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Sunday, November 10, 2013

4 Quick Tips on Transitioning Abroad

4 Quick Tips on Transitioning Abroad

When you are in a transition period in a foreign land, you are in a state of unfamiliarity. Follow these tips to ease your transition.  

When men go abroad for a short time, what they see is only the surface of society not the underlying themes that play beneath it. When you have just arrived to your target country, either to expatriate or as tourist, what you are is clueless. That is how most men from USA who move to Asia or Latina-America are: clueless. I too from my first weeks moving was clueless.

To illustrate, during my transition period.. 

If you had charged me Php100 peso for an orange? I would not have questioned you.

If you had taken me to a fancy restaurant for a sea-food smorgasbord . I would have unknowingly paid for it.

If you had asked me what I do for a living within 5 minutes of meeting me. I would have not thought malice.

If you were being aggressive of being my girlfriend. I would have made you mine without consulting my dating market value.

There are lessons to be learned from moving overseas. There is a transition period where your information is incomplete and things are not what it seems. It lasts weeks or even months. As time goes by you start to acclimatize to the local vibe, the local aura. You will be a man whose environment only plays part to his purpose.

So what are the lessons? 
  1. Keep your cash tight – as time moves, you will develop a natural inclination for the economics of the prices of goods that you require in your target coutnry. Internet expensive. Fish? Cheap. Fruits? Cheap. Restaurant with php700 per plate. Expensive. Taxi wants to do a contract. Do not let him. Bar charges too much for drinks. Locals prefer this over this. You should keep your cash tight and your spending to a minimum. After getting your bearings is when you should let the dollars flow.
  2. Ask questions – locals are helpful. They know the market and grasps constitutes a bargain -- you, on the other hand cannot. Ask them where they hang out. Ask them what they do on the weekends. What is important is that you ascertain the lifestyles of the locals to benchmark your own. Ask them their opinions on certain things. They are your friends they provide valuable information. 
  3. Do not over-game – I know American dating culture is horrible but don’t  go crazy with dating girls here. There is a metric of how long a foreigner has been overseas, and generally, the shorter staying expatriate is fresh meat. Start with going on some "testing" dates. See what dates revolve around. Maybe office hours ends late due traffic so dinner is not an idea. The clubs are open late. Maybe malls are there for a reason, maybe there are other day gaming venues. Who are these women? What is my value as a male in my new environment? These are things you need to figure out. During transition period, In terms of love, it is better to assume that things are not what they seem.
  4. Focus on your work – the anchor of man is his work. The environment only poses a challenge into whether it is suitable for you to do your work. You must always find time to focus on the things that will give you income and not just hedonistic pleasures of women. If you are still trying to launch something, spend your time with the launch instead of working on it when you have free time. Make your money making activities take the majority of your time. If you need something for your work, chances are you will learn something about your environment trying to find it --  so use it as a mini-mission. 
The important thing to remember is that during a transition, or a quick stay, your information will be incomplete making you vulnerable to scammers and other less desirables. Enjoy your new environment but take things slow as opposed to taking it all in. Make your mission your priority and structure mini-missions and dates around this.

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