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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

10 Reasons TAIWANESE Are NOT Friendly or Social! But Very Closed-Off, Cold, Repressed, Uptight, Prudish, Overly Restrictive, Reclusive, Soulless, Unnatural, and Awkward!

"If Taiwan is so friendly, then how come no one wants to be your friend?" - Winston, simple question that stumps everybody.

Dear All,
I don't understand something. Why does everyone or most people online claim that Taiwan is "very friendly" and that the people are very warm, open, wonderful, etc? For example, see these blog posts:

My big question about that is: How can Taiwan be friendly if no one wants to be your friend? And everyone ignores you and treats you like you don't exist? How is that friendly or warm or social?

Every time I ask that question to Taiwanese locals or pro-Taiwan foreigners, they get stumped and tongue tied and have no answer. Yet they continue to spout "Taiwan is friendly" like a parrot as though they were part of some religious cult and brainwashed. I don't understand what they're smoking.

Furthermore, how can Taiwan be friendly if:

1. No one wants to be your friend in Taiwan. There is an inner resistance to making friends or hanging out, as if everyone wants to be left alone and isolated and you are supposed to too. Same as in America, especially West Coast USA. I find Taiwan to be the most unfriendly country in Asia. Hands down. It feels very weird and awkward to even try to make friends in Taiwan, as if it's something unnatural and against the grain, like trying to walk upstream in a moving river. You feel as if you are trying to do something that you're not supposed to and not meant to be. 

In Taipei, you can make some friends superficially through or, but these are mostly superficial friendships or acquaintances. But go down south to Chiayi and it's impossible. Even the foreigners there or the Couchsurfers refuse to meet up. Everyone wants to be left alone and the people (including most foreigners) seem reclusive and socially diseased as though everyone is afraid to talk to you. Very creepy indeed. 

Now if you wanna say that I must be the problem, then of course I will argue that the problem must be Taiwan, because I have no problem making friends or meeting people in most other countries I go to, and plus I am very outgoing and extroverted and confident too, if the culture allows me to be me, like it does in Russia or Philippines for example.

2. Everyone ignores me and treats me like I don't exist. Especially women and girls are super closed and cold. I feel like a ghost in Taiwan. No eye contact with strangers at all. I feel like I don't exist. Especially the girls are super closed, cold and cliquish. They have a very stuck up vibe that is not approachable at all. Out of the 15 countries I've been to, I find Taiwanese females the most unapproachable and stuck up, right up there with America. The girls and women in Taiwan NEVER look you in the eye, NEVER talk to strangers, NEVER have an open vibe, and always treat you like a ghost, as if you aren't even there. They are the most CLOSED women in the world, hands down. Sometimes elderly people in Taiwan will be nice and inquisitive and chit chat with me superficially, but never the girls. The difference between young and old in Taiwan is huge, but no one dares to talk about it. Again, if you wanna claim that the problem must be me, think again, and see the last part of #1 above.

3. Almost all the foreigners I see in Taiwan are either alone or with other foreigners. Not hanging out with local Taiwanese people. The only Taiwanese or Asians they hang out with are Americanized or Westernized Asians. I've taken pictures of foreigners who are either alone or with other foreigners in Taiwan to prove my point, if anyone wants to contest it.

4. If you think the problem is me, then let me ask you this: How come I don't have a problem meeting people or making friends in most other countries I've been to? Especially in Eastern Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia, in those areas I never have a problem. I got tons of videos and photos to prove it. So I got the hard proof to prove the problem isn't me. I only have a problem in socially closed countries like Taiwan, America and NE Asia, where people are workaholic, closed, don't talk to strangers, and the girls never flirt and aren't approachable. 

So how can the problem be me if I don't have the same problems in most other countries and only in weird countries like Taiwan and America? In addition, I have good communication skills, good social skills, good people skills, am outgoing, am very articulate and assertive, confident, friendly, etc. Plus I have worked in marketing and sales jobs too, so I am fairly good with people and communication. I'm not a social dunce or shy by any means. So how can the problem be me?

