Americans run on fear." The typical American mentality, personality and attitude is in a state of fear consciousness. You can see it in their personality, body language, and vibe. Their media perpetuates fear by feeding them bad news and tragedies everyday. Studies show that the more you watch the news, the more paranoid you become, which is no surprise.

But even if they listen to the alternative media, they will still be fearmongered, because the alternative media tells them that their enemy is their own government and the lies, corruptions and conspiracies of the powers that be. So they are always kept in fear of something, whether by establishment sources or alternative sources.

The thing is, having fear when there is real danger involved is normal and necessary for survival. But Americans are in a mode of fear about everything, to the point where it dominates their state of mind and consciousness, becoming excessive and beyond reason. They even start to fear things that don't exist. As a result, they see every stranger as a potential psycho, criminal or terrorist.

What's ironic is that in foreign countries where there is a higher level of danger and crime, people are not as paranoid. For example, Russia, Mexico and the Philippines all have higher crime on their streets than America does, but yet the people there are not paranoid or in a constant state of fear at all. In those countries, you can walk up to strangers (including women) and talk to them and they will be relaxed and comfortable. Unlike Americans, they do not have imaginary fears. Rather, they are more in touch with reality and their personalities are more down-to-earth.

I would even venture to guess that Americans project their fears and lack of freedom to other nations. They view people in other nations as living in fear, being unkind and unfree, while themselves as friendly, warm and open, even though the truth is the exact opposite.

The problem with being in a perpetual state of fear, or being in fear consciousness, is that it lowers your energy and chakra levels to a slow vibration, which makes you less aware, less conscious, and impairs your ability to think clearly. It inhibits your potential for growth, creativity, openness, adventure, and new ideas. As a result, your soul/spirit becomes low density and less vibrant. Rather than being on fire, you feel weak and helpless.

The consequence is that fear narrows your mind. The more fearful you are, the more narrow your mindset is. But the less fear you have, the more open-minded you will be, and along with it, your imagination, creativity, and soul will blossom and expand as well.

4. Americans are not curious nor are they drawn to novelty. They prefer familiarity over novelty, and lack curiosity. Thus they are not drawn to new ideas, new people and new things. Instead, they seek the familiar and the routine, in people and things, and do not trust the unfamiliar.

This explains why Americans are not comfortable with meeting new people and why they don't like talking to strangers unless it's for business only. American social life is highly cliquish, which means that it is limited to within groups that are CLOSED and EXCLUSIVE. Preferring familiarity, Americans only socialize with established friends in their social clique, and are not open with strangers. To strangers, they tend to be standoffish and distant, as if everyone is expected to mind their own business.

The problem with social life being limited to cliques is that cliques by nature are closed and exclusive. Thus, the people within them are going to have an attitude and mentality that is "closed and exclusive" as well (or snobby and stuck up in other words). Therefore, to fit into a clique, you have to be "closed and exclusive" yourself. Otherwise, you will have a hard time breaking in as you will not be on the same wavelength as the people in them.

(What's interesting to note is that when two American strangers run into each other in a foreign country, they are much more likely to start a conversation and ask questions about each other, than if they met in America, which speaks volumes.)

This is especially the case with women in America. Studies show that women prefer familiarity, whereas men are more drawn to novelty. See here:
Thus women in America are more cliquish and socially closed when it comes to meeting new people and socializing with strangers, than men are. This is a consistent pattern I've seen time and time again. No question about it.

The significance here is that people who are more curious, more open, seek new experiences, and drawn toward novelty, tend to be more passionate, creative and imaginative than those who aren't. Thus they will seem more soulful and alive as well.

5. Americans are taught to only care about themselves, be independent and not need others. As a result, they are socially disconnected and distant from others. As they say, every man is an island. By default there is an "ice barrier" between strangers, hence the term "breaking the ice". Americans don't talk to strangers unless its business related.

Most friendships are facades and more of an acquaintance relationship than a true friendship. True friendship, connection, camaraderie, love, romance, community, and family values, don't exist in their natural form in modern America.

Inwardly, Americans are cold and unfeeling, albeit with fake plastic smiles, as well as arrogant and asshole-ish. In fact, modern American television and movies idolize characters who are uncaring assholes with no warmth, which reflect the typical modern American personality, sadly. In contrast, television shows in the past (before the 1990's) featured characters that were warm and caring. I guess to be truly independent and not need others, one has to become cold and uncaring. This makes them seem soulless as well.

