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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Four Biggest Problems With Taiwan - Offensive but True

Warning: These truths may be offensive to politically correct ears.

In Taiwan, besides the boring bland culture, meaningless empty lifestyle, lack of beautiful nature/scenery, ugly drab buildings/architecture, and nasty climate, there are major problems with the people and women that are taboo to mention. But since I prefer truth over fake politeness and political correctness, I will transgress the taboo and openly speak the truth below. A note of warning though: If you have politically correct ears you may find the following uncomfortable to hear.

To break it down, the four biggest problems with Taiwan are:

1) Taiwanese girls and women are not approachable, open or easy to meet at all. They are very stuck up, closed and uptight with a "cold wall" around them. You can't just walk up to them and say hi and meet them. Like cats and deer, they are not comfortable with strangers. They are cliquish and will not socialize with you unless you are invited into their group. They only like to meet guys who are introduced to them by their trusted friends. What this means is that if no one introduces you to a great girl in Taiwan, you are out of luck. Or you can meet them at school and work.

Such restrictions are very limiting. That's what I don't like about overly conservative countries like Taiwan. There's nothing wrong with being conservative, but Taiwan is overkill in that area, and too repressed as well. Everything feels flat and dry, like there's no soul or meaning.

But even if you are introduced to them, they are hard to connect with. After a few minutes or few sentences, the conversation runs dry, like you've run into a brick wall. There's just nothing to connect with. They are like empty shells, not engaging at all, but immature with no social skills and no expression. And since they are stuck up too, that makes them "stuck up empty shells". Ick.

When they talk amongst their friends, they squeak to each other like little mice, acting very fragile and insecure. Very weird. What's worse, they also have difficult personalities, are very picky and flaky, and will dump you at the drop of a hat.

But don't take my word for it. You can easily test this by using free dating sites such as OkCupid, DateinAsia, or PlentyofFish. There are many Taiwanese girls on there (though I don't know why since they rarely answer emails from strangers). Try writing to a lot of them, and you will find that very few will write back to a stranger. And even when they do, they only write a few sentences at most, and then stop after a few emails with nothing more to say.

It's very sad but true. And then you are left wondering "How the hell am I supposed to meet or date them if they can't even hold a normal conversation? WTF?" Other guys who have tried this have reported the same experience.

In contrast, I've never had a problem holding natural meaningful engaging conversations with girls from Russia, Europe, Philippines or even Mainland China. Even girls from the Middle East are very easy to hold an authentic down-to-earth conversation with. So you gotta wonder, what is the problem with Taiwan?

2) Most young Taiwanese are very hard to connect with because they are duds in terms of personality. They are like empty shells and robots with NO PERSONALITY and no expression (except for the most superficial ones). It is very hard to connect with them since there is nothing to connect with. Usually, they are very quiet and have nothing to say. If you try to talk to them, after a few minutes or few sentences, the conversation runs dry, like hitting a brick wall, and you run out of things to talk about. Very weird.

So even if you manage to meet them through "trusted friends", school or work (as mentioned above) you will find that there is very little to talk about, and that it is VERY HARD to hold a conversation with them. They are the LEAST engaging youngsters I've ever met, with no curiosity or sense of adventure.

Normally, you can hold a conversation with someone by asking them open ended questions about things they are interested in (their hot topics) like interviewers do. This is basic conversation 101. But that doesn't seem to work with young Taiwanese. (if it did, I wouldn't have a problem)

Many of the older generation still have some semblance of personality, but not the young generation. When they talk to each other, they squeak like little mice, fragile and insecure. Very weird. They are also cliquish and will not socialize with you unless you are invited into their group.

3) Taiwanese are way too conservative, cold, prudish, uptight and lacking in passion, soul and energy. Their body language is cold, stiff, and devoid of expression, like statues or zombies. It's like they are not even human. Very strange.

They are boring workaholics, essentially cold and practical, with no creativity or imagination. When they eat, they quickly gulf down the food as if finishing the meal is more important than enjoying it. They do not slowly savor the food like the French or Italian people do in their cafes.

To make things worse, Taiwanese are generally stuck up, hard to connect with (due to their lack of personality), and difficult to hold a conversation with (since they are empty, cold, practical, superficial and are not deep, nor do they like to think).