5. Taiwanese themselves do not deny that their women are closed and not open to talking to strangers, when I bring it up to them. Even Taiwanese women will admit that if you ask them. So how can I be wrong if Taiwanese themselves admit that I'm right? Yet regardless, they still consider themselves to be "friendly people". Go figure. I guess their definition of friendliness is different than mine. They seem to see friendliness more as being polite, not as being social or open or wanting to hang out or date. Many on the internet define friendliness like that too, including westerners, which might explain why they find Taiwan to be "friendly".  

6. I definitely sense a negative vibe in Taiwan, around people, especially women. They are very grim, sour, self-hating, negative, repressed, narrow minded, superficial, etc. That's definitely NOT a positive vibe at all. No way jose. It can't be my imagination either. I'm very spiritual and aware and highly conscious, so I am very sensitive to energy and vibes. Yet most people claim Taiwanese are very friendly and warm with a positive vibe. How can that be? Surely we all must be in our own universe or dimension. Because this is very Twilight Zone like.

7. I also cannot connect with people or have a normal conversation with Taiwanese, not even the ones in America. It has nothing to do with language, mind you, since I speak decent Taiwanese (the native dialect) and basic Mandarin. It's just that they are on a different wavelength and in their own world, one that's insular and narrow, which I don't connect with. In contrast, when I first went to Russia and didn't speak any Russian at all, I still felt natural chemistry, camaraderie and energy with the people there, especially the girls, who were very open, curious and fearless - in total contrast with Taiwan. To be honest, Taiwanese girls are super closed, cliquish, stuck up and not assertive at all. It seems impossible to connect with them and they don't even want to connect with me. Only elderly people in Taiwan are sometimes friendly and talkative. But definitely not young women or girls. No way. Usually I'm very good with girls except in the weird Taiwan matrix, where I can't even be myself. Hence it's very suffocating. 

8. Everything feels very awkward, weird and inappropriate in Taiwan. I feel like I am not even allowed to exist in Taiwan, even living and breathing feels inappropriate in Taiwan. Yes, that's how bad it is, it's worse than you can imagine. It's hard to explain. It's a bizarro world with a REVERSE NEGATIVE POLARITY, where normal is abnormal, where being positive means you swim upstream against the current, because everything feels negative and self-hating and soul-sucking. No one in Taiwan acts confident, assertive, or outspoken, and if you do, you feel out of place. So you can't do anything or be anything. It's weird. I can't go anywhere without feeling awkward, as if I'm not supposed to exist, let alone be me. It's one thing for people to be unfriendly, closed, cold, ignore you or treat you like you don't exist. But it's another to feel awkward everywhere, as though you aren't supposed to exist or live or breathe there, because you simply are out of place and invalidated. It's very weird and hard to put into words. Have any of you felt that way anywhere? Or is it just me?

This just goes to show that what Americans and Truthers miss is that freedom is not all about government control. In Taiwan and Japan, the government does nothing and doesn't bother or bully people. Neither do the cops. No. The social culture there is what's restrictive and takes away your freedom and doesn't allow you to be yourself. In America it's similar. The social culture is what takes away your freedom to talk to strangers or flirt with girls or be yourself, etc not government. Also in America, you feel like your consciousness is highly controlled too, that's why you don't actually FEEL FREE in America, even if you are told you are free. It's not because federal agents and soldiers in America are pushing you around. It's because the overall vibe and culture and environment there tries to control your consciousness and mind, and you can feel it.

As former forum member Grunt said:
"If anyone feels they "come out of their shell" when overseas, try to keep something in mind. That person you are overseas is the real you. The person you are in America is a prisoner, nothing more."

That nails it. America and Taiwan do NOT allow you to ACT free and come out of your shell and be as extroverted and outgoing as you want (like I was in Russia). No way jose. America and Taiwan may TELL you that you are free because you have political freedoms, but you never feel free nor can you act free and be yourself as I was in Russia. There is no freespirited open vibe in America or Taiwan, that's for sure. So no matter how much they tell you you are free, you NEVER actually FEEL free. That's what you gotta understand. This is a bit hard to explain in words, but I've done my best. I'm sure some of you who feel the same way know what I mean.