6. In American public schools, imagination and creativity are suppressed, not cultivated. Children are conditioned to be left-brained by following steps, memorizing data and repeating it on tests. This makes them left brain dominant, while ignoring the right brain, which controls creativity, imaginative and freethought. As a result, they become robotic, zombie-like and dull. They also become rigid and not as open to new ideas. That's the goal of the American system, unfortunately, which treats everything as a business, including people.

Deep down, people can feel intuitively that they've been suppressed and controlled into an inauthentic existence. That's why their faces look depressed, empty and grumpy. Their "life force" has been suppressed and killed off. They can feel that something is wrong, but can't consciously understand why. So they feel this constant dissatisfaction and emptiness. But rather than engage in introspection, they engage in consumerism and making money. But ultimately none of it leads to true happiness, joy or fulfillment.

7. Food in America contains more processed ingredients than in any other country. Just look at the food labels at the supermarket in America and you'll see what I mean. There are so many processed ingredients and additives listed that you can't even pronounce. Not so in other countries. And who knows what those GMO's (genetically modified organisms) from Monsanto, which are now in most American food, are doing to us genetically.

You've heard the saying, "You are what you eat". Well if most of what you eat everyday contains a high amount of processed artificial ingredients, then logic would follow that you will become "artificial and processed" yourself, wouldn't it? Thus, the more "artificial and processed" you become, the less you will seem to be alive and soulful.

8. The architecture in America is dull and soulless. The buildings in most of America, such as the architectural design of the suburbs, strip malls, and corporate offices, have no style or creativity. They look soulless, empty, depressing, rigid and conformist, especially compared to the rich creative colorful architecture in Europe. As a result, the soulless architecture that surrounds Americans must play a part in making them soulless as well, since the environment rubs off on the people in it.

The lonely consequences of non-conformity

In regard to these likely reasons why Americans seem so soulless, the sad implication is that IF YOU do not share these same qualities, and if you are a freethinker with a soul, then you will be on a different wavelength and not be able to connect with others.

As a consequence, you may be ostracized from social life and dating in America, leaving you feeling lonely, alienated and isolated. It will be hard for you to make friends, get dates or have fun. You will have a hard time breaking into cliques, which are mandatory to have a social life in America, because as mentioned earlier, people (especially women) are only social within cliques, they don't go out and meet new people.

As a result, life will feel boring, empty and depressing. You will have no action in your life. And you will be ignored and left wondering, "What happened to the myth of the wild open America shown in the media?" because the reality around is that everyone is closed and cliquish, especially women.

However, you can't simply "pretend" to fit in. You see, if you are on a different wavelength or frequency than others, they will FEEL it and SENSE it too. They will get weirded out by you without knowing why. If you are on the polar opposite wavelength as them, they will begin to fear you. You will act as a "mirror" to them which shows them what they have really become, which makes them uncomfortable. After all, darkness fears light.

NE Asian countries share the same soulless traits

But the above dominant traits do not just apply to Americans. I have found that they apply to NE Asians as well. By that I mean people from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Singapore. These countries also suppress their people's souls so that they can become workaholics. Like Americans, they are repressed, live in fear and paranoia, and limit their social life to within closed cliques.

Thus they are not open, do not make eye contact with strangers, and are not relaxed. They prefer familiarity over novelty, and are highly conformist as well. Their mentality is one of groupthink. (But as Aaron Russo said, "Groupthink is no think.") In these ways, NE Asians are very similar to Americans.

(What's funny is that NE Asians are tricked by Hollywood into thinking that America is very open and wild, but it's all illusion of course.)

Thus, if you are a soulful open-minded freethinker, you will not fit in there and will not connect with people there either, leaving you feeling alienated, isolated and lonely as well. It will be hard to make friends, join social networks, have fun, or get dates there since your vibe and wavelength will be different from others. So I would avoid NE Asian countries as well, if you do not fit into such repressed conformist cultures. Otherwise, you will feel ostracized and be bored there.

For instance, in my native country of Taiwan, I notice the same correlation as in America. Taiwanese live in a high degree of fear and paranoia, and are conditioned to be workaholics with very few interests. They are focused on external materialistic things and only care about practical issues. There is no focus on the internal, and no cultivation of the soul. Thus they seem soulless as well.

Therefore, I cannot connect with Taiwanese either and feel ostracized from social groups there. Their wavelength is way different from mine. Plus their social life is confined to within closed exclusive cliques as well, and women do not talk to strangers.

Good News: Why freethinkers will be happier in Europe

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

20 Reasons Not to Join the Military: Why it's foolish, illogical and does NOT serve your country!

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."
- James Madison

"Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy."
- Henry Kissinger

Why would anyone join the military and get killed in a war?