Flirtation is a big taboo in Taiwan. If you tell a Taiwanese girl that she is pretty, you will get a cold "thank you" if you are lucky. In contrast, in many other countries, flirtation creates energy and excitement. It's a great way to meet girls too. But not in Taiwan. In Taiwan, it doesn't get you anywhere and does not score any points, but is viewed as creepish and taboo. So if flirtation is your primary seduction arsenal, you will be sorely disappointed in Taiwan.

As for me, I am very flirtatious, romantic, open, wild, expressive, as well as deep and philosophical, like an Italian casanova. So I find Taiwan to be the worst nightmare, and very suffocating too. I can't be myself here or do what I love. If I try to be myself here, I will be considered a "weird creep". So to me, Taiwan is like the "Island of Kryptonite" from the movie Superman Returns (2006), which saps away all my powers and energy. It's a negative soul sucking energy vortex in other words.

4) Taiwan is ugly and drab in terms of nature, landscapes, buildings, and culture. In all these basic areas, it ranks very poorly. It is lacking in beautiful scenery, nature, landscapes or crisp air (compared to America that is) and its architecture and buildings are ugly and drab. So it is not even good for nature, outdoors fun and architecture.

The air is humid and sticky, not fresh, clean and crisp like in America. And the climate is often unpleasant, either too hot or cold. Even in the countryside or rural areas, there is hardly any open space, fields or pastures to drive or ride horses around in (like you see in Wild West films, nature videos, or any film portraying beautiful scenery).

The culture in Taiwan is very bland and boring, not interesting at all and not even inclusive. The social environment has no energy. Life feels meaningless. There is nothing to grow your soul. Time just passes by and is wasted. Therefore, if you are passionate and soulful (like me), you will inevitably find Taiwan to be empty, dull, flat and meaningless. Eventually, you will regret the time you wasted in Taiwan, which could have been better spent elsewhere.


I have experienced and observed the above countless times consistently in Taiwan, and seen very few exceptions. So please don't accuse me of generalizing. Patterns of differences exist everywhere and it would be a bald faced lie to say that everything is the same everywhere, like brainwashed politically correct fanatics do.

Overall, for the reasons above and more, Taiwan is a very boring, meaningless and miserable place. There's no energy there at all. Nothing to grow your soul or mind, and no interesting culture or people to connect with. Time just passes by and is wasted with no meaning. People are not only stuck up and uptight, but hard to connect with and hold a good conversation with as well, making them "stuck up empty shells". And to top it off, there is no beautiful scenery or nature, and the buildings and architecture look drab and ugly.

In summary and in a nutshell, Taiwan sucks because:

a) Girls are unapproachable, uptight, stuck up, overly shy, paranoid, flaky, empty, souless, hard to meet, difficult to connect with, and cannot hold a good conversation. (compared to girls in most countries that is) They do not flirt, have a cold wall around them, are very cliquish, and will not socialize with you unless you are invited into their group.
b) People are uptight, robotic, cold, stiff, narrow, insular, prudish, overly conservative, workaholic, hard to connect with, and difficult to hold a conversation with. They are empty shells with no personality, devoid of soul, passion and energy. (compared to most countries that is) Their nature is cold and practical, which makes them boring and lacking in creativity and imagination.
c) There is not much beautiful scenery or nature, and the architecture and buildings are ugly and drab. The climate is often unpleasant and the air is humid and not very clean or crisp. (by American standards that is) It's also hard to find open fields, prairies or pastures.
d) The culture is boring and flat, and does not even feel inclusive. There is nothing to grow your soul. Time just passes by and is wasted with no meaning or special memories. Eventually, you regret the time you waste in Taiwan, which could be better spent elsewhere.

I have seen very few exceptions to the above, and countless examples that fit the above. God that sucks. What a terrible place, the most boring I've ever been for sure. Even America is a lot more interesting and exciting than Taiwan. Taiwan ought to win an award for "The most dull and meaningless country".


  1. This is unconvincing. The problem is obviously you, as you have had the exact same complaints about America, Russia, and the Philippines.
    Girls don't find you interesting because you are an aging layabout with no job, no money, and no realistic prospects.
    I guess you will now go back to America and continue to live off of your parents' money there. I predict you will soon start complaining about life there.

  2. I've never heard of any of my friends in Taiwan saying Taiwanese girls are hard to converse with. In fact, most of them agree that Taiwan girls are among the easiest to get laid...

