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Friday, December 27, 2013

Online Income Madness: The Problem Of Scaling From A Zero Exposed

//edit I have already surpassed this level

I have reached a threshold on my online income goal. I have essentially doubled the amount I earn online passively. Not one dollar. But two! This is $2 of gold!!!!!!! Here is a Chinese store cat of gold.

While this post will seem rather satirical, understand that this to me is an accomplishment.  I. Am. Dead. Serious. This income which is not just a dollar but a full one dollar + one dollar is worth way for me than any form of wage. It means something.

I would like to say that this income was created out of thin air, but reality is.. and what I’m learning is that online work is grueling.  And it will take more from me. More time.. energy.. sweat.. tears.. and other bodily fluids.

On a purely cost-benefit standpoint – this is lunacy. Yet I assure you that I would rather be doing this than working for corporate land.. or retail land.. or whatever large conglomeration of organization you put out to create profit.

This to me is $2. And it is real income.

And it will grow.

I have already surpassed the first big challenge. Which in true economist fashion I dub “scaling from zero.” The challenge of scaling a zero is that it cannot be done. A zero multiplied by any real number cannot be anything other than zero. You can not just make 0 into a 1.

But you know what you can make into 1?

Try this number.

0.01  (zero-point-zero-one)

This number is something and has the potential to become something. If you increase/double it per time period you will at some point reach the integer 1. I have surpassed 1. I am now at 2.

It is something. So don’t give up with whatever you have. You may want to move to out the USA. Maybe start something.  But realizing that the something can be doubled and double and doubled.. until what you have is something significant. That is how most people in this sphere got started. And it can be done. Just believe in yourself and keeping scaling it up. 

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