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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What My New Geek Toy Tells Us About Happier Abroad

Xiongmao here.

I quit my job to go and see if I was actually Happier Abroad.  Well that's a long story, but when I went abroad I didn't forget any of my geek skills.

I've just built a new keyword research tool, so I thought I'd see what it could find out about Happier Abroad.

You can read the report for yourself here.
And if you want to try my tool yourself, then here's how to get started.

What does the tool do? Basically it retrieves the top X* number of search engine results for a particular keyword, puts all of the pages' HTML into a big melting pot, and extracts the most used words. This can be a great way to find important keywords in a particular niche.

*X is configurable.

So what did it find for the keyword Happier Abroad?

First up, the most common word relating to Happier Abroad is women, and that's followed in the #2 spot by dating.

So are women the #1 reason people go and live in other countries?

Let's look at some other themes I picked out of Happier Abroad-related keywords:

  • America: The good old US of A figures quite high up in the keywords report. I guess this is the most popular country in terms of people wanting to emigrate from it these days.
  • Russia and Ukraine: Apart from the USA, these are the most mentioned countries in the report.
  • Honourable mentions also go to the Philippines, Australia, Thailand and China. But they're quite far down the keyword popularity scale. Given how many Happier Abroaders go to these countries compared to Russia, I wonder if Winston is promoting Russian dating sites when he should be plugging Asian dating sites?
  • Kindle: This e-book related word features very highly. I wonder if Winston is writing Kindle books? If not then maybe he should be!
Further down the keyword hierarchy, things turn into the mass of different topics that the forum seems to cover, i.e. everything from politics, lunatics, science, immigration, food and loneliness.

And of course there are Winston's pet subjects, such as dogs, Taiwan, 12 reasons for this, and 7 changes of that.

I'm not sure where vegetarianism fits in with things though.

My tool also finds images related to keywords. Images in the Happier Abroad report include Winston with some cute ladies, some passports, a robot and many sexy beautiful foreign women.

The Forum report flopped hard, but maybe because Winston can't be bothered to SEO up his phpBB so my Forum Directory's data feed can't properly catalog the Happier Abroad forum . Still, I'm not bothered as I like the forum  look and feel exactly as it is.

I wonder if Winston will travel abroad this year? If he needs to increase the monetization of his sites in order to pay for flights, then maybe he needs to look at promoting phone cards, beefing up the content on expat living and getting into the travel dating niche.

Well I hope you found that some food for thought.

If you want to try the Niche Laboratory for yourself then download it at

I'll also take any suggestions for what to add to version 2.0 of Niche Laboratory - leave suggestions in the comments box below.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

7 Personal Changes You Will Experience From Living Overseas

//Quick Update: 
I have surpassed my online challenge… I am now hovering at $xx at the moment. I know it’s pretty stupid to share income reports. But I want to journal this to help others by being as honest as I can.  On related news, I finished one my guides for Dating Filipinas. That should keep me motivated enough to write and grind for the third world hero project. Please check it out by clicking the side bar. I am servant to my readers after all. 

Do you gain awareness in travel?

7 Changes From Living Overseas 

1.The American Eye Gets Partially Blinded

This means acculturation. Think of this expatriation process as an alien creature grafting itself into your cerebrum. This alien rewires part of the brain and changes the way you see the world. This is the reason why traveling makes you a different person. Local cultures influences your thoughts and perceptions!

2. Revert back to Self.

 At six months, when the initial euphoria wears off, you will undoubtedly revert to your old self thus you gain awareness. Introverts will continue being introverts. While acculturation changes the way you look at the world, you will still have your old disposition. It is not a magic pill. .

3. Lose weight.

Realize American food is bad. The huge portions and high caloric counts make the people fat. While Filipino food gets a bad rep for being unhealthy, it can’t be compared to American food! Portions abroad are much smaller. The smaller portions helps to reduce weight. There are more to losing weight than smaller portions but living abroad does make one slimmer.

4. Enculturation towards the strata

This might be specific to living in a third world country. But the stratas are very defined in the Philippines. You start to become aware of the economic rift. Then with increased awareness you start perceiving the stratas. You become aware of faux pas.   For example, wearing sando and flip flops in the mall is a NO NO. More on the strata in the ebook.

-          5. Mentally Feel HAPPIER abroad 
      This only works for some. I noticed that my general well being has increased. Whereas in America I would have the tendency to fall into mild depression every three months, I am not seeing that here. It must be the sun, the food, the people, or the pussy.. I don’t know what it is. So if you have a tendency to feel depressed in the USA or Europe you should consider expatriation for mental health reasons. For example, snowstorm can wreak havoc to my physiology so without snowstorms my disposition has remained sunny!

