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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

7 Personal Changes You Will Experience From Living Overseas

//Quick Update: 
I have surpassed my online challenge… I am now hovering at $xx at the moment. I know it’s pretty stupid to share income reports. But I want to journal this to help others by being as honest as I can.  On related news, I finished one my guides for Dating Filipinas. That should keep me motivated enough to write and grind for the third world hero project. Please check it out by clicking the side bar. I am servant to my readers after all. 

Do you gain awareness in travel?

7 Changes From Living Overseas 

1.The American Eye Gets Partially Blinded

This means acculturation. Think of this expatriation process as an alien creature grafting itself into your cerebrum. This alien rewires part of the brain and changes the way you see the world. This is the reason why traveling makes you a different person. Local cultures influences your thoughts and perceptions!

2. Revert back to Self.

 At six months, when the initial euphoria wears off, you will undoubtedly revert to your old self thus you gain awareness. Introverts will continue being introverts. While acculturation changes the way you look at the world, you will still have your old disposition. It is not a magic pill. .

3. Lose weight.

Realize American food is bad. The huge portions and high caloric counts make the people fat. While Filipino food gets a bad rep for being unhealthy, it can’t be compared to American food! Portions abroad are much smaller. The smaller portions helps to reduce weight. There are more to losing weight than smaller portions but living abroad does make one slimmer.

4. Enculturation towards the strata

This might be specific to living in a third world country. But the stratas are very defined in the Philippines. You start to become aware of the economic rift. Then with increased awareness you start perceiving the stratas. You become aware of faux pas.   For example, wearing sando and flip flops in the mall is a NO NO. More on the strata in the ebook.

-          5. Mentally Feel HAPPIER abroad 
      This only works for some. I noticed that my general well being has increased. Whereas in America I would have the tendency to fall into mild depression every three months, I am not seeing that here. It must be the sun, the food, the people, or the pussy.. I don’t know what it is. So if you have a tendency to feel depressed in the USA or Europe you should consider expatriation for mental health reasons. For example, snowstorm can wreak havoc to my physiology so without snowstorms my disposition has remained sunny!

-          6. Experience The Joy Of Females

 Dating abroad is different than dating in the USA. Either the men have more value or the sexual value between the gender is at parity (more on book). If you are dateless in the states (like how I was), then consider that you are losing out on the experience needed to filter our potential mates. Overseas (Philippines) dating is fun! This allows you a larger sample set to learn from. When you are “dating” you are supposed to be dating with a health turnover, so as to see the traits that you like in the opposite sex. This allows you to discern female psychology and basically enjoy sensuality!

-          7.Develop An Eye to Read the Prices And Local Business Economics

 Every expat will see their knowledge of local prices come to a point where they will be able to bargain (I talk about in guide). I still think in Dollars but I can tell whether something is over priced. Business transactions start to make sense. Some goods are expensive, but another class of goods aren't. It becomes intuitive. My advise found in this article still holds: 4 Quick Tips on Transitions Abroad. Do not let your dollars flow when you first get here.

      What about you? Have you also noticed changes? 


  1. I've noticed a huge difference in myself since I've returned home. I don't care about consumer goods now. I don't really care about how other people think about me.

    I'm also a lot calmer.

    Everybody should live abroad for a year at some point in their lives.

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