Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why Freethinkers are Happier in Europe than in America

Good News: Freethinkers and Deep Thinkers will be Happier in Europe than in America. Here's why:

Freethinkers and deep thinkers tend not to like America, because American culture is predicated on a great deal of fakeness, phoniness, hype, lies and illusion, all of which are pet peeves to deep thinkers, who are able to see through these things. They tend to prefer Europe, where the cultures are more conducive to being intellectual, philosophical and genuine, and the people tend to be more authentic, down-to-earth, friendly and social.

So the good news for freethinkers and deep thinkers is that they will be a lot happier in Europe than in America. They will feel more accepted and validated, and have a far easier time meeting new people, making friends, having fun and getting dates. The reasons are:

1. People in Europe are more open to new ideas, more curious and more attracted to novelty. Being naturally curious, they have a wider variety of interests and are more broad-minded. Thus they will be on a more compatible wavelength with a freethinker. This is true of European females too, who are more open-minded, mature and down-to-earth than in America.

2. Europeans are more apt to having deep conversations about philosophy, history and culture. Believe it or not, having deep philosophical discussions in pubs is normal and common in Europe, whereas in America it would definitely be abnormal and weird to have deep discussions in a bar or pub. Topics such as history and philosophy are common subjects of interest, even in young people. So overall, a freethinker will connect better in Europe and feel more accepted.

3. The social atmosphere is more inclusive, friendly and sociable. People do not live in fear and are not as paranoid of strangers. They are more comfortable and relaxed about meeting new people. They will engage you more easily and make eye contact. Social interaction is much more smooth and natural. Again, this is true with young women too.

4. In Europe, people have richer souls, and are more deep, authentic and down-to-earth. So if you are the same way, you will feel "surrounded by real souls" who seem more alive. Thus you not feel alienated or isolated, even if you are sitting alone and drinking coffee at a cafe by yourself. That's the beauty of it. You are surrounded by your own kind, so the depressing empty feeling you get in America isn't there anymore.

5. Fun activities and cultural events are more frequent and inclusive in Europe. You will have more fun than you ever had in America. There are always cultural events going on around town, even in a small town, and you can always join in, celebrate and party without feeling awkward. There is a feeling of inclusiveness in such social activities that you could never dream of in America. Trust me, I've experienced it and can personally attest to this. You will truly be amazed.

Note: The above attributes of Europe apply to Russia too. However, I do not mention Russia because although it is a very fun, exciting and dynamic country, it is also more dangerous, has a higher crime rate with muggings and scams, and is more of a hassle to get into because you have to buy a visa to enter the country. But Russia is a very exciting and soulful culture, so if you don't mind braving the risks, I would say go for it. :)

One KEY difference between America and Europe is this: In Europe, people do not use dating sites to meet people. I've been told this by multiple sources. Why? Because it's very easy there to just GO OUT and meet people! People are very open, social, curious and engaging. In contrast, in America people are paranoid of others, do not like meeting people, and are afraid to talk to people outside their clique. So you can't really go out and "meet people" or "meet girls", at least not easily or naturally.

What's odd is that there is this cultural myth in America that it is easy to "go out and meet people". Everyone knows deep down that it's not true. But people still pay lip service to it in order to conform and not sound like a loser. It's very weird. There is like this HUGE SPLIT between reality and illusion in America.

You can also tell by European architecture that soulfulness and creativity is much more in their lifeblood, which is why the architecture reflects it. As you can see below, it is not dull or soulless like in America, which is why I feel happier there (besides the fact that women are far more approachable and sociable).

Thanks for reading and best wishes.