-          6. Experience The Joy Of Females

 Dating abroad is different than dating in the USA. Either the men have more value or the sexual value between the gender is at parity (more on book). If you are dateless in the states (like how I was), then consider that you are losing out on the experience needed to filter our potential mates. Overseas (Philippines) dating is fun! This allows you a larger sample set to learn from. When you are “dating” you are supposed to be dating with a health turnover, so as to see the traits that you like in the opposite sex. This allows you to discern female psychology and basically enjoy sensuality!

-          7.Develop An Eye to Read the Prices And Local Business Economics

 Every expat will see their knowledge of local prices come to a point where they will be able to bargain (I talk about in guide). I still think in Dollars but I can tell whether something is over priced. Business transactions start to make sense. Some goods are expensive, but another class of goods aren't. It becomes intuitive. My advise found in this article still holds: 4 Quick Tips on Transitions Abroad. Do not let your dollars flow when you first get here.

      What about you? Have you also noticed changes? 

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Abysmal Dating Culture In The USA

By Andy


Sometimes, when I’m not fantasizing about insanely gorgeous foreign females coming to my city in droves or explaining to simpletons why The Terminator doesn’t stop somewhere to take a piss, I think about why I haven’t dated an American woman in over seven years. That may seem depressing, but actually, when I think of the last American psycho woman I dated, I am reminded of why I don’t date stateside anymore. The last American woman I dated was full of games, spitefulness, numerous issues and went from zero to f*ck off in ten seconds. A year after that debacle, I couldn’t even get a number from some bombshell whom I had thought was genuinely showing interest in me. This is only the tip of the iceberg in what is wrong with the dating scene in the USA.

Dating in the U.S. is ass backwards, dysfunctional and mediocre. Ok, it’s a downright disaster. The result is a dating scene that is a completely agonizing experience for men. This is the case because women have beyond plentiful dating options in America. Not only do they have too many choices, they are constantly getting approached by men, so they either do not like such attention and reject every man, or they are very selective, and simply like the attention and turning men down to feed their already colossal egos.


Men in America do not have such options and virtually no prospects for relationships because there is a scarcity of high-quality women in America. This is due to feminism and the obesity epidemic. American women have such ridiculously high and unrealistic standards, and are “independent” enough not to need a man, that they are weeding out several “losers” per week. No matter what a man says or does, he’s never good enough for women. As a result, an astronomical number of men are a dime a dozen in American culture and they stand a better chance of being attacked by a peanut butter-covered Pterodactyl than they do of getting a date.

There is simply too much competition in the American dating scene. Too many dudes are competing for too few chicks, so there is an imbalance, a screwed up and unfair ratio of single men to single women. The American dating landscape is like the job market: competitive, cynical, frustrating and harsh. So basically, a man has to bust his ass in school, break his balls working on that résumé while searching for work in a competitive job market, put himself on the line daily at that job he worked so hard to get, and when he’s not working, he gets to spend his personal life and free time in “the unemployment line,” competing with other men for the golden fleece. So, in a culture that shames and emasculates men, it’s all work and no reward.
If there is a reward, it is short-lived. What I mean is that if a man is fortunate enough to get a date with an attractive woman with a good personality and even be in a relationship with her, he has not only played enough games and his cards right during a very small window of opportunity, but he has walked a tightrope and passed numerous sh*t tests just to be with her. Or it was by chance and a stroke of luck, meaning the stars aligned perfectly and getting a date is once in a blue moon for him. But there is a high probability that the relationship won’t last because again, with the abundant dating choices women have in the U.S., the man will be treated like he is expendable. Whether or not he walks on eggshells in the relationship, she will most likely become bored for the silliest reasons and leave him, but not before she’s gotten some free dinners or cleaned out his bank account and everything he earned after a divorce from a marriage that lasted two years or less.

In the more likely scenario that a man lands a date with a marginally attractive or average woman, he has lowered his standards because he has given in to the American standard for dating and relationships, or he has become so sexually frustrated, that he has resorted to desperation for the sake of getting laid. He has also lowered his standards because the average woman he is with likely has a weight problem, so he has lost some of his pride because of his chubby chasing, and probably doesn’t have a problem taking her out to and unhealthy dining joint as long as he’s getting supposed companionship and physical satisfaction. Even if she doesn’t have a weight problem, she likely has issues like alcoholism, debt, drug abuse, mental illness and trauma from past relationships gone bad. She’ll be shady and two-faced so that she can conceal these problems at the start of the relationship, and once the man finds out, the relationship he is in is more of a dire situation than he ever anticipated.