I have a vehement question that I don't get. Why would anyone be dumb enough to join the military and go to war, where one has EVERYTHING to lose and NOTHING to gain? Technically, it's akin to committing suicide for no valid reason, especially since American involvement in wars usually have nothing to do with "serving your country" or "defending freedom".

I'm surprised they got anyone to serve in the Iraq War. What if no one agreed to go? Why would anyone go in the first place against all reason and common sense, as well as against their own survival instinct?

Who would risk their life and limb for a war they have nothing to gain from and everything to lose? Technically, it's no different than committing suicide. Further, there are no logical reasons to serve in a war, while there are many logical reasons not to, which I will elaborate on below.

Anti-war sentiment has been mainstream in America for a long time. Back in the 80's, blockbuster movies like "Born on the Fourth of July" with Tom Cruise and "Full Metal Jacket" by Oliver Stone, eloquently portrayed the true horrors of war as unjust and deceitful, without glory or honor.

So even back in the 80's, the American people already knew the truth about the horrors of war, and how there was nothing glorious in it, and how the government deceived young people into the military. The Vietnam War was a prime example, which was ingrained into the minds of the American people.

So how could anyone agree to serve in the Iraq War in 2003? Did they forget all those Oliver Stone films made long ago? Did they forget about the movie "Saving Private Ryan" which should have discouraged anyone from joining the military? Haven't all the poor youngsters who joined the military seen those films? Did they forget about the lessons learned from the Vietnam War?

How could they forget the Vietnam War, which has been etched into American history as a unnecessary tragedy and mistake that cost 60,000 American lives? Isn't that supposed to be common knowledge to Americans? If so, how could the troops in Iraq have forgotten all about it, since it was such an important lesson in history, and agreed to serve in another Vietnam War? It boggles the mind.

By now, everyone knows that the government lies a lot and starts unnecessary wars for profit, or some other nefarious reason (such as an Illuminati sacrifice ritual?) rather than for national defense. Even movies have taught us that. And conspiracies are all over the internet, in movies and pop culture. People get paranoid easily too. Government distrust is already part of the mainstream culture. So why are there still people who believe everything the government tells them, as if it were some bastion of truth? There is no basis to believe that authority=truth.

Besides, don't all living things have a natural survival instinct? Why would the troops serving in the war override their survival instinct by risking their lives in someone else's war? Why doesn't their survival instinct prevent them from serving in the war? If no one agreed to serve in a war, then the war would never exist. Simple as that, you'd think?

And why are more women serving in the armed forces nowadays? Women hate war the most. They don't even like watching war movies. Have you ever met a woman who was a fan of war movies? I've never met even one. Women are nurturers by instinct, not warriors. They are inclined toward social cohesion, not division. So this is very odd and inexplicable.

What's even more odd is why anyone would actually volunteer to serve in a war? For example, why did NFL star Pat Tillman feel the need to volunteer for the Iraq War so that he could get killed? That was a foolish suicidal move with no basis in logic, like a plothole in a movie. Why did Tillman's football coach describe him as an "intellectual athlete"? Would an intellectual volunteer for a war that anyone could see was a sham from the start? Before the Iraq War, no one wanted it and no one supported it, except the controlled corporate media, who were probably just pretending anyway, because it was their job to.

If you add it all up logically, by joining the military and being sent to war, you have EVERYTHING to lose and NOTHING to gain. The long list of negatives and drawbacks far outweighs any benefits. Thus the decision to serve in a war is totally illogical, foolish and suicidal. Consider the following list of reasons not to join the military or fight in a war:

20 Reasons Not to Join the Military: Why it's foolish, illogical and doesn't serve your country

"The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service." - Albert Einstein

"There is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Note: If you know anyone planning to join the military or currently serving in it, please forward this list to them.

1. The troops serving in Iraq are risking their life and limb for corporate profits, not for freedom, democracy or protection of their country. They must all know this since it's so obvious to anyone, right? As David Icke said, "When you join the military you are not serving your country. You are serving an evil cabal that wants to enslave you."

So why would they agree to give up their life and limb to serve greedy corrupt corporations? No sane person would do that. Especially since the elites and politicians that sent them to war refuse to send their own sons to fight in it. Don't the troops care about this hypocrisy?

It would be one thing if the US military were only used for national defense, as with the National Guard. But when it's used for unnecessary invasions of other countries, and the murder of many innocent people, all for the interests of the elite oligarchy and their cabals, that's where it becomes a bad thing, as well as wrong and evil. So if you are just joining to serve your country, or for the benefits, you should just join the National Guard.

