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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Why America is NOT "The Last Bastion of Freedom"! 13 Reasons and Why Foreign Countries Have More Social, Romantic & Personal FREEDOMS!


In America, you always hear Patriots, Truthers and Trump Supporters say something like: "America is the last bastion of freedom. If America falls, the whole world will fall too." They always say that as if it was some type of religious mantra that the hive mind of Americans chant without basis, just because everyone else is chanting it. But it's just not true, for many good reasons that I will give you below. America is actually one of the least free countries in the world, but not just because of government policy "taking away your freedoms" as they chant, but for a lot more reasons for that, some of which are taboo and not supposed to ever be mentioned. Now before you get offended and condemn me for not conforming to the hive, please hear me out first. If you do you may change your mind and agree with me and hence no longer be offended. So hear me out first. 

1. First of all, any experienced world traveler will tell you that America is one of the least free countries they've been to (unless they've only been to the worst countries abroad). If you travel the world, you will understand why. (I'll explain more below) Only Americans who have never been abroad, or that go to the worst countries, think that America is "the land of the free".

2. Most foreigners overseas do not see America as a "free country". No way, they think it's the opposite and full of BS. Ask any Mexican immigrant and they will tell you that Mexico is WAY freer than America. The rules and control are far more lax in Mexico and it has a freespirited anything goes type of vibe, which you never feel in America, where everything is strictly controlled and uptight. Same with anyone from Latin America or Eastern Europe, whether immigrant or tourist. Men from Russia and Eastern Europe are usually highly critical of the USA too, however many Russian women may love the USA because of all the attention, benefits and special favors they get there.

3. America is all about following rules and regulations, it is obsessed with rules and has more laws than most other countries. When you join any organization in America, the first thing you are given is a book of rules to memorize. Because America is all about control and following strict rules, it's not about letting loose and getting wild and free like you can in Brazil, Philippines or Russia. Look at these videos of me in Russia and SE Asia where I come out of my shell and act freespirited, playful, silly, etc and you will see what I mean. You definitely can't act like that in America. If you don't have much time, then just watch this music video of me acting very free in Russia, and you will see the gist of what I mean.

4. The cost of living is way too high in America, which takes away your freedom and forces you to work more than ever before. Everything costs an arm and a leg. Especially healthcare and medical costs. You can't even call for a plumber or appliance repairman without spending a lot. Even CNBC said that cost of living is the biggest threat to many Americans. Before the 1970s, prices were reasonable in America. But inflation skyrocketed in the 1970's and 1980's, which diminished freedom in America. Obviously, if cost of living is high, it forces most people to become workaholics, including both parents of each family. And if you are forced to become a workaholic to make ends meet, then you aren't free. You are an economic slave of course, if you aren't financially free and independent. That's the total antithesis of freedom. That's one reason why you FEEL like a slave in America, even if you tell yourself you are free.

That's why countries like America and Japan (and the NE Asia region), with a high cost of living and workaholic culture, are the least free in the world. (unless all you care about is working and having a career) Most other countries have a LOWER cost of living, hence are more free in that sense. Americans never consider this for some reason, even though it's basic logic and common sense. This isn't rocket science. So why does everyone in the American hive mind miss it? Strange. This is one reason why several million expats have emigrated to SE Asia, Latin America, Mexico, and Eastern Europe, in addition to the freer more vibrant social connection and better authentic relations with the females there. 


5. America has the biggest prison population in the world, now at over 2 million since 2016. A free country cannot have the largest prison population too, that's just insane. Americans never consider this. It obviously means that something is really f***ed up or out of whack in America.

6. After WWII, the size of the US government has grown by about 20 times I heard, thus becoming monstrous in size. Once government grows and expands, it needs to tax people more and more to maintain itself, hence becoming a monster with tentacles that refuses to shrink, but must consume more and more resources to survive. As we all know, big government will look for something to do to justify its existence and receive funding, and yes that means getting in YOUR way more and more too. Therefore, the bigger government is, the more it takes away your freedom. That's true in the US too. So no, sorry, you can't keep claiming that the US is still the freest country that everyone looks up to for a role model of freedom.