Then there are men who have no pride, no standards and no shame, so they will date and screw anything with a pulse. Disturbingly, I have seen more of this over the years. I see seemingly normal men with hideous and obese girlfriends and I think to myself, “What could he possibly see in her?” Have standards plummeted to the point where the amygdala takes over and eliminates inhibitions in the name of chasing tail? I admit that whenever I see such a sight, I have to look away in disgust or laugh so hard, I have a back spasm.

When the aforementioned scenarios do not occur, men are subject to the most nightmarish, Twilight Zone-type dating endeavors and experiences. They find themselves in a kind of dystopia, a conundrum of no-win situations. Perilous paths toward disappointment, frustration, heartache, loneliness and squashed dreams are common. Finger-pointing abounds and fittingly, problems are never solved. One’s sanity and physical well-being are under attack in this maelstrom of fecal matter.
Good American women do exist, but they are the exception, not the norm. So, not only are such women extremely rare, but they are always taken. They have always been taken and, judging by the current state of affairs in the American dating landscape, they won’t be otherwise anytime soon. Even in the rare case that an attractive American woman without baggage is single, strange as that may seem, she is not single for long. Hence, the window of opportunity is very small for merely approaching her and asking her for a phone number.
Even if you’re a man successfully getting a phone number, chances are it will be bogus or she will purposely screen her calls just to play head games or because she subscribes to the fact that you are a creep by association. You’ll still have to treat getting a number like buying a gun; there has to be a waiting period until that first call, because showing too much interest is characteristic of a psychopath in her eyes. If she does manage to answer her phone, there is usually a, “I’ll call you back” which means never, and that she won’t want to speak to you ever again, regardless of how many dates you got with her. If she is not playing these sort of games, she can easily tell you that she’s seeing someone or has a boyfriend just to not have to deal with you any further or she cares enough about your ego not to damage it too much. When that doesn’t happen, she’ll tell you, ‘no’ with a side order of piss off, or she’ll ignore you like you don’t even exist.
To perpetuate this even further, there simply exists this fear of approaching women in America because of a woman’s demeanor, a shield, a kind of an aura she gives off that indicates she doesn’t want to be approached. If a man ignores this, he is more than likely to get berated in public or, even worse, get a fabricated sexual harassment or false rape claim against him, and sent to jail. The type of venues don’t matter either. If a woman doesn’t have at least two men talking to her at the gym, she wants to work out alone and probably has a big fat rock on her finger. Either that or her steroid-filled, tattooed boyfriend is lurking   somewhere close by and will rearrange you beyond belief and repair of you approach her.

That’s another preposterous issue in the American dating game; women not wanting anything to do with nice guys, or at the very least, treating them like absolute sh*t. Being kind good-hearted is not valued in the U.S. Remember, things are so ass backwards in America, that good is bad. So keep in mind that being a nice guy will get you nowhere and nothing. The guy in the backwards hat and Kobe jersey with the tattoos has priority over the guy who dresses well, grooms himself well, shows up to work regularly and on time, treats others with respect and takes care of his health.
Being nice also takes a back seat to materialism and superficiality. Far too often and too easily, women fall for a man with a six-figure income, fancy car and a huge house in the suburbs. If she is not chasing that, she is after his chiseled good looks. I’m talking about her standards being so high, the man has to be Calvin Klein model material or from Sparta. Either way, the lack of substance or character that a woman pursues is indicative of her shallowness and distance from reality.

What I’ve learned is that women rationalize such decisions by saying they want a man who will take care of them and who is also healthy. They desire someone who has the financial means to start and support a family, disregarding the fact that the man making all that money might not necessarily be the best husband or father. In the general sense, losers are also desired by women because women want a sense of adventure in such incomplete men. Women see such men as “projects,” seeing some potential behind all the alcoholism, cheating, drug abuse and juvenile behavior, and thinking they can change him. They would rather waste precious time on the worst of the worst and be treated poorly in hopes that he will change for her.
More often than not, the change she anticipates doesn’t happen and she ends up breaking up with Mr. Wrong because she says she wants a man, not a boy. Then comes the clamor of, “Where are all the good men?” and “Where are the real men?” She suddenly realizes the mistake she’s made of continually chasing the wrong men and starts scrambling to recover herself in time to locate the nice guy she put in the friend zone. She’ll claim that she was confused, had to find herself or didn’t even see such malicious things coming from the other bozos.

What women don’t realize is that by playing these kind of Mickey Mouse games, they are playing with fire. When it “grows out of control,” that is when any decent man they have chased off has moved on or possibly still waits for her. Women say they want nice men, but that is only partially true. The want a nice guy only after they have been f*cked over by their fair share of a**holes. At that point, they have learned their lesson, and whether or not the nice guy wants a used car with high mileage is entirely up to him.