What's ridiculous is that if a private citizen committed murder, he/she would go to jail or get the death penalty. But if the government murders thousands or millions of innocent people, then no one responsible goes to jail or receives capital punishment for murdering thousands. This is based on the principle that government = justice, so anything it does (including murdering many innocent people for profit and conquest) must be right and moral, since might makes right. Really stupid.

"War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it." - George Orwell

"All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting." - George Orwell

2. Those serving in the war risk losing their body parts or incurring permanent injuries, which would disable them for life and bar them from love, dating, relationships and romance with the opposite sex. They could never get a girlfriend or wife if they became disabled, since women will not love a disabled man. (like Tom Cruise's character in the movie "Born on the Fourth of July") This means that they will become miserable and depressed for the rest of their lives.

3. If troops who are married, got killed or became disabled, their spouses and loved ones would suffer greatly. This includes parents too of course. What this means is that, if you die in a war, then your mom goes to hell. Now why would you want to do that to your mother, who gave you life, fed you and raised you? All so you can get killed in an unnecessary war started by greedy sociopaths with no conscience?! Wtf?! That's the worst and stupidest thing you can do to your mom, whom you literally owe your life to! Think about it.

"No mother would ever willingly sacrifice her sons for territorial gain, for economic advantage, for ideology." - Ronald Reagan

4. The troops have nothing to gain in a war, and everything to lose. The best they can hope for is to come back in one piece. Thus there is no logical incentive. They are not going to get a share of the billions in oil profits that the Bush family is getting. Don't they know that?

5. Troops often come back with post traumatic stress syndrome, which psychologically haunts them for years, or for life. Why would anyone want that? Many veterans even commit suicide because they can't deal with it. (like Tommy Lee Jones' character did in the movie "Heaven and Earth" by Oliver Stone)

6. In the military, you lose all your rights and every freedom you've ever known. This starts right from boot camp, where you are treated like property, not like a human being, while you are turned into a killing machine. It's very degrading. (See the boot camp section at the beginning of the movie "Full Metal Jacket")

Why would anyone like that? Why would anyone want to become an expendable pawn? Especially when you know you are giving up your life and freedom for sociopaths who only care about power and conquest, not you.

7. In combat, you may end up killing innocent people, including women and children (as US troops did in Vietnam) whom you have NO QUARREL with. Or you may even kill fellow troops in friendly fire. This would haunt you and leave you with guilt for the rest of your life. Why would you want that? It doesn't make sense to kill people you have no quarrel with, just because their leader has a quarrel with yours. See this quote below by Aldous Huxley:

"What is absurd and monstrous about war is that men who have no personal quarrel should be trained to murder one another in cold blood." - Aldous Huxley

Why should you get involved in another's quarrel? Why should you die for it? That's so stupid and doesn't make sense. You should let the quarreling leaders sort it out themselves, not use you for it. Plus, the people you kill in a war may be wonderful people that you would have been friends with had you met them in cordial circumstances.

8. The pay in the military is not that great unless you are an officer. You don't get a pension unless you served for many years or you were injured in combat. Many vets come back home jobless or in need of help.

9. Veterans are usually treated like shit by the government, who no longer finds them useful. So they have to struggle to get benefits. Why would you want to serve a government who uses and dumps its own like that? It doesn't make any sense!

10. The food in the military reportedly sucks. This is according to people who have served.

11. Boot camp training is strenuous, exhausting and painful. This goes without saying. Even many movies depict this.

12. Troops have to spend long indeterminate lengths of time away from their families, all of which is out of their control. They also have no control over where they are deployed.

13. Joining the military or fighting in a war is NOT "serving your country" or the people of your country. Nor is it "protecting or defending freedom". That is a cliche which if you think about, has ZERO basis to support it. So why do all the people in the armed forces believe in it? It's very odd and is a sad testament to how gullible people are to believe in the most baseless things. Has the military pulled off some kind of miraculous mind control trick? Why would so many believe something for no reason other than that they were told it? Let me elaborate on this.

Think about it. How does you dying in a war help any of the common people back home? It doesn't. The common people's freedoms have nothing to do with a war foreign country. In fact, most people's freedom has nothing to do with any government. Governments don't really have much power over you except to use scare tactics on you and mind control you through your TV. A government cannot terrorize you with a standing army directly because it does not have enough troops to push everyone around. As long as you don't break any laws, the government won't even bother with you. It has better things to do.

In reality, one's personal freedom is far more directly affected by one's daily obligations to their work, family, employer and bills. All these things directly affect your everyday routine and personal life, far more than any government does. Even your employer has far more control over your "freedom" than the government does, and you are free to quit working for your employer if you want.

