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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Manila Clubbing Scene - Why I Avoid it

Backstory @ bottom

I had three weekends of partying and I’m feeling tired of that scene.

The bar scene, the alcohol, the women waiting to be hit on, the beautiful girls that are shallow inside, the foreigner pick-up artists, the fags, the frustrated jerks, and the rich kids.

Manila will suck you into this lifestyle if you’re not careful. #itsmorefuninthephilippines indeed

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy it but I can see how something like that could morph into a complex… and into an addiction.  

All in all, as I approach 30, I think I don’t really want to be an active player in the club scene. I like to check it out for sociological investigative reasons, or if there’s a fellow expat in town. This is great for the young guy. 

I will still go as it truly is fun! But I’ll employ the “no-drinks for me” stance from this day forward. My recovery time is increasingly getting higher and I do not want to squander this opportunity. I also view alcohol as a personal weakness, something I need to work on.

The clubs should be relegated to when I need to get some of my desire for debaucheries out. If I need to grab a tit or ass. Then bring home to my local sogo.
Manila Clubbing Scene- Oh My!

And there are options.

Another Manila option is the health scene. Basically the marathon people. Manila has a trending demographic of the fitness people and I would rather be in this scene than the non-producing clubbing scene. At least check it out. It might be too boring.

From what I see, these types don’t really go out on Saturday’s.. you hang out with them on Sunday mornings. The concentration of beauty is lower than the club scene but you meet down to earth girls that are much much better quality than their party girl cousins. Wife-material. You also meet executives and the deep pocketed people.

health: another Manila "scene"
The Back Story:

I got mugged and a Filipina came to see how I was doing. I was floored when I saw her. She is a fashion designer with works featured overseas. Accomplished and rich. Funny how our first date was supposed to be in Jollibee (she agreed).

She invited me to Prive. Which is the most upscale club located in Fort Bonifacio. From the website, Prive is a member’s only club with annual membership fee of $2,500 (big sum here for clubbing).

Me and a fellow expat went to a dinner in a fancy Italian restaurant for wine and champagne and were introduced to the Fashion people. Then went to prive for bottomless drinks basically.. tequila shots and Johnny walker black label (a Filipino favorite it seems). I got drunk but my wing didn't.

Tequila shot to get your date more "tolerable" costs: PHp300.00

So I am now questioning myself for drinking.

With Fashion chick.. I think there is no romantic future between me and her.

//Videos will be up soon.


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