We will now begin our descent into the land of the leftovers. Beware the cesspool of skanks, tanks and single mothers. After their efforts of chasing quality women have failed, this is all men have left to choose from in ‘Murika. This is the clearance aisle in the dating store. These are the consolation prizes for valiant efforts that went unrecognized by good girls. The worst tasting food item on the menu that nobody ever orders.

As much as attractive women are prime targets of many men, decent men are the focus of undesirable females. In my experience, I, not a world class athlete, but nowhere near Fat Albert size, have had to dodge a plethora of Plain Janes, has-beens, never-wases, also-rans and former Miss Dunkin’ Donuts contestants. The only time I have ever been approached by attractive women is when they “ambushed” me to introduce me to their friend who just got out of rehab or when they took me aside and subtly pointed out to me their plump friend. Even worse, some friends show me photos of their single friends and when I look at the photos, I can see why their friends are still single. Of course, I decline the sh*tty offers, and that is why the most unpleasant women in the dating scene have their own, albeit lousy representatives and “marketing departments.”

Unpleasant women, especially fat women, are pissed off that men aren’t approaching them and they will bitch about real men doing their own thing. From a man going to the movies on his own to a guys’ night out, such women are under some illusion that they should be a part of the action. They desire to lock down a man before the cat days arrive, yet they don’t want to make any improvements for themselves, they want men to accept them as is, and thus, offer nothing for a relationship. I was once invited to an awards banquet and was allowed to bring one guest, and before I could even start asking prospects, one woman, should have stayed away from the buffet table, gave me a presentation including a speech and photos, as to why she should be my date for that event. Needless to say, I respectfully declined, but the real reason this happened was because of not only the American dating mess, but the unfortunate fat acceptance movement.

You would think, after all this nonsense, that there would be some help, some hope or some sort of solution. There would have to be a light at the end of the tunnel. There would have to be some sort of conflict resolution. There is, but you won’t find it from your friends, family, books, magazines, television or around the corner. What ensues is more bullsh*t that exacerbates an already precarious situation.

What I’m talking about is being told that, “Oh, it’s not your time,” “You’re not looking hard enough or in the right places” or the classic “You just haven’t met the right one yet!” Notice how those saying such phrases fail to get to the root of the problem, and if there is a problem, it’s with you? Such a mentality may have worked when one reached legal drinking age, but when people still tell you that when you’re in your late 20’s and getting into your 30’s, that’s dangerous drivel. If you keep that mentality, at that rate, you ask, “when?” When you’re on your death bed? Then for icing on the sh*t cake, I hear that I have to stay positive, keep trying, keep my chin up, hang in there and to keep putting myself out there.


There’s really no strategy or lateral thinking involved in that, is there? It’s just support of the same ol’, same ol’. You know what I’ve found out about people who say things like this? They don’t want others to be happy. So, why listen to them?

Why listen to people who advocate relationships and marriage when they have already gone through a divorce? What’s the point of being under the impression that universities and shopping malls trump bars and clubs when all venues are equally bad for dating? Is it really wise to listen to people that advocate single life one minute, then months later ask why you’re not in a relationship? Are people so clueless and in denial about the elephant in the room?

I wonder if older generations of Americans are even aware that chivalry is dead and that there are more hang-ups about gender roles in the United States than in any other country. At least half of all marriages in the U.S. nowadays end in divorce. Because of a biased court system, 90% of divorces are initiated by women and 90% of the time, the child custody goes to women. It’s pretty sad that the success of a relationship pretty much depends on the flip of a coin. I’ll bet they’re having a hard time accepting the reality that younger generations are waiting until later in life to get married or are not getting married at all.

More Americans, particularly men, are reaching their breaking point and are starting to give less than a sh*t about dating. They see that it is such a demoralizing activity that is not worth the time, money or effort as there is no incentive. Many have been hurt and are lonely as a result of the damage dating has done. Some are even trapped in a well of their own depression. At least they are cutting their losses and looking out for number one.

A growing number of American men are refusing to accept the American way of relationships by seeing that the grass is greener on the other side. They are jumping ship. Not only have they reached their breaking point, but they are doing something about the problem. Conscious of the fact that there is a unlevel playing field in American dating, are heading overseas to date and are having much more success than they ever had back home. Heck, some are even coming back with legitimate marriage partners.

An awakening is happening and it is revealing that one’s destiny is determined by choice, not chance. This is definitely true in dating. It is much more logical to play the odds in your favor than wait for Halley’s Comet to fly by and give you the thumbs up. The reward is in the action, not inaction that you take. I, like many other men, just want to be in a happy relationship and I have taken the steps towards that kind of happiness; it's really not too much to ask.

I was told at a very young age that niceness meant something, but that turned out to be a complete horsesh*t lie. I tried being someone I was not, by putting up a front and playing games, but that proved to be awkward and unnatural. If I were to resume dating stateside, I would have to lower my standards. Then I remember what a train wreck the last American woman I dated was. Dating in the U.S. is a joke that nobody laughs at.