Therefore, a conflict between governments (yours and another) does not add or take away your freedom in any way. Governments exist to control people anyway, not to give people freedom. So what does it matter whether your government is controlled by domestic corruption or foreign? Thus, your participation in a war does not contribute anything to freedom. Besides, isn't it ironic that the military claims to be defending freedom yet there is no freedom within the military itself?

I've never understood why those serving in a war claim that war protesters are being unappreciative of them for defending their freedoms? This is not only bad logic, but false as well, since fighting in wars based on deception to serve elite/industrial nefarious interests has NOTHING to do at all with protecting the freedoms of the American people. It has ZERO relevance. How can people be that stupid? It's very sad and speaks badly about human intelligence.

What does it mean to "serve your country" anyway? A "country" is a social and political construct that doesn't really exist. So how can you "serve" something that doesn't exist? This concept seems like a mind control technique designed to brainwash people into doing whatever they are told by their rulers for the "love of their country". Otherwise, it has no logical basis in reality.

In this context, the idea of "patriotism" makes no sense either, since there is no "country" to be patriotic for - no "country" to love, serve and die for - since a country doesn't truly exist except as a sociological/political construct.

Here are quotes from what great thinkers, writers and intellectuals have said about the folly and danger of "patriotism":

“Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.”
- George Bernard Shaw

“Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.”
- Bertrand Russell

“Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.”
- Oscar Wilde

“Can anything be stupider than that a man has the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of a river and his ruler has a quarrel with mine, though I have not quarrelled with him?”
- Blaise Pascal

"What is absurd and monstrous about war is that men who have no personal quarrel should be trained to murder one another in cold blood." - Aldous Huxley

“Patriotism in its simplest, clearest, and most indubitable signification is nothing else but a means of obtaining for the rulers their ambitions and covetous desires, and for the ruled the abdication of human dignity, reason, and conscience, and a slavish enthralment to those in power.”
- Leo Tolstoy

More great anti-war quotes here:

Likewise, the concept of "doing your duty" by serving in the military when drafted into a war (like the draft in Vietnam) has no logical basis either since the US Constitution says that we are free and that government has no right to force people into a war against their will.

Moreover, wars are started elites and their cabals for nefarious purposes that have nothing to do with justice or freedom. So obviously, you participating in that is not "serving" the common people at all. How do the American people benefit from the rich getting richer? Trickle down economics of the 80's proved to be a sham.

In addition, most wars the US has been involved in have had nothing to do with defending the security or freedoms of the American people. In fact, they have been based on lies and deception.

Finally, the elites that start wars were not even elected by the American people. They were placed there by their secret societies and fraternal orders (Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, etc) to serve the agenda of that secret order, not that of the American people. Every researcher and thinker knows that by now. There is no "government by the people" in America. That is a myth that has no basis in reality. People have no real say in their government. There is no democracy and voting does not affect policy. The illusion of democracy has proven to be a sham again and again. Every example in history demonstrates this. How many examples have to occur before the American people realize it?

In fact, a true democracy cannot even work because most people are not wise or rational, but are foolish and easily misled. Mobs are not rational or wise, and therefore mob rule is not a good thing. Intellectuals throughout history, including our Founding Fathers, knew that and wrote about it. Plus, truth is not determined by the majority, but by evidence, logic and reason. So shouldn't evidence-based logic and reason rule a society, rather than the majority?

Even George Washington in his letters said that the Freemasons (which he was a member of) were working to DIVIDE the government from its people so that the people had no real say (only the illusion of it), while the Freemason order ran things in secret. Therefore, if you are serving the interests of elites who were selected by secret fraternal orders rather than the American people, then technically, that is NOT serving your country or its people.

Before leaving office, President Eisenhower warned America in a public speech about the military industrial complex and its corrupt aims for domination, power and control. Obviously, serving a corrupt military industrial complex has nothing to do with serving the American people.

In summary, joining the military is NOT "serving your country" because:

a) A "country" does not really exist. It is a social and political construct artificially created by society and culture.
b) Serving in a war started for profit, conquest and other nefarious motives by the elites and their cabals is obviously not serving the common people of your country, who do not even benefit from it.
c) Most wars the US has been involved in have nothing to do with defending the freedom or security of the American people. Instead, they have been built on lies and deception. This is nothing new.
d) The notion of patriotism is foolish, untrue, delusional and illogical, as evidenced by the quotes above.
e) A government cannot really take away your freedom. It can only scare you from afar through the media. No government has enough troops to push everyone around. Your freedoms are far more directly affected by your daily routine and obligations to work, family, employer and paying bills than by any government. Therefore, a conflict between governments (yours and another) does not add or take away your freedom in any way. Governments exist to control people anyway, not to give people freedom. So what does it matter whether your government is controlled by domestic corruption or foreign? Thus, your participation in a war does not contribute anything to freedom.
f) The elites that start wars for nefarious purposes were not even elected by the American people, but placed there by secret societies, fraternal orders, and their cabals (e.g. Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Illuminati). Therefore, serving them is not technically serving the American people at all, especially since there is no "government by the people" or true democracy in America.