    A lot of the other parts are true. But I'm sorry to say that it's probably just you not being attractive for the girls.

    1. The easiest to get laid. Maybe thats why reason why u ppl coming here? For money and fuck bodies. WHY TALK ABOUT SOUL ? U guys are not looking for souls.just take advantage of its easy money and sex and fuck off.coz its truly this island has no place for ppl to show their true colors.
      And its all related.
      I am a taiwanese,i ve been abroad,i have free spirited, I know some foreign ppl.i agree taiwan sucks.
      But still,there are many white ppl dont know what they are doing here.they take easy money and fuck around. Thats empty,has no soul too.

  3. And by the way. Although I agree with many of your points, calling a country "meaningless" only shows you as an angry ranting loser. You labeled yourself as a freethinker, but sadly, though you did point out some interesting aspects of Taiwanese society, your article only showed how much grudge you have towards TW with heavy generalization/contradicting observations compared to other foreigners.

    Taiwan isn't forcing you to stay, why don't you leave and find a better place to live?

  4. That's interesting. I also always thought that Tawain, Singapore and Shanghai were the worst place in asia.

    Tawain is ranked 2 in my "10 worst countries to meet a woman"

    Guys, pLease take a look at my chart and tell me what you think.

  5. Hmmmm...I have no idea who you are other than a very bitter person. I'm an American who has been to Taiwan a half dozen times over the last 7 years, having stayed as long as 3 months at a time.

    My experiences have been the opposite of yours to say the least. I have consistently found the people in Taiwan to be friendly, helpful and when not too shy, anxious to engage in conversation.

    You ragging on girls being hard to meet isn't surprising given the rotten attitude you so profusely exude. If you are American, you typify the "Ugly American" syndrome and show little appreciate for anything not consistent with your narrow minded views.

    I could go on at length but it sounds to me you need to get laid. Why not head to Thailand if that all you want in a "relationship"?

    Simple question: I you find Taiwan so reprehensible, why the hell don't you just leave?? You'd be happier and certainly the country would be better off without you.

  6. @ Henri Dufresne

    "Please look at my chart and tell me what you think" - Here's what I think:
    Get a life! If you purpose for traveling around Asia is "meeting girls" why not just settle down in Pattaya, Thailand? There you don't have to have a personality, just money. Sounds just right for your perspective on "cultural encounters".

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. There is increasing amounts of dubious manufactured anti Korea/Korean hate in Taiwan, the displays of anti Koreanism is pathetically insecure, this just exposes Taiwanese inferiority complex.

    At the same time Taiwanese suck up to Japan even though Japan bullies and denigrates Taiwan, i never understood this.

    My conclusion is Taiwan needs to hate on somebody to make themself feel more relevant because nobody recognizes them or even cares about them, Taiwan is becoming a nobody.

    They should be looking at themself not trying find somebody to hate on a release all of your inferiority and insecurity.

  9. 真的是不爽不要來欸,發了這麼多篇來講台灣有多不好,你的文化水準是有比較高尚嗎?我承認你有些觀點是滿有趣,也頗客觀的,但本人覺得你不斷重複跳針說台灣人是沒有靈魂的空殼就有點靠北了,原諒我用字粗俗,你這個沒有美眉想要理你的魯蛇!

    p.s. sorry for using mandarin, cuz in Eng, sometimes it's hard to express what I really want to say, you know, keke.

    1. @good girl:

      否則, 你就是世界上最白目的人!

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  11. This guy sounds like has major nice guy syndrome and decided to generalize the whole country on his rejections.

  12. At the end of the day, any place is what you make of it. Sure, Taiwan sucks in many ways, but the general picture you paint of the place is simply not true. I challenge you to find "the perfect place to live in". It does not exist..

  13. Never been in Taiwan but I know several people who love it and love the people. One of them I'm sure has fucked countless Taiwanese girls.

    Apart from all that, this article is horribly written. Some sentences are repeated three times. How many times do you have to say they are empty shells?

    If your conversation style is anything similar as your writing style, no wonder your audience turns into empty shells.

  14. Haha, most of these people miss the jist of what you are actually saying. Mr. Wu if you were pasty white then the conservative Taiwanese drop their defenses. They don't see what the idea of an American is.. In Taiwan they will and can only see you as Asian. You are caught between two worlds there. The whiter you are the more desirable you become, hence the skin whitening craze there. And most Americans don't understand what you're saying because they become offended so easily. (The opposite of Taiwan...liberals). I enjoy ur articles, don't let the titty sucking, tree hugging, castrated modern whites keep you from writing more.
    A white conservative, with a Chinese fiance from repressed Malaysia.