Wednesday, January 22, 2014

12 Reasons Not To Get A Dog: Why They're Not Worth The Trouble

I don't understand something. Why do people, especially white Americans, need to have pets in their home, especially dogs? They are so much trouble, burden and responsibility, yet provide no practical value or benefit. So why do so many people seem to need them? Why are they so common? Why do so many people get them without thinking or weighing the pros and cons? As we all know, dogs are an icon of the typical American family home. This is exemplified in TV shows too, where every ideal American family has at least one family dog.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Young And Pretty Filipina. Why She Has Problems Dating And What You Can Learn From It

//update: Navy guy dejected to Havana girls. Checked his facebook and she has busted face but slim young body. Another boner test casualty.

So explain to me why it’s hard for you to meet guys here again?”

I asked her. I could a feel tinge of sadness in her voice. This girl was in her late 20s and a pretty mestiza hybrid.

It’s really like that over here… what about you?

My head ponders that this chick would not last 1 month in America or UK before being fenced in by a man who would have thought he had won the dating lottery.

Oh.. well you know.. dating is not a really problem for me here” I quipped.

It’s true. Unlike her I don’t need strategies and tricks to land a quality partner.  She knows it. And she knows deep in her heart that the dating world for a female is skewed up over here. She has thought long and hard about landing a quality guy in Manila.

Well.. what about the US navy guy?

The US navy guy is this American who works at the local embassy. She had swallowed the pill and joined an online dating service, changed her location (to make her unsearchable), and started seeing this American guy who roughly makes php90k a month.

Well.. he doesn’t make enough” she exasperated!

What do you mean he doesn’t make enough? He makes roughly twice of the average Filipino!

I knew there was something there. I kept pressing.

Well.. it’s just that.. well there are the Havana girls

The Havana girls. That’s what they call them here. The Filipina version of the gringo hunters. If you read the ebook, you can learn where to meet them, how to spot them, and how to filter them. They are kryptonite to the upper/middle class girls.

There are Havana girls after him and I don’t want to go that low!!

Something sociological there. What is happening? The rise of the Havana girls is the current dating shift in the sexual market in the Philippines. Basically, these girls who are from modest means (masa strata) who are exclusively targeting foreigners. They dress slutty, act slutty, and are basically a quarter-millimeter step-up from prostitutes. But they definitely pass the boner test!

haha! I know what you mean girl” I said as I bit my lip to prevent telling her about my experience with them.

So what should I do?” she asked inquisitively almost desperately.

Should I go do masters in the USA to get a boyfriend?

This chick, obviously rich, with a cute chinese-mestiza face asking me for dating advise. I’ve met these types in the USA before. But what I saw was the end-result, and what I was witnessing now was how it got to that point. She wants to leave Manila because she can’t land a quality guy!

She continues, “well I already went to the college in London and these guys would message me endlessly! I had a date everyday all day!

Oh yes, I am sure you did” I calmly said.

It was making her miserable. Funny how our sexual dating market value is now the polar opposite. She schemes of landing a date very much how men in America do! What a mindf*vk.

However, I know for a fact the shift of her dating value in the USA will corrupt her. I’ve met countless of these rich Asian girls in American universities taking their masters (codeword for looking for a man). She would be corrupted and seduced by the throngs of the desperate western men. In one year Americanization would be spreading in her body.  

They think Asian girls are exotic!!” she said.

I know they are. In a different world she would have had me going nuclear on scheming how to date someone like her; she would probably deny me then. However, in this world the balance of power is tilted in favor of the men.

Well.. I don’t know.. I think there are options” I said with an assuring voice.

What options am I talking about? All the good men in her strata are taken. Leaving the undesired local men and the local Alpha bad boys who are dating numerous girls in a perpetual rotation. What options does she have really?

Bluntly I said, “well I think you should date down

What I really meant to say is that maybe she could continue to date down a strata (what is a strata? why is it important? Find out in the ebook).

I don’t really care if he has money just as long as he’s real!

My mind instantly flashes the Eminem’s Superman song.

uhhh yeah girl run that game Uhhh rotten pieces uhh that’s great.

She’s in a tight spot.  She knows it. The dating market world in the middle-upper strata are locked tight. She’s tried everything – she has even approached local guys in clubs.

Well that Navy guy is not rich according to you!” I retorted

But the Havana girls.. I don’t want to go that low! I can’t compete!

Wow. She said she can’t compete. Actual words. So sad. But sadder that it’s true. Her strata had locked her in. She faces a dilemma. If she dates the Navy guy she risks social suicide. One post in facebook with him and then he dejects to these Havana girls and people find out he dates Havana girls, people would associate her with a Havana girl. She would immediately be completely locked out from the upper strata dating. Tough spot to be in.