9. Taiwan also takes away your normal confidence and self-esteem. For some reason, you just cannot feel confident or bold there. It's simply not allowed. The Taiwanese vibe and people always make you feel small, inadequate, weak, insecure, etc. Taiwan constantly downs you and puts you down - in a passive and subtle but real manner - with its self-hating vibe, so you never feel strong or confident. Especially if you're Asian, because Taiwan expects Asians to be weak, humble, obedient and self-hating. It's hard to explain what I mean, but that's the best way I can put it. Thus I cannot be my super bold confident self in Taiwan like I can in Russia or Eastern Europe or SE Asia. If you watch my videos on YouTube or HappierAbroad, you can see what I mean. 

Whereas friendlier positive countries (like the ones I mentioned above) are like the yellow Sun to Superman for me, making me feel empowered, alive and vibrant, countries like Taiwan are like Kryptonite to Superman to me, taking away all my power and mojo, making me feel weak like I'm nothing. And also because I'm simply disliked, invalidated, avoided and ignored in Taiwan, which I can feel it too. Not because of anything I did wrong or because I'm a bad person. Far from it. But simply because I am disliked for who I am and what I am, which people can sense even if I try to hide it. It's not my imagination like my parents falsely claim. When people dislike you or think you are weird, you can definitely feel the negative vibe from them, especially if you're sensitive and spiritual like me. It's not your paranoid imagination. Being around similar people of like mind who empower you, is a totally different vibe which makes you stronger, than being around people who dislike you and have nothing in common with you and aren't on your frequency, like in Taiwan. That's for sure. 

10. Even if you wanna consider "friendliness" to mean "politeness" as most Taiwanese do, it's still not true that all Taiwanese are polite. There are many people in Taiwan everywhere that look very grouchy, grim, angry, pissed off and ready to scold you for any reason, very on edge in other words. In my estimation, about 1/3 of Taiwanese are polite, while 1/3 look grouchy, grumpy, angry, on edge and pissed off and ready to scold you, and 1/3 are somewhere in the middle. That would be a fairly reasonable estimation I think. So it's definitely not true that everyone in Taiwan is "friendly or polite".

Yet no one draws this distinction like I do. Most people instead like to make positive generalizations, insinuating that all people in Taiwan are friendly, which is socially acceptable of course. It seems that positive generalizations are ok, but not negative ones. It's an obvious double standard of course. But we live in a world that is politically correct, not honest or truthful, so these kinds of double standards are to be expected. It's just that no one dares to point them out except me and very few others. Geez aren't I unique? lol

Now, the high percentage of grouchy angry people in Taiwan is not surprising, since Taiwan is a workaholic repressed country where one is not allowed to express themselves or be outspoken or think for themselves, similar to Japan, so no doubt there are a lot of miserable people and it shows on their faces and voices. The vibe and culture feel super restrictive too, like a negative polarity flow, where positivity runs upstream against the current, while negativity runs downstream with the current. Yet in spite of this, you are not allowed to talk about the negative vibes there at all. It's hard to explain, but that's the best way I can explain it. Simply put, you can't be yourself in Taiwan, or be extroverted or outgoing or open or confident - like you can in Bangkok, Pattaya, Angeles City, or Eastern Europe/Russia of course. You definitely can't be the you in those places if you're in Taiwan, that's for sure. Within your social clique you sometimes can, but not with strangers. No siree.

Bottom line:

So how does all of the above constitute being "friendly, warm and social"? I don't get it. I've been asking this question since 2009 but no one can give me an answer or even try to. Truly different people must be in a different universe. It's the only explanation for why people have vastly different experiences in any location. But you'd think that reality should be mostly objective. For example, we can all see the same red car in front of us or the same mountain in the distance. So I don't get it. Can anyone explain?

Thanks for reading. You may post comments below or discuss this article in the forum here.

Friday, August 6, 2021

More Americans are renouncing their citizenship

 By Andy

I recently came across this article, and I am not surprised. We here in the HA community have known about this for at least the last 10+ years. But, because of such a big increase last year, it was too big of an elephant in the room for the MSM to further ignore. You see, it's always we the people that know things, at least months before the MSM does. In a lot of workplaces, it's the employees that know more than management. 

