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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Don't Get It Twisted: Expatriation Is a Hustle, Not A Vacation.

Have you ever wondered about how those location independent types did it? I will let you in a secret now. They didn't really figure things out. The path they chose made them become location independent entrepreneurs. It was the path they chose that made them. After debaucheries of pussy, tits, ass, and the overwhelming need to explore.. one is confronted with the need to make cash.

it's not like this at all
You might be there trying to figure out how exactly how you need to make cash because you are just so sick of living in the first world. Well tell you what. I will not give this reader a single resource or web links on how to make money overseas. You will get none of that from me! YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.  All you will ever need is g**; since I am nice I will make it easier. g*

What’s more is that I will tell you that I have only principles on how to make cash. Just ONE principle in this article. I will only base it on what I’ve done and what I am still in the process of doing. NO. I WILL NOT TELL YOU ANYTHING CONCRETE. So if that’s what you’re looking for, please hit the back button now.

I've just finished a project involving my very first online product. I already have a sale. It is the first of the string of products that I will eventually put out to market in the online sphere.

What has allowed me to create a product?

Answer: The Third World LOW COST PRINCIPLE

The Six Aspects Of The Third World Low Cost Principle

1.) The only thing that is worth to note in the Third World Hustle© is that it is predicated on the idea of low cost.  Forget about everything else. The low cost is everything. With low cost you BUY time. BUY time to learn how to make money. BUY time to get your ship in order. This time is expensive in the first world, so you come to the third world to BUY the time that you need to make your move. Did I know what to do when I got here? Not a flippin clue. But I bought time to learn and learn and learn and eventually developed my own product. 

2.) With my cash accumulated in the first world, I am able to prolong my stay in the third world thus giving me an advantage that is unavailable to somebody living in a developed nation. I am getting the most bang for my bucks. You want to dance with me?  I have a cost advantage here --- how can you outlast me?

3.) With low cost, I am able to FAIL and FAIL again. The price of failure is not very steep here because my costs are low. For every FAILURE that happens to me I become stronger and I learn. The failures made in the third world are mitigated by low costs. Every FAILURE builds me a skill set. This skill-set grows and grows. The low cost allows me to build something that is MINE and even if I do go back to the USA: consider that I  now have a new hustler skill-set (which is marketable) and something that is mine that gives me something on the side. I mitigated the downside right there.

4.) What does life look like here?

The third world hustler is only concerned with the development of his income operation. My days are overwhelmingly involved in work. Days turn to weeks and to months developing projects. This is the nature of this path so take away any notion that it is party all day every day. Those are for vacationers’ not third world hustlers! It is mostly wake-up, work-out, and then work until the sun goes down. You will be amazed how WOMEN BECOME A DISTRACTION in this lifestyle. Ironically, women can sense a man on the move and they end up chasing you!

5.) What’s the point of living a third world hustler if all you do is party until you  become a poor man waiting to be dragged to the airport back to your first world prison? Not for me. What I have here is opportunity to start my own income operation and that is why I am focused and relentless and cracking my goal. I don’t spend on luxuries. I take public transportation, cook my meals, turn the light of when not in use (electricity is expensive!) and do not indulge in tourist trap activities.  

6.) I will give this venture my all because I have an opportunity here, not just a chance to stick my dick in countless birdies. Like I said, all that stuff about girls will quickly dissolve into the back of someone who has a mission. If you don’t have a mission then I will give you one: FREEDOM. FREEDOM is why we (me and the countless of entrepreneurial American men) come to the Third World. We start things here and that is what separates us from the vacationers. We have the FREEDOM to create, FREEDOM to innovate, FREEDOM to fail, and FREEDOM to succeed. 

THIS IS ALL DONE WITH THE LOW COST DERIVED FROM LIVING IN A THIRD WORLD! What else is there? Everything is in front of you.

So what’s stopping you?

you see a babe, I see a distraction


  1. Yes ladies are a distraction from the work of MAKING A TONNE OF CASH. Napoleon Hill knew as much when he wrote Think and Grow Rich in the 1930's.

    Bangkok was a great place to hustle. I worked, worked, worked all day, then went out at 7pm to party all night.

    Oh well, if anyone DOES want some ideas for financing a year+ abroad I wrote some here:

  2. The ladies are there and will ALWAYS be there for anyone that is here on the ground and actually living it. They are also instrumental to my focus as I talk about manipulating masculine energies for SUCCESS which I wrote about here.

    This frees up time and energy to focus on work, which is instrumental in development of man. I free up nights but I go out and party on the weekends. In fact, I am readying to leave for Tagaytay which is 40min from Manila for some R&R with one of my girls and for which I will also use for content. Work + Play

  3. Your site sucks!!!

  4. Is happier abroad a prostitution site or is it legit?


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