Thankfully, she has a dating expert in me. I already told her she was lucky to have met me. Maybe unlucky because she wishes to be with me but can never have me. I digress. She’s lucky I have traveled and studied the arts of seduction. I gave her one piece of advise that is prescribed to the girls trapped in her dating quagmire.

you should run a marathon

It’s true. It would probably change the trajectory of her romantic life. Something so obvious but it isn’t. But one arrives of these solutions only when one has completed many dating missions in different countries and has developed the “read” an eye for the dating scene.

if you get into the health scene you would meet quality men

I didn’t want to explain it. I felt I should charge. But I wanted to save her parent's money.

Upperstrata men, and foreigners, enjoy a huge sexual market value in Manila. The end result is basically they are able to date a SHIT LOAD of girls. In cases where you can date a shit load of girls, you learn to discriminate. Along with no divorce laws, locals learn to assess quickly for quality. Sexy looking bar sluts are nice to look at but they don’t make for serious material. You start to emphasize values and “realness” of girls.

One of the most effective ways of discriminating and filtering for quality is the health circuit. There are many reasons asides from ensuring females have healthy physiques and are health focused. Local men have many of these filtering strategies, a survival strategy meant to filter for quality girls. Expats are already learning to implement them. I wrote about another simple but powerful filtering strategy for foreigners in the ebook.

I added “you meet them Sunday morning, not Saturday night

Why the hell did I help this girl? She should have just figured it out herself. But my time was short and I had more to do. I already have a date with another girl who is waiting to show me her massage skills. In a way I feel bad for these girls.. well.. not really.

well.. listen..  I have to go. So Saturday you bring me out right?” I said to signal that our time is up.

yeah.. I’ll pick you up at seven


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why American Women Suck - 15 Things I've Noticed

By Andy

Years ago, upon returning home from an extensive amount of time abroad, I started viewing my country much differently than I ever had before. One of the things that really stood out to me and roused my ire was American women. Having been exposed to other cultures and interacting with foreign women, I now had a reference point for which to formulate a basis of comparison, something I never had or could do previously. In addition to learning more about myself, I gained a deeper yet eye-opening understanding about the culture in which I was born and raised. This is my perspective on the species that is American women via my experiences and keen observations. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Creates An American Incel?

I have always felt an affinity for the incels in the USA. Incel if you do not know means involuntary celibate. These are guys who cannot break out of the shell of their virginity.That is a tough spot to be in.

If you don’t know my story, I am a minority guy in the USA who also faced the racism in the dating world. Of course, the dating world is only the reflection of the whole of society and it translates and pervades the entire life force of a man. It affects everything.

Fact is: if you do not fit the standard models in the USA, you become an outcast quickly. If you have one quirk then you are sent to be an outsider forever banished from the world of normalcy. My whole issue was that I was a square in a round hole. Things were working towards me. This only reflected in the dating market.

How can you say I am a flawed individual who cannot get with girls when I am now in a position of managing harems and writing about the psychologies of females? A simple location change was all it took! From coming home blue balled in the winter to suddenly turning down girls for a chance so they may “pitch” why they should be with me.  

But fact is, when I was in the USA, I too had problems in getting involved in a normal healthy relationship. It was all an accumulation of the forces of society that made me leave. It made me experience the hardships that would later strengthen my resolve and also develop the humility to help the others who are also in dark hours of their lives.

Incels are here on the internet because they have nowhere to go. I was there too bro. It sucks. But I have helped others find a way out of that tight spot. Like I said, I had an incel roommate Indian engineer that made over 100k and ALSO was a vegan muscle builder weighing over 200 pounds. Every guy he met liked him. But why were the females non-receptive to him?

Oh I don’t know. Maybe him being Indian? Or was that too politically incorrect?

Fact is there are many forces that rule our lives. We could fight these forces, we could succumb to these forces. But the important thing is to realize that these forces do exist. That’s why I created my first online venture that deals with this taboo topic. Because, bro, I’ve been there and it sucked big time. I am here now and I am in sexual nirvana but I will never forget that spot.

So shout out to the incels out there!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Asian Dating Story #1: A Tale of Two Perfect 10's

Over on the Happier Abroad forum (and maybe on RooshV as well) there's always plenty of talk about meeting perfect 10's.

Guys dream of dating 10's, but what's the reality like?

In this blog post I'll recount my experiences of dating two perfect 10's while in Asia. One of these sexy beautiful ladies was Chinese, the other from Myanmar (Burma).

First up, how do you tell if you're dating a 10?

That's easy. Just look for the reactions of passers-by, especially women.

When I was in a Bangkok shopping mall with the Myanmar 10, I got a heck of a lot of looks from passers-by. The look I got was "what does that short, average looking bald guy have to attract a woman that hot".

Contrast that with walking round a shopping mall with a 20yo Thai dressed in her cute little Thai University uniform. Meh - no reaction from passers by whatsoever.

So rest assured, if you ARE dating a 10, you'll find it very easy to get social proof that she is, indeed, a 10.

How do you tell if you're dating a 10, instead of an 8 or 9?

8's and 9's are very hot. But a 10 will be the complete package. So if she's foreign then she will speak fluent English. She will be smart, and probably educated to degree level. She will also have perfect manners and superior social skills. In other words, the sort of woman you could take to any social function, and she would never let you down.

Incidentally, a 10 won't necessarily be sexy. But she will be beautiful.
China remains the by far the best place in Asia to find ultra hot
Asian women who are also very smart

Getting Dates With a 10

I think if I was to rate all of my dates from 1 to 10 and plot them on a chart, I'd get a classic Poisson distribution chart. So I'd have dated a couple of 4's, a couple of 10's and a heck of a lot of 6's and 7's.

Here's a Poisson distribution chart for reference, but I've swapped women for the drinks I gulped down while living in Guangzhou:

So do enough dating, and the numbers will dictate that you WILL get first dates with a 10. Whether you get a second date out of her almost entirely depends on how tight your game is.

What Happened With My 10's?

Chinese Perfect 10

My first perfect 10 was a Chinese girl from Hunan. I'd chatted to her for a couple of years on QQ, but never had chance to meet her while she was in Shenzhen and I was living in the UK.

Finally, I told her I was going to live in Guangzhou. And one afternoon she suddenly phoned me to say she was at Guangzhou East railway station and could I go to meet her. Cue for an absolute panic to get home, change and go out again to meet her!

And meet her I did. It took a while to find her in the station. She told me she was waiting outside KFC - well I subsequently found out there were 4 KFC outlets within the vast station concourse.

Eventually I found her, and wow, she was a vision of beauty. I instantly thought of her as an Asian Angelina Jolie. She was also dressed to perfection in a stunning Cheongsam style dress underneath a beautiful fur coat. She got extra points by having a totally seductive voice.
My Chinese girl wowed me by turning up for our first date
in a stunning dress that looked very much like this one.

I did have a second date with this lady, but never progressed things beyond that.

Lessons Learned:
  1. This lady describes herself as very picky, and the PUA master RooshV generally advises us guys to stay clear of such girls, especially if we're after a long term relationship or marriage.
  2. There is conflict within her family. I know they've been introducing her to Chinese guys, so I've no idea what's going on behind the scenes.
  3. Once you've "warmed up" a girl, you have to close the deal. When she starts making little excuses, it's time to act. Fail to act, and you'll almost never get her back.
  4. Minx alert - I have suspicions about her past. Could she have been a rich HK guy's mistress?
My Chinese girl looked pretty similar to this girl. Wow, what might have been...
Myanmar Perfect 10

I met a lot of ladies while I lived in Bangkok. To be honest, dating was a big disappointment there. Once you've dated top quality Chinese ladies who work in the coastal cities of China, Thailand will invariably disappoint.

Anyway, I gave it my best shot. By far the best ladies I met in Bangkok were the Asian ladies from other countries who worked and lived in Thailand.

Hottest by far was an older lady from Myanmar. She spoke fluent English, passable Thai, was very smart and did I mention how hot she was? Wow!
OK so this lady is Chinese, but she looks fairly similar to my
smart and sophisticated lady from Myanmar.

I managed four dates with her, and each time she turned up immaculately dressed to impress. She was very attractive and confident with it. We went to a shrine to light some candles and she had no problem whatsoever getting guys to lend us a lighter!

In the end she turned nasty and cold. I called her to ask if she was busy and she snapped back at me. I never saw her again.

Lessons Learned:
  1. I managed four dates this time. Dating is just a skill, and it's one you can improve over time. Why I got to four dates this time was chiefly because I purposefully didn't become clingy. I'd wait a day or two before contacting her. Sometimes I'd ignore her and make her make the next move. I'm still not sure why she broke off contact. I do know she likes jerks, so maybe she found another guy who would break her heart, just like her last one did. Lol.
  2. I've done a fair bit of reading about relationships and I think that many attractive women are just LONELY. They don't necessarily want a relationship, especially with an average guy. They just want to go on dates, and be appreciated. Because even though these ladies are hot, it's still not that easy for them to get dates with the hunky, dreamy guys they want to be with.
  3. Finally I'm not sure that it's worthwhile having a long term relationship with a 10. I saw how other men looked at her. Would you want to live day to day, worrying that another guy would run off with your woman? Who would hit on her in the coffee shop? Who would hit on her if she took a train? If you're in it for the long term, find a 6 or 7 who will adore you.
  4. One other thought. If she's so hot, then why is she single?
Still, it is worth dating 10's. If nothing else you can do what I did and get a few photos taken with her. Then you get some good social proof to show that ultra hot women are drawn to you.

