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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Important! Please Pray For President Donald Trump - Mass Prayer Does Make A Difference! Our Noble Hero is being targeted and slammed by evil corrupt forces!

Important message for everyone:

Hi everyone, I just remembered something. There are many documented cases where mass prayer delivered an outcome and made a difference. It seems when critical mass is achieved in prayer, God either hears the prayers (Christian teaching) or it causes a co-creation in reality that changes the outcome (New Age teaching). If you do the research you will find many inspiring cases of divine healing and miracles from mass prayers. So mass prayer does make a difference it seems. Especially if done in the millions.

Well President Donald Trump needs your prayers right now. So please pray for him constantly the next few days. The corrupt politicians in Washington and the deep state are throwing everything they can at him now, in a vindictive, unjust and unfair manner. We need to hold a mass prayer movement now to protect him. We need to ask God to intervene and block the bad guys from doing their bad immoral deeds. Ask God to put a protective shield around Donald Trump. Ask God to let the good guys win for once. Let God know you are praying on behalf of millions in America who feel the same way and dont want their freedoms and rights to be taken away by this leftist monster hydra that is entrenched into everything right now. The bad guys cant always win. Ask God to let the good guys win for once.

If millions of us ask earnestly with a strong heart and feeling it will affect reality and change the energy in the world and get results. So please participate and ask everyone u know whos on our side to do the same.

For your inspiration please watch the 1939 film "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" or the 1977 remake film "Billy Jack Goes to Washington". President Trump is a lot like the noble protagonist character in those two films, fighting heroically to the end for whats right and just and true, and persisting with everything he can. But he needs your help and the help of millions. If all our prayers for him reach critical mass it can make a difference.

Mr. Trump has put his life and reputation on the line for us. Now we need to do what we can to help him. We need to keep praying fervently from the heart. Please urge everyone you know whos on our side to do the same.

Thanks and God bless.


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