7. A truly free country does not need to constantly boast about being free. For example, in New Zealand, people are freer than Americans and are far less controlled. However, NZers do not boast about being free. They just live more freely. Conversely, Americans are less free than NZ and many other nations, but constantly shout and pontificate about being "the freest country". There's an old adage that those who brag and shout the most are the most insecure and trying to mask their weakness, as if they have something to prove because they aren't standing on firm ground. I think this is true of Americans who like to boast about their "freedoms". They seem to act very insecure, and are even delusional enough to think that they are the envy of the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Only gold digging money loving nations are jealous of America's wealth. But alas, inflation has killed off America's wealth with an overly high cost of living. In any case, truly free countries have no need to brag about their freedoms. They just live their lives more freely. 

Also, if something is true or self-evident, one does not need to repeat it or shout it to others. For example, I don't need to constantly repeat that "lions are bigger and stronger than rabbits" nor do I have to ram that down your throat or shout it to everyone. It's naturally self-evident and everyone knows it and doesn't need to be proven or even said. However, if I want to spread a lie and convince others of it, then yes it has to be constantly repeated and shouted and rammed down your throat, because it takes work and constant reinforcement to maintain a lie and hypocrisy, or an illusion and propaganda that is not instinctively true, such as "America is the epitome of freedom" or "America is the freest country in the world". Think about it. Most likely, America was never truly free. It's all just propaganda, and that's all it ever was.

8. America does NOT have social or romantic freedoms, such as the freedom to talk to strangers or FLIRT with the opposite sex, without feeling the awkward inappropriate taboo of doing so. If you wanna debate this, as many trolls do, go outside in America and try it and you will see what I mean. Anyone can claim otherwise, but actions speak louder than words, and no one dares to show me how approachable people are in America. Everyone I challenged to do so has chickened out. America was not always like this though. Since the 1980's, talking to strangers, even neighbors, became more and more taboo. People became distant, closed off, socially disconnected, in a bubble and an ice wall began to exist between strangers. Every man became an island, so to speak. It became an unspoken rule that one was expected to mind their own business, and talking to strangers was only appropriate for business related reasons. 

To make things worse, in the early 1990's, flirtation became a taboo too, as a hateful trend of third wave feminism swept across America, making natural flirtation into something creepy and transgressory. Suddenly, natural relations between the opposite sex became hostile and unfriendly. WTF?! It was pure evil, since men and women were meant to complement each other, not become enemies. The social engineering behing it was clearly malicious. But alas, it was not politically correct to talk about it, and doing so carries a loser stigma too, so no one dared to talk about it. (hence I have to)

However, Americans seem to only talk about political freedoms only, as if government policy and voting are all that matters. However, a democracy is just a label only, in truth every government has its laws and systems and monopolies of control that its citizens and tourists have to abide by, including America too, so it's not exempt. (it's not like America doesn't have laws and regulations, duh) In any country, as long as you obey the laws and don't rock the boat or get in the way of things, you will be left alone, so whether you label a system "democratic or communistic or totalitarian" doesn't really matter. It's the social culture and social freedoms that really matter and affect you directly. This is what everyone keeps missing, and what I'm trying to enlighten others on.

What about the freedom to flirt and meet and date women? Or the freedom to connect with others? Or the freedom to be yourself and come out of your shell, like I did in Russia, and not be shy or suffer social anxiety? If you can't be yourself, you're not free, no matter what type of government you live under. Social freedoms are more important than political freedoms, because those affect you more directly everyday. Americans never understand that. To see what I mean, see my Photo Collage and my video series Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind.

Below: Me in St. Petersburg, Russia with a sexy Russian girl I met in a museum and began dating. 
This would NEVER happen in America!

9. Freedom is not all about government control, there are many other types of freedom, many of which are more important. After all, the average American is not bothered by government agents directly. Social, personal and romantic freedoms matter too, not just political freedomsTrue freedom is the freedom to be yourself and do what you want or love. If you are a freespirit who thrives on romance or social connection, you will not feel free in America, because those things are repressed in America, which is an enslavement machine where you are a resource only. American society does not feel free because of its fundamental nature of control and regulation and social disconnection and economic slavery. Everything is serious. No one is silly, playful or flirtatious. America is a hybrid of freedom loving patriots and socialist/communist types who want to control everything and force equality on everyone using state control. So it's a hybrid of opposing types. 