14. There is no logical reason to serve in someone else's war that they themselves refuse to fight in. If Bush starts a war, then he should have to fight in it too, like Alexander the Great, who fought with his troops, did. There should be a law requiring those who start wars to fight in them. Such a law would essentially end wars. It's not fair or right for those who start wars to make other people die in them. Don't the troops know that? If so, why didn't they call Bush a hypocrite when he visited them for a pep talk? They should have jeered him, not cheered him.

15. Anyone can see that George W. Bush is a liar, demon and con artist. It's written all over his face. His facial features look demonic and evil. He looks like a total con artist and scumbag. Even a dog can see that. He does not even look serious, credible or honest at all. And he talks like a very bad stooge actor who can't even act. He looks like a total joke and insult to the American people, and is not even funny or comical.

No one would even buy a used car from a guy like him, let alone elect him as President. So why would the troops cheer him when he visited them in Iraq? Were they all acting? At least Hitler looked honest and serious, whereas Bush doesn't at all.

Why is it that when a President is much beloved, like Lincoln or Kennedy, they get assassinated. But when everyone hates a fake stooge President, like Bush, who is universally hated, he never gets assassinated? Isn't that so upside down? Shouldn't the collective will of the people have saved Kennedy or taken out Bush, according to the "thoughts create reality" principle of the Law of Attraction?

16. The elite have publicly declared that they look down on military men as subhuman animals, so why would you want to serve them? In the book "The Final Days", Henry Kissinger was quoted as saying: "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." This is the mentality of the elites that start these unnecessary wars that only benefit them. Would you want to serve someone who thinks of you as subhuman? Where's your sense of self-respect?!

17. America is an oligarchy or corporatocracy, not a democracy or a republic, and thus not worth dying for. An oligarchy is a country ruled by a wealthy elite class (the top one percent) who operate outside of public scrutiny. Everyone knows that. The American system is set up to benefit the top one percent, who essentially own the country.

That's why the government doesn't use tax dollars to provide national healthcare, like all the other industrialized countries do, so that no one has to go bankrupt from medical bills. Instead, the government prefers to use tax dollars to drop bombs on other countries.

Now is that a system that you really want to serve? Geez. How obvious can it get? And more to the point, why would anyone want to serve such a system?

18. If war is natural, honorable and good, then why do veterans commit suicide so often? Why won't any of the Congressmen send their sons to a war? Instead, they have to recruit boys from the poorest families who can't get jobs to go die in wars. But again, why would anyone agree to do that?

19. If you have an inclination to go out and kill or destroy things, you can play video games, or go hunting, or join a sport like boxing, wrestling or martial arts, to unleash your aggression. Why would you need to risk your life and limb in a senseless war serving corrupt people who lie to you? It doesn't make any sense.

20. The US government has a long documented history of lying to the American public. So why would you want to serve a government that lies to you, or give you life for it? The US government has lied about a long list of things. They lied about the death of Pat Tillman, the rescue of Jessica Lynch, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, atrocities in Kuwait, the assassination of President Kennedy, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident that started the Vietnam War, what happened on 9/11, etc.

These were not harmless lies either. For example, as a result of the staged Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which they used to start the Vietnam War, 60,000 Americans and millions of Vietnamese lost their lives unnecessarily. Yet no one was ever brought to justice for this lie that led to so many unnecessary deaths. Where is the justice in that? Instead, it was just treated as an "honest mistake". Yeah right.

What's odd is that if a friend lied to you about something important and serious, you would no longer trust that friend. Everyone knows that. So why then can the government repeatedly lie to you, yet you still consider it to be a bastion of truth? That doesn't make sense, and only testifies to the level of brainwashing you've received that "authority=truth" and your need to believe that government is a caring parent.

"In war, truth is the first casualty" - Aeschylus

"Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war." - John Adams


So you see, joining the military and serving in a war is 100 percent illogical and foolish, and is not even serving your country or the people of it. In light of the 20 reasons above, I can't understand or fathom why anyone would join the military and get obligated into serving in a war. It just doesn't make any sense at all. Why would anyone do something that was 100 percent illogical and senseless, knowing that they are serving evil powers that don't care about them, and could come back dead or disabled? I can't fathom that.