More Americans are renouncing their citizenship

It's just that the management and the MSM usually wait six months after the employees tell them of an idea or a problem, to bring it up again, for the sake of claiming it as their own. That's the general intelligence level of those in charge. This reminds me of that scene in "The Untouchables", where Sean Connery's character says the "smart" police cadet is going to be the next chief of police. Can you really even blame me for hardly watching any TV nowadays? Enjoy and have a laugh.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Foreign Women vs. American Women: 15 Major Differences and Reasons to Date Abroad! Best Comparison! (Original Benchmark Article. Groundbreaking. First of its kind!)

 Why Date Foreign Women? 15 Major Reasons and Advantages

Liberating truths and comparisons
that the US media will NEVER tell you!

See our compelling PowerPoint Presentation

Why date Foreign women rather than American women? This is one of the most important questions you could ever ask if you are a single male. But it's a taboo question. No one in the media will touch it, not even the alternative media. That's why you are lucky to find this page, because such taboos are not feared here. All that matters are life-changing truths here. Now I don't mean to generalize, but there are definite major PATTERNS of differences that are very real and noticeable when you date women abroad. So I am here to define them as best I can. (After all, if I told you that people were the same everywhere, like the politically correct crowd does, then not only would that NOT be true, but what would be the point of this site?)

Saturday, January 16, 2021

To Conspiracy Deniers: Corruption or Conspiracy? Either Way You Lose! Your Inescapable Dilemma.

"I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am a conspiracy factualist." 
- Jim Marrs, author of Crossfire, the book that Oliver Stone's JFK movie was based on

To Conspiracy Deniers who claim that all "conspiracy claims" are just "conspiracy theories" that are crazy and untrue:

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Important! Please Pray For President Donald Trump - Mass Prayer Does Make A Difference! Our Noble Hero is being targeted and slammed by evil corrupt forces!

Important message for everyone:

Hi everyone, I just remembered something. There are many documented cases where mass prayer delivered an outcome and made a difference. It seems when critical mass is achieved in prayer, God either hears the prayers (Christian teaching) or it causes a co-creation in reality that changes the outcome (New Age teaching). If you do the research you will find many inspiring cases of divine healing and miracles from mass prayers. So mass prayer does make a difference it seems. Especially if done in the millions.

Well President Donald Trump needs your prayers right now. So please pray for him constantly the next few days. The corrupt politicians in Washington and the deep state are throwing everything they can at him now, in a vindictive, unjust and unfair manner. We need to hold a mass prayer movement now to protect him. We need to ask God to intervene and block the bad guys from doing their bad immoral deeds. Ask God to put a protective shield around Donald Trump. Ask God to let the good guys win for once. Let God know you are praying on behalf of millions in America who feel the same way and dont want their freedoms and rights to be taken away by this leftist monster hydra that is entrenched into everything right now. The bad guys cant always win. Ask God to let the good guys win for once.

If millions of us ask earnestly with a strong heart and feeling it will affect reality and change the energy in the world and get results. So please participate and ask everyone u know whos on our side to do the same.

For your inspiration please watch the 1939 film "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" or the 1977 remake film "Billy Jack Goes to Washington". President Trump is a lot like the noble protagonist character in those two films, fighting heroically to the end for whats right and just and true, and persisting with everything he can. But he needs your help and the help of millions. If all our prayers for him reach critical mass it can make a difference.

Mr. Trump has put his life and reputation on the line for us. Now we need to do what we can to help him. We need to keep praying fervently from the heart. Please urge everyone you know whos on our side to do the same.

Thanks and God bless.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

12 Reasons Why Russian Women are NOT Seeking a Green Card or Desperate to Leave Their Country - Debunking The Common Myth

Dear Reader,
If you are one of the many Westerners who harbor the myth that most or all Russian women are desperate to leave their country or want a green card, then please read my article below and consider the 12 points that I make which prove it to be a narrow-minded egocentric American myth.  These points are based on my experiences of being many months in Russia, visiting 12 cities, and meeting hundreds of people there.  Note: If at any time while reading this, you wish to accuse me of stereotyping or generalizing, or you wish to protest that you know exceptions to what I describe, please click here



Winston Wu

Why did Flirtation become Taboo in America after 1990 but was Normal/Acceptable before? A Taboo Question & Rant That No One Dares To Talk About!


Winston Wu asks a taboo question that no one dares to touch: Why was flirtation in America normal and acceptable before the early 1990's but became a taboo, transgression, creepy and a form of harassment after that? And why is flirtation still acceptable in saner foreign countries like Brazil, Colombia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, Philippines, Thailand, etc? And why does no one dare to touch this question or bring attention to it? Why is it an even bigger taboo than anti-semitism? Yet this should be an important topic because natural flirtation between men and women is an important part of life and a fun joyful part of the courting process. 

See this video below where Winston discusses this taboo topic that no one dares to touch, not even in the alternative media.

Why did talking to strangers become TABOO in 1985-90 America! Why is Social disconnection in America NEVER talked about?!

Did you know that NO ONE told you that between 1985-90 in America, talking to strangers, making friends and meeting people in America gradually became TABOO? It just happened yet NO ONE talked about it or dared to. Well we are here to change that today.

Here Winston Wu elaborates on a BIG change in the social atmosphere and culture of America during the 1985-90 era that no one ever dares to talk about for some reason. Gradually, talking to strangers became taboo, and the social climate became very closed, cliquish, non-inclusive, and trying to make friends felt awkward and unnatural. People became very closed in a bubble and had this "leave me alone, don't bother me" attitude. All this became the norm, yet no one dares to call public attention to it, because you are expected to pretend that all this is "normal" when it was not before the mid 1980's.
Those who grew up in the 60's and 70's and early 80's can tell you that, but no one dares to mention it openly or publicly. Winston is the only one that's brave enough to. As of now, there is no human connection at all in America, but no one dares to say that due to a loser stigma attached to it. Because you are never allowed to say that people are closed or unfriendly no matter how true.
Fortunately though, most other countries are not as socially disconnected, particularly outside of North America and NE Asia. And that's the good news.
See Winston Wu's audio rant about this topic in the video below. He says things that NO ONE dares to say.
Feel free to discuss this topic in our Forum here. For more taboo truths, observations and comparisons that no one else dares to make, visit Winston's website and forum.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Russian Women vs. American Women - 7 Major Differences I Experienced After Meeting & Dating Hundreds of Russian Women/Girls

Note: I wrote this comparison in 2005 while I was in Russia and had met and dated hundreds of girls since 2002. It was later revised in 2007 and 2009. So I am now posting it on my blog for your edification and because articles posted on modern blogging platforms like Blogger get ranked a lot higher in search engines. Since this is a key important article that proves our claims with inspiring photos, it needs to be ranked as high as possible. It was very groundbreaking in 2005 and the first of its kind, so it's worth posting on a modern blog platform for maximum SEO (search engine optimization). Hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Russian Women vs. American Women

7 Major Differences I Noticed After Meeting & Dating Hundreds of Russian Women/Girls
(What the average American doesn’t know and will never hear from their politically correct media)


Sunday, December 20, 2020

Amanda Knox: Evidence Lists of Her GUILT or Involvement in Meredith Kercher's Murder - Best Summaries From True Crime Buffs

Above: Amanda Knox's devious mischievous smile during trial 

If you've studied the infamous and controversial Amanda Knox true crime case, involving her and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito's public trial, incarceration and acquittal for the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher, you may confused because the evidence doesn't stack up and seems conflicting and confusing. However, if you weigh all the evidence and arguments on both sides, the evidence and case for her guilt seems stronger than her innocence. This suggests that she was at least involved in the murder at some level, even if she didn't commit the murder herself. See the Murder of Meredith Kercher Wiki Site.

Since researching this case is time consuming, I thought I'd help you out, if you're interested, by posting the best summary lists of the case for her guilt or involvement that I found and collected from YouTube comment sections and other sites written by true crime buffs. They will give you an idea of the big picture and see what I mean. Keep in mind that while each piece of evidence individually can be explained away with alternate theories, when added up cumulatively it paints a very strong big picture of guilt, hence the preponderance of evidence definitely points to her guilt or involvement in the crime. This is what the pro-innocence crowd that defend Knox doesn't understand or consider. They nitpick and cherry pick flaws in the prosecution case due to their biases, but don't look at the big picture.