  15. Is this Christian Weston Chandler writing this piece? I think so. Winston, you're not white give up the act. You're just a butthurt monkey ragging on his own people to inflate your butthurt ego.

  16. I agree with a lot of what you say, all the shit people say about people sleeping with so many girls is a bunch of bullshit, and even if it isnt the average woman that does sleep with foreigners is either a prostitute or someone who goes from one to another, and their seen by their own people as a whore. Taiwanese are completely repressed overworked underpaid and fucking miserable. Its not a warm culture, Chinese people are not warm people , they may be friendly but its not warm or passionate at all. So the girls even if they may not be like that have a lot of trouble expressing love or interest without being strange or coming off as psycho. There are all kind of men who think Taiwanese women are psycho. I would just say they are lame and have no real use except for sex maybe. The island is full of homosexuals, and divorced or aging unmarried cunts. There is no shunning of racism in Chinese culture and sometimes it also can be used against ABC's or CBC's and foreigners. In fact that means that if you arent a real Chinese or Taiwanese they can treat you however they want, talk negatively around you , be openly racist etc. All this stuff can be found in America and other countries too but its not fair to just attack someones character or make judgements about them if they are just trying to make observations that they found to be true. Honestly I think Chinese women are the most souless fucking crude cunts Ive ever met in my life , they may be able to present some image otherwise but I know the truth.

  17. I am student who is here in taiwan for 5 years and have lots of taiwanese friends . Taiwan is a beautiful country not like the writer says . But as far as taiwanese girls are concerned most of the things are true , they lack personality, they mimic the media . Only few taiwanese girls like manly guys , manly guys i mean is who take charge of the situation and being a head in the family . Taiwan is not a good place for personal growth if u are a science graduate or a person who wants to achieve something better in life . Although its a good place for english teachers , the pay is good and a majority of taiwanese girls are attracted to white guys . But there are fewer and fewer good girl worth having a relationship here , i feel very sad for that , i have been around taiwan and met many women ( not in clubs as i dont like to drink or go to a club ) very few are emotionally mature or stable . if u want to be happy with a taiwanese wife , try ur best to take her away with u some other country u will be happier with her , because this society life sucks here - many people are suffering from emotional problem . women dont trust men , they always spy on men using "FEMALE INVESTIGATORS " . After all this years only i understood why taiwan has the lower birth rate in the world . and the guys here find bride from thailand , philipines and indonesia , why because taiwanese women are messed up emotionally , and they think they are worth soo much ( in most cases all they have is a good body - no soul , character or a personality to go with ) and demand from men soo much . Hope i can graduate soon and get out from here - i have foreign friends who have married taiwanese girls and staying here there life has been heel - but the friends who had taken there wives outside taiwan are quite happy - its all about the present taiwanese culture, which is a mix of "japanese , korean, chinese and US . feel sad for this country - i am trying my best in reeducating the youngsters here and i can see a small change among my friends - we seriously need help here in taiwan . being a foreigner still love taiwan , but want to change the present state it is in .

  18. I have fucked a over 20 women since moving here a couple months ago. The problem is you and the fact that you are probably a white teacher looking type.

    I have met many warm taiwanese girls.

    1. I am a white teacher and presumably look like it and have never experienced that as being anything less than a bonus in terms of getting laid in taiwan...also i've seen some butt ugly peers score the hottest taiwanese babes that would be inconceivable in europe or north america

    2. Whats your address i like u

  19. it's even worse if you're Black. taiwan is the white man's paradise and Black man's hell!

  20. Hi,

    Thank you for being honest to speak out what you have experienced, which is not easy because some people cannot take criticism.

    I am a Taiwanese guy, and my personal observation is partly the same with you. Many girls here are less mature in a love affaire, extremely conservative to strangers, and have low self-esteem.

    For this kind of girls:
    Do not approach if you are not introduced to them by their friends. Don't try to flirt them, unless you are sure she likes you. Ironically, there is little evidence to know whether she likes you because they will not take initiatives. They believe men will not cherish women if women promise them too easily. Besides, there is no real gender equality in a relationship with Taiwanese girls because they generally believe man should pay for dates, and should adore them as a princess, even after marriage. They are so unsecured that they check their boyfriends' mails, and messages, and they forbid their man to watch other girls or go out with other girls. They will spend lots of time with their boyfriends, but sometimes it's too sticky. They love to act cute, even though they are far beyond that age.