Could this be why the US government wants to dumb down people and keep them stupid, or else no one would agree to serve in a war if they knew the truth and could think logically? Do people who join the military tend to have lower IQ's? (no offense intended) or do they just have no job prospects?

If any of you reading this have served in the military before, can you explain why you joined up in light of the reasons above? What were you thinking? Didn't any of the sensible reasons above cross your mind? How could you join something with so many logical reasons against it?

Also, if those currently active in the military read the list of reasons above, do you think they'd drop out?

Note: No disrespect or offense is intended to those who served in the military, but the truth is the truth isn't it? There is no logic in voluntarily dying to serve the interests of a corrupt greedy elite that do not care about you or the American people, all of which has NOTHING to do with "serving your country or people, or defending freedom".

Note: If you know anyone planning to join the military or is currently serving in it, please forward the above list to them. Also send them these anti-war quotes:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Four Biggest Problems With Taiwan - Offensive but True

Warning: These truths may be offensive to politically correct ears.

In Taiwan, besides the boring bland culture, meaningless empty lifestyle, lack of beautiful nature/scenery, ugly drab buildings/architecture, and nasty climate, there are major problems with the people and women that are taboo to mention. But since I prefer truth over fake politeness and political correctness, I will transgress the taboo and openly speak the truth below. A note of warning though: If you have politically correct ears you may find the following uncomfortable to hear.

To break it down, the four biggest problems with Taiwan are:

1) Taiwanese girls and women are not approachable, open or easy to meet at all. They are very stuck up, closed and uptight with a "cold wall" around them. You can't just walk up to them and say hi and meet them. Like cats and deer, they are not comfortable with strangers. They are cliquish and will not socialize with you unless you are invited into their group. They only like to meet guys who are introduced to them by their trusted friends. What this means is that if no one introduces you to a great girl in Taiwan, you are out of luck. Or you can meet them at school and work.

Such restrictions are very limiting. That's what I don't like about overly conservative countries like Taiwan. There's nothing wrong with being conservative, but Taiwan is overkill in that area, and too repressed as well. Everything feels flat and dry, like there's no soul or meaning.

But even if you are introduced to them, they are hard to connect with. After a few minutes or few sentences, the conversation runs dry, like you've run into a brick wall. There's just nothing to connect with. They are like empty shells, not engaging at all, but immature with no social skills and no expression. And since they are stuck up too, that makes them "stuck up empty shells". Ick.

When they talk amongst their friends, they squeak to each other like little mice, acting very fragile and insecure. Very weird. What's worse, they also have difficult personalities, are very picky and flaky, and will dump you at the drop of a hat.

But don't take my word for it. You can easily test this by using free dating sites such as OkCupid, DateinAsia, or PlentyofFish. There are many Taiwanese girls on there (though I don't know why since they rarely answer emails from strangers). Try writing to a lot of them, and you will find that very few will write back to a stranger. And even when they do, they only write a few sentences at most, and then stop after a few emails with nothing more to say.

It's very sad but true. And then you are left wondering "How the hell am I supposed to meet or date them if they can't even hold a normal conversation? WTF?" Other guys who have tried this have reported the same experience.

In contrast, I've never had a problem holding natural meaningful engaging conversations with girls from Russia, Europe, Philippines or even Mainland China. Even girls from the Middle East are very easy to hold an authentic down-to-earth conversation with. So you gotta wonder, what is the problem with Taiwan?

2) Most young Taiwanese are very hard to connect with because they are duds in terms of personality. They are like empty shells and robots with NO PERSONALITY and no expression (except for the most superficial ones). It is very hard to connect with them since there is nothing to connect with. Usually, they are very quiet and have nothing to say. If you try to talk to them, after a few minutes or few sentences, the conversation runs dry, like hitting a brick wall, and you run out of things to talk about. Very weird.

So even if you manage to meet them through "trusted friends", school or work (as mentioned above) you will find that there is very little to talk about, and that it is VERY HARD to hold a conversation with them. They are the LEAST engaging youngsters I've ever met, with no curiosity or sense of adventure.

Normally, you can hold a conversation with someone by asking them open ended questions about things they are interested in (their hot topics) like interviewers do. This is basic conversation 101. But that doesn't seem to work with young Taiwanese. (if it did, I wouldn't have a problem)

Many of the older generation still have some semblance of personality, but not the young generation. When they talk to each other, they squeak like little mice, fragile and insecure. Very weird. They are also cliquish and will not socialize with you unless you are invited into their group.

