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Friday, January 3, 2014

Asian Dating Story #1: A Tale of Two Perfect 10's

Over on the Happier Abroad forum (and maybe on RooshV as well) there's always plenty of talk about meeting perfect 10's.

Guys dream of dating 10's, but what's the reality like?

In this blog post I'll recount my experiences of dating two perfect 10's while in Asia. One of these sexy beautiful ladies was Chinese, the other from Myanmar (Burma).

First up, how do you tell if you're dating a 10?

That's easy. Just look for the reactions of passers-by, especially women.

When I was in a Bangkok shopping mall with the Myanmar 10, I got a heck of a lot of looks from passers-by. The look I got was "what does that short, average looking bald guy have to attract a woman that hot".

Contrast that with walking round a shopping mall with a 20yo Thai dressed in her cute little Thai University uniform. Meh - no reaction from passers by whatsoever.

So rest assured, if you ARE dating a 10, you'll find it very easy to get social proof that she is, indeed, a 10.

How do you tell if you're dating a 10, instead of an 8 or 9?

8's and 9's are very hot. But a 10 will be the complete package. So if she's foreign then she will speak fluent English. She will be smart, and probably educated to degree level. She will also have perfect manners and superior social skills. In other words, the sort of woman you could take to any social function, and she would never let you down.

Incidentally, a 10 won't necessarily be sexy. But she will be beautiful.
China remains the by far the best place in Asia to find ultra hot
Asian women who are also very smart

Getting Dates With a 10

I think if I was to rate all of my dates from 1 to 10 and plot them on a chart, I'd get a classic Poisson distribution chart. So I'd have dated a couple of 4's, a couple of 10's and a heck of a lot of 6's and 7's.

Here's a Poisson distribution chart for reference, but I've swapped women for the drinks I gulped down while living in Guangzhou:

So do enough dating, and the numbers will dictate that you WILL get first dates with a 10. Whether you get a second date out of her almost entirely depends on how tight your game is.

What Happened With My 10's?

Chinese Perfect 10

My first perfect 10 was a Chinese girl from Hunan. I'd chatted to her for a couple of years on QQ, but never had chance to meet her while she was in Shenzhen and I was living in the UK.

Finally, I told her I was going to live in Guangzhou. And one afternoon she suddenly phoned me to say she was at Guangzhou East railway station and could I go to meet her. Cue for an absolute panic to get home, change and go out again to meet her!

And meet her I did. It took a while to find her in the station. She told me she was waiting outside KFC - well I subsequently found out there were 4 KFC outlets within the vast station concourse.

Eventually I found her, and wow, she was a vision of beauty. I instantly thought of her as an Asian Angelina Jolie. She was also dressed to perfection in a stunning Cheongsam style dress underneath a beautiful fur coat. She got extra points by having a totally seductive voice.
My Chinese girl wowed me by turning up for our first date
in a stunning dress that looked very much like this one.

I did have a second date with this lady, but never progressed things beyond that.

Lessons Learned:
  1. This lady describes herself as very picky, and the PUA master RooshV generally advises us guys to stay clear of such girls, especially if we're after a long term relationship or marriage.
  2. There is conflict within her family. I know they've been introducing her to Chinese guys, so I've no idea what's going on behind the scenes.
  3. Once you've "warmed up" a girl, you have to close the deal. When she starts making little excuses, it's time to act. Fail to act, and you'll almost never get her back.
  4. Minx alert - I have suspicions about her past. Could she have been a rich HK guy's mistress?
My Chinese girl looked pretty similar to this girl. Wow, what might have been...
Myanmar Perfect 10

I met a lot of ladies while I lived in Bangkok. To be honest, dating was a big disappointment there. Once you've dated top quality Chinese ladies who work in the coastal cities of China, Thailand will invariably disappoint.

Anyway, I gave it my best shot. By far the best ladies I met in Bangkok were the Asian ladies from other countries who worked and lived in Thailand.

Hottest by far was an older lady from Myanmar. She spoke fluent English, passable Thai, was very smart and did I mention how hot she was? Wow!
OK so this lady is Chinese, but she looks fairly similar to my
smart and sophisticated lady from Myanmar.

I managed four dates with her, and each time she turned up immaculately dressed to impress. She was very attractive and confident with it. We went to a shrine to light some candles and she had no problem whatsoever getting guys to lend us a lighter!

In the end she turned nasty and cold. I called her to ask if she was busy and she snapped back at me. I never saw her again.

Lessons Learned:
  1. I managed four dates this time. Dating is just a skill, and it's one you can improve over time. Why I got to four dates this time was chiefly because I purposefully didn't become clingy. I'd wait a day or two before contacting her. Sometimes I'd ignore her and make her make the next move. I'm still not sure why she broke off contact. I do know she likes jerks, so maybe she found another guy who would break her heart, just like her last one did. Lol.
  2. I've done a fair bit of reading about relationships and I think that many attractive women are just LONELY. They don't necessarily want a relationship, especially with an average guy. They just want to go on dates, and be appreciated. Because even though these ladies are hot, it's still not that easy for them to get dates with the hunky, dreamy guys they want to be with.
  3. Finally I'm not sure that it's worthwhile having a long term relationship with a 10. I saw how other men looked at her. Would you want to live day to day, worrying that another guy would run off with your woman? Who would hit on her in the coffee shop? Who would hit on her if she took a train? If you're in it for the long term, find a 6 or 7 who will adore you.
  4. One other thought. If she's so hot, then why is she single?
Still, it is worth dating 10's. If nothing else you can do what I did and get a few photos taken with her. Then you get some good social proof to show that ultra hot women are drawn to you.

So would YOU date a 10? Have you dated a 10 and was she worth it? Drop your comments in below. 

Have fun!

I am Xiongmao, a regular member of the Happier Abroad Forum. In 2013 I quit my job for a life of hustling and living in Asia. You can read about my travels here.

One of the reasons for living in Asia are the sexy beautiful ladies you can meet (including many perfect 10's of course). If you also want to find some wondrous Asian ladies, then check out my dating site at


  1. Bold claims and if it were true that your previous relationships involved girls that looked like those that you've stated.

    Pics or it didn't happen.

    Im guessing it didn't happen LOL

    1. Would YOU post photos of your ex-girlfriends online, knowing how many dickheads there are online these days?

      You sir are an idiot.

  2. Sure, 10s will let you pay for their dinner and date expenses, but Asian women are notoriously gold diggers.


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