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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Why did talking to strangers become TABOO in 1985-90 America! Why is Social disconnection in America NEVER talked about?!

Did you know that NO ONE told you that between 1985-90 in America, talking to strangers, making friends and meeting people in America gradually became TABOO? It just happened yet NO ONE talked about it or dared to. Well we are here to change that today.

Here Winston Wu elaborates on a BIG change in the social atmosphere and culture of America during the 1985-90 era that no one ever dares to talk about for some reason. Gradually, talking to strangers became taboo, and the social climate became very closed, cliquish, non-inclusive, and trying to make friends felt awkward and unnatural. People became very closed in a bubble and had this "leave me alone, don't bother me" attitude. All this became the norm, yet no one dares to call public attention to it, because you are expected to pretend that all this is "normal" when it was not before the mid 1980's.
Those who grew up in the 60's and 70's and early 80's can tell you that, but no one dares to mention it openly or publicly. Winston is the only one that's brave enough to. As of now, there is no human connection at all in America, but no one dares to say that due to a loser stigma attached to it. Because you are never allowed to say that people are closed or unfriendly no matter how true.
Fortunately though, most other countries are not as socially disconnected, particularly outside of North America and NE Asia. And that's the good news.
See Winston Wu's audio rant about this topic in the video below. He says things that NO ONE dares to say.
Feel free to discuss this topic in our Forum here. For more taboo truths, observations and comparisons that no one else dares to make, visit Winston's website and forum.

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  1. You're absolutely right! I'm a loner, so random discussions with strangers were a big part of my social life. Even as a teen, I could talk to strangers no matter their age or station, kids, middle-aged, elderly, you could talk to any of them. I started seeing it after 1990. I went in the service in 1990 and when I came back home in 1992, it had changed.

    I haven't had a conversation with a stranger in at least twenty years where they didn't either give me some kind of sermon or try to sell me on how great they are.

    I've completely withdrawn.


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