So would YOU date a 10? Have you dated a 10 and was she worth it? Drop your comments in below. 

Have fun!

I am Xiongmao, a regular member of the Happier Abroad Forum. In 2013 I quit my job for a life of hustling and living in Asia. You can read about my travels here.

One of the reasons for living in Asia are the sexy beautiful ladies you can meet (including many perfect 10's of course). If you also want to find some wondrous Asian ladies, then check out my dating site at

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Don't Get It Twisted: Expatriation Is a Hustle, Not A Vacation.

Have you ever wondered about how those location independent types did it? I will let you in a secret now. They didn't really figure things out. The path they chose made them become location independent entrepreneurs. It was the path they chose that made them. After debaucheries of pussy, tits, ass, and the overwhelming need to explore.. one is confronted with the need to make cash.

it's not like this at all
You might be there trying to figure out how exactly how you need to make cash because you are just so sick of living in the first world. Well tell you what. I will not give this reader a single resource or web links on how to make money overseas. You will get none of that from me! YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.  All you will ever need is g**; since I am nice I will make it easier. g*

What’s more is that I will tell you that I have only principles on how to make cash. Just ONE principle in this article. I will only base it on what I’ve done and what I am still in the process of doing. NO. I WILL NOT TELL YOU ANYTHING CONCRETE. So if that’s what you’re looking for, please hit the back button now.

I've just finished a project involving my very first online product. I already have a sale. It is the first of the string of products that I will eventually put out to market in the online sphere.

What has allowed me to create a product?

Answer: The Third World LOW COST PRINCIPLE

The Six Aspects Of The Third World Low Cost Principle

1.) The only thing that is worth to note in the Third World Hustle© is that it is predicated on the idea of low cost.  Forget about everything else. The low cost is everything. With low cost you BUY time. BUY time to learn how to make money. BUY time to get your ship in order. This time is expensive in the first world, so you come to the third world to BUY the time that you need to make your move. Did I know what to do when I got here? Not a flippin clue. But I bought time to learn and learn and learn and eventually developed my own product. 

2.) With my cash accumulated in the first world, I am able to prolong my stay in the third world thus giving me an advantage that is unavailable to somebody living in a developed nation. I am getting the most bang for my bucks. You want to dance with me?  I have a cost advantage here --- how can you outlast me?

3.) With low cost, I am able to FAIL and FAIL again. The price of failure is not very steep here because my costs are low. For every FAILURE that happens to me I become stronger and I learn. The failures made in the third world are mitigated by low costs. Every FAILURE builds me a skill set. This skill-set grows and grows. The low cost allows me to build something that is MINE and even if I do go back to the USA: consider that I  now have a new hustler skill-set (which is marketable) and something that is mine that gives me something on the side. I mitigated the downside right there.

4.) What does life look like here?

The third world hustler is only concerned with the development of his income operation. My days are overwhelmingly involved in work. Days turn to weeks and to months developing projects. This is the nature of this path so take away any notion that it is party all day every day. Those are for vacationers’ not third world hustlers! It is mostly wake-up, work-out, and then work until the sun goes down. You will be amazed how WOMEN BECOME A DISTRACTION in this lifestyle. Ironically, women can sense a man on the move and they end up chasing you!

5.) What’s the point of living a third world hustler if all you do is party until you  become a poor man waiting to be dragged to the airport back to your first world prison? Not for me. What I have here is opportunity to start my own income operation and that is why I am focused and relentless and cracking my goal. I don’t spend on luxuries. I take public transportation, cook my meals, turn the light of when not in use (electricity is expensive!) and do not indulge in tourist trap activities.  

6.) I will give this venture my all because I have an opportunity here, not just a chance to stick my dick in countless birdies. Like I said, all that stuff about girls will quickly dissolve into the back of someone who has a mission. If you don’t have a mission then I will give you one: FREEDOM. FREEDOM is why we (me and the countless of entrepreneurial American men) come to the Third World. We start things here and that is what separates us from the vacationers. We have the FREEDOM to create, FREEDOM to innovate, FREEDOM to fail, and FREEDOM to succeed. 

THIS IS ALL DONE WITH THE LOW COST DERIVED FROM LIVING IN A THIRD WORLD! What else is there? Everything is in front of you.

So what’s stopping you?

you see a babe, I see a distraction