    However, their are a significant part of Taiwanese girls that are not that superficial and immature, they just don't appear on your radar because they don't hang out on dating websites, and they don't spend their free time in bars or window shopping. They have normal social lives and they are approachable, and reasonable in relationships as most girls in other countries have. You just have to find.

  21. ok now that i've bothered to read the entire dreadful article. i've come to a conclusion that you've just been trying to get with the pretty but boring ones that you see at the bar... the problem is you bro. you clearly see a problem with those people, why do you even still bother? there are many other girls who are still pretty but fun and interesting at the same time. why do you have to go for the pretty empty shells like you're collecting fucking seashells like a five year old? grow up.

  22. This post probably going to anger a lot of people but it's....really true. I agree with this a lot and it's sad that I'm agreeing. Particularly about the bland and drap architecture and nature, I really hope Taiwan does become prettier and more interesting :) Thanks for being honest and brave enough to speak out some of the problems Taiwan has.

  23. I understand where OP is coming from.

    I had the same experience during a short period of my life when I was much younger. This kind of general bitterness and stereotyping happens when you have no taste / when you put too much attention on everyone. i.e: when you just wanna get along with every girl and get laid by whoever you're lucky to catch. A good sign of this is joining those dating websites and messaging so many girls in hopes you're fishing with a net rather than a hook. This is a poor recipe for getting laid, almost never works.

    You need to have a game and class. If you have a specific kind of girls you're attracted to and everyone else is NOT your cup of tea, then you'll realise a change in your perception, your Qi and Aura will be narrowed to that specific type of girls (and trust me there are many of them). I tell you from experience as I'm a bit over 30 now, I got laid last night by my 171st girl (Latvian). Over 100 of girls I've had in the past are Asians, mostly northern Chinese - simply because they're taller, prettier and more naturally / elegantly beautiful than the rest of the Asian females in my opinion, and this is my taste. And just in case you're wondering - I never slept with a whore in my life, in fact I can't stand them, as well as smoking / hard-core partying girls, fetish pierced / tattooed girls, etc and I never paid for sex.

    Back to your issue, I've never lived in Taiwan. The Taiwanese girls I met when I was in Hong Kong are short, androgynous and unattractive (just like HK girls) in my opinion.. so I had no interest in exploring them

    BTW, I'm a black guy (nothing more attractive than yourself according to public opinion), So how did I get all the girls? it's just by having your game and class as a part of your personality. And never sacrifice that by wasting your time and attention on worthless people.

    If you do this, you'll soon have another (positive) article to write. Good Luck

  24. Although a lot of what you said is true, at least in part, I totally disagree with the nature comment. The nature around here is great. Lots of hiking trails, mountains, rivers,etc. I've explored a good bit so far and I think that you are totally off the mark there.

    As for passion and creativity, you hit the nail on the head. I'm a teacher and these kids just go to school and play video games all day. They do nothing else. It is maddening.

  25. Here's how you know this guy is a complete moron.

    "Taiwan is ugly and drab in terms of nature, landscapes, buildings, and culture."

    It's a tropical island with some amazing beaches, incredible mountains, interesting cities, and awesome people. It's the only country I'm aware of that has strippers dancing at funerals (yes, I'm serious).
    This lame-o can't get laid so he's butthurt about his time there. Pretty pathetic...

  26. You are repeating yourself over and over, while I might agree about the girls, I married one, ouch. I find the country itself to be beautiful. There is an awesome japanese style hotel in a valley with hot springs and they pump the hot spring right into your room! One of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed. I used to work for Four Seasons so I know a good hotel when I stay there.

    The biggest problem now with attractions is the hoardes of Chinese peasants on tour buses that overwhelm all the major attractions, not fond of Chinese peasants.

    I am also a PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor and have lived and worked in Southeast Asia. The diving in Kenting park is actually quite good. The soft corals have increased in the last twenty years and there are some interesting sites. I got great video of a cuttlefish changing it's skin patterns there.

    Give Taiwan another chance, I know girls there that would surprise you.

    PADI MSDT208467


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