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Friday, November 17, 2017

Winston's Lessons on Happiness and Meaning in Life

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Here are some things I learned about happiness:

Most people are only happy temporarily. But it isn't sustainable or permanent. You can buy temporary happiness with a bottle of wine even. But in the end its really a state of mind.

However, if you cultivate happiness as a state of mind rather than as something dependent on favorable results and circumstances, then it can be longer lasting though. See the movie "Hector and the Search for Happiness". It illustrates this nicely. There's a popular saying in spiritual books that goes like this:

Friday, November 10, 2017

HORROR Stories From Dream Connections Clients - Scamming Ladies Exposed!

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Holy cow! Check out these SHOCKING HORROR stories from Dream Connections clients posted on a review site called Site Jabber below. They surprise even me! I never would have imagined these things on a DC tour. In the first account, a guy gets scammed by a lady on the DC Bangkok tour who turned out to be a prostitute and bar girl, and was very aggressive in getting him to hand her cash! In the second account, a guy gets on the DC bus that came to get him from the airport, only to have toxic exhaust fumes blowing into his face from the rear of the bus which leaked into the interior! WTF?! Can you imagine paying $5,000 for a DC tour only to end up on their bus transport with poisonous fumes in your face from a dangerously damaged bus they hired for you?! Geez! For $5,000, why couldn't Mark Davis and DC get a better bus than one that blow toxic fumes in your face? Golly! Talk about first class VIP service! Goodness gracious. For 5k, you'd think the clients would at least get to ride in comfort in an air conditioned vehicle. Even I'm shocked by this. I thought I'd seen it all. The last account below is particularly incriminating and damning and will make you shake your head.