3) Taiwanese are way too conservative, cold, prudish, uptight and lacking in passion, soul and energy. Their body language is cold, stiff, and devoid of expression, like statues or zombies. It's like they are not even human. Very strange.

They are boring workaholics, essentially cold and practical, with no creativity or imagination. When they eat, they quickly gulf down the food as if finishing the meal is more important than enjoying it. They do not slowly savor the food like the French or Italian people do in their cafes.

To make things worse, Taiwanese are generally stuck up, hard to connect with (due to their lack of personality), and difficult to hold a conversation with (since they are empty, cold, practical, superficial and are not deep, nor do they like to think).

Flirtation is a big taboo in Taiwan. If you tell a Taiwanese girl that she is pretty, you will get a cold "thank you" if you are lucky. In contrast, in many other countries, flirtation creates energy and excitement. It's a great way to meet girls too. But not in Taiwan. In Taiwan, it doesn't get you anywhere and does not score any points, but is viewed as creepish and taboo. So if flirtation is your primary seduction arsenal, you will be sorely disappointed in Taiwan.

As for me, I am very flirtatious, romantic, open, wild, expressive, as well as deep and philosophical, like an Italian casanova. So I find Taiwan to be the worst nightmare, and very suffocating too. I can't be myself here or do what I love. If I try to be myself here, I will be considered a "weird creep". So to me, Taiwan is like the "Island of Kryptonite" from the movie Superman Returns (2006), which saps away all my powers and energy. It's a negative soul sucking energy vortex in other words.

4) Taiwan is ugly and drab in terms of nature, landscapes, buildings, and culture. In all these basic areas, it ranks very poorly. It is lacking in beautiful scenery, nature, landscapes or crisp air (compared to America that is) and its architecture and buildings are ugly and drab. So it is not even good for nature, outdoors fun and architecture.

The air is humid and sticky, not fresh, clean and crisp like in America. And the climate is often unpleasant, either too hot or cold. Even in the countryside or rural areas, there is hardly any open space, fields or pastures to drive or ride horses around in (like you see in Wild West films, nature videos, or any film portraying beautiful scenery).

The culture in Taiwan is very bland and boring, not interesting at all and not even inclusive. The social environment has no energy. Life feels meaningless. There is nothing to grow your soul. Time just passes by and is wasted. Therefore, if you are passionate and soulful (like me), you will inevitably find Taiwan to be empty, dull, flat and meaningless. Eventually, you will regret the time you wasted in Taiwan, which could have been better spent elsewhere.


I have experienced and observed the above countless times consistently in Taiwan, and seen very few exceptions. So please don't accuse me of generalizing. Patterns of differences exist everywhere and it would be a bald faced lie to say that everything is the same everywhere, like brainwashed politically correct fanatics do.

Overall, for the reasons above and more, Taiwan is a very boring, meaningless and miserable place. There's no energy there at all. Nothing to grow your soul or mind, and no interesting culture or people to connect with. Time just passes by and is wasted with no meaning. People are not only stuck up and uptight, but hard to connect with and hold a good conversation with as well, making them "stuck up empty shells". And to top it off, there is no beautiful scenery or nature, and the buildings and architecture look drab and ugly.

In summary and in a nutshell, Taiwan sucks because:

a) Girls are unapproachable, uptight, stuck up, overly shy, paranoid, flaky, empty, souless, hard to meet, difficult to connect with, and cannot hold a good conversation. (compared to girls in most countries that is) They do not flirt, have a cold wall around them, are very cliquish, and will not socialize with you unless you are invited into their group.
b) People are uptight, robotic, cold, stiff, narrow, insular, prudish, overly conservative, workaholic, hard to connect with, and difficult to hold a conversation with. They are empty shells with no personality, devoid of soul, passion and energy. (compared to most countries that is) Their nature is cold and practical, which makes them boring and lacking in creativity and imagination.
c) There is not much beautiful scenery or nature, and the architecture and buildings are ugly and drab. The climate is often unpleasant and the air is humid and not very clean or crisp. (by American standards that is) It's also hard to find open fields, prairies or pastures.
d) The culture is boring and flat, and does not even feel inclusive. There is nothing to grow your soul. Time just passes by and is wasted with no meaning or special memories. Eventually, you regret the time you waste in Taiwan, which could be better spent elsewhere.

I have seen very few exceptions to the above, and countless examples that fit the above. God that sucks. What a terrible place, the most boring I've ever been for sure. Even America is a lot more interesting and exciting than Taiwan. Taiwan ought to win an award for "The most dull and meaningless country".