Let me ask you this: What freedoms do you have in America exactly that you don't have in the rest of the world? Ask this question to the average American, and they have no idea how to answer it, hence demonstrating that their beliefs come from brainwashing, not reason. The only example they seem to come up with is that "In America you can protest against government, but in China you cannot". Everytime the US media attacks China, this is the only comparison they have. See this John Stossel Report for an example. If this is the best example they can come up with, then that speaks volumes, namely that there's no basis to the claim of America being "the last bastion of freedom" and that there is no good example to support that claim. There are many types of freedoms in life, such as the ones I mentioned above, and even China has many personal and social freedoms that the US does not, yet all the US media does is focus on this one trivial example that doesn't even matter. Demonstrating against government doesn't accomplish anything, and what's more, most people are not involved in public protests, so this freedom is a moot point. There are many freedoms far more important, and I'm sure you can think of many yourself.

Americans have a weird and false notion of what freedom is. What the American collective hive deems as freedom is:

- Freedom to vote in a democracy.
- Freedom to own guns.
- Freedom to work.
- Freedom to protest against government and criticize it.

But in reality, freedom in its true basic definition means:

- Freedom to do what you love and what you want without hindrance or obstacle.
- Freedom to be yourself and feel comfortable about it.

Sorry but America just doesn't provide this true definition of freedom, unless your whole life is all about having a career and being a workaholic. Simply put, if you can't do what you want or love, and can't be yourself, then you are not free, even if you are rich and have a good job and claim to be free and you vote in every election. Americans never have any real evidence of why America is freer than other countries, yet they mindlessly brag about being the only free country left in the world without basis, as if they were under some strange cult-like brainwashing. 

10. America does NOT FEEL FREE for some reason. Deep down many people do not actually feel free in America, and will admit it if asked. If you are aware or sensitive or spiritually attuned, you might have noticed that while you may think that you are free in America, you do not really feel free. And you may have wondered why. As the Truther Michael Tsarion said: "You can say you are free in America, but you cannot act like you are free." The reason is because American society controls your consciousness and mind constantly, unlike in most other countries, especially third world and second world countries. In America, you are deemed a slave only, and not allowed to have genuine freespirited fun, or social connection, or flirtation with the opposite sex. That's why you FEEL like a slave in America, even though you are told you are free. Words and actions surely conflict in America, revealing that everything is a hypocisy.

11. I know many expats abroad who will tell you that they feel way FREER there than in America, for the reasons above and more. Specifically, the expats in Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The media never tells you about it though, not even the alternative media. It's not just because the girls in SE Asia are nicer and treat men better, and the cost of living is cheaper and life is slower paced, but also because there's this positive relaxed soothing feeling where no one judges you, condemns you, or requires you to be something you are not. It's very liberating to western males, and priceless too, it's something you have to experience to understand, because it can't be put into words. See these photos of me in Angeles City, Philippines, below and maybe you can sense what I mean.

Below: Me in Angeles City, Philippines, where I'm allowed to be myself and flirt and connect with girls in a positive happy environment. Notice that these girls' smiles are genuine, not forced like in America. Seem more photos of me in the Philippines and Russia here.

See what I mean? Overall, it's a POSITIVE vibe that makes you FEEL GOOD about yourself. Many expats tell me that when they wake up everyday in SE Asia, they actually FEEL GOOD and LOOK FORWARD to their day. I experienced this when I lived in the Philippines so I can attest it too. This is something you never really feel in America, because American culture constantly makes you feel insecure, unworthy and stressed, like you are never good enough, and always have to "prove yourself" and work on your "self-esteem" because America is always trying to bring down your mental health and self-esteem. It's so toxic. In fact, Americans constantly tell you that you have to "love yourself" which other countries don't do, because no one will love you for you in America, so you gotta learn to "love yourself" which is ridiculous, because loving yourself will not ease your loneliness or fulfill your need for social connection or camaraderie or love or romance. Duh. It's a useless lame notion, like trying to kiss yourself, which is impossible and unnatural. So you see, America constantly feeds you nothing but BS, and endless self-improvement which never lasts, when the true solution is to just go abroad to a friendlier, healthier, saner and yes FREER country.

But none of this never gets publicized. And it's hard to get most expats to do an interview about all this, because most of them are concerned with privacy and don't want their pics or videos online, so I can't easily find many expats to interview. But some will though, you can find them in at VFW's and bars in Angeles City, or you can find them if you browse my site and forum at Happier Abroad.

Below: Typical expat life in the Philippines.


12. America was infiltrated and hijacked long ago by Communists and Globalists and long before that the Illuminati/Jacobin doctrines. What the Patriots and Trump Supporters wrongly assume is that up to now, America was a free country, and that if the 2020 Election gets stolen, then "America will no longer be a free country" as they say. But that presumes that America was a free country before the 2020 Election. Any aware person knows that's not true. In fact, America hasn't been a free country for a long time. There was never a golden age where America was free of corruption and everyone was clean and honest. No way. Of course, comparatively speaking the America of the 1950's had more freedom than now and less corruption. No one denies that. 

However, America was infiltrated from its inception. Anyone who studies the conspiracy history of the world, knows that long ago in the days of George Washington, it was known by insiders that the doctrines of the Bavarian Illuminati had infiltrated the American government. George Washington even mentioned it in his letters. So America was never truly free, as people assume. Then the globalists and their secret societies (CFR Council on Foreign Relations) took hold, and eventually Communism crept in too. 

So Senator Joseph McCarthy, who is vilified in American history, was right all along when he warned in the 1950's about the Communist infiltration of American government. The John Birch Society has a lot of great lectures and material about all this, and so does G. Edward Griffin. For more info, see the groundbreaking book None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Fire in the Minds of Men by James H. Billington, Chief Librarian of the Library of Congress. And listen to the Myron Fagan speech of 1967 which outlines everything accurately with names, dates and events. 

13. Finally of course, as we all know from the 2020 Presidential Election, it's now easy to rig a democratic election with fake votes, computer software hacking, mail-in ballot frauds, etc. So much mountains of evidence has been presented for this from the Trump Legal Team, Attorney Sidney Powell, experts and statisticians, and many whistleblowers who signed affidavits. So the voting process is not even clean or honest anymore. However, even if the elction was fair and honest, I don't agree that being able to vote is what makes you free anyway, for the reasons I explained above. But I just had to mention this too. 

Plus we all know by now that most elections are just a farce and puppet show, because both candidates represent the same big monopoly interests, and thus nothing gets changed regardless of who gets elected. Once in a while, you have a man like Donald Trump who is a game changer, but they don't last long because the system, cabal and mafia that run America go against them and persecute them and eventually oust them one way or another.


In summary, America is NOT a free country, and in fact has LESS freedom than many foreign countries (though not all) because:

1) Cost of living is way too high, forcing people to work more for less. Everything costs and arm and a leg. This forces most people to become workaholics and slaves to their jobs, thus making them economic slaves. Thus you get less leisure time in America than you do for other countries, except maybe NE Asia. Less free time and more economic enslavement obviously means LESS freedom of course. Adjusted for inflation, Americans are working more now than ever before and earning less. The living standard has gone down by all measures. The system does nothing about this.

2) You are not free to socially connect with others or even to talk to strangers naturally. You are expected to keep to yourself and mind your own business, lest people think you are a creep or criminal. You are to treat social isolation as if it were normal, when it is not. Humans were made for social connection, not isolation. America does not honor that or care. As one person said "America is built for business, not for social well being."

3) You are not free to flirt with women and girls like you are in many other countries (Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Philippines, Thailand, etc). Since the early 1990's flirtation has become a taboo in America, and considered creepy, inappropriate and trangressory. Yet people have flirted for thousands of years, and even animals and insects in nature flirt with the opposite sex. It's always been part of the courting process and is natural and normal. Only America and NE Asian cultures deny that (while most other cultures still accept that). 

Also, third wave feminism in America has socially engineered women to HATE men, which is evil and destructive, because men and women were meant to COMPLEMENT each other, not hate each other or become enemies. That is one of the most evil things you can do to the human race, to socially engineer women to hate men, and vice versa with the MGTOW (men going their own way) movements. Therefore, America is terrible for dating. It's unfriendly, toxic, and isolating, lacking any human connection at all. You are not allowed to go out and meet women or even flirt. Yet you aren't supposed to complain about any of this, you are expected to pretend it's all normal, lest you be seen as a freak or weirdo.

4) You are not allowed to be yourself if you thrive on social connection and are flirtatious and freespirited. You are expected to be fake and pretend to be positive all the time, conform to political correctness, act like isolation is normal, pretend that being a workaholic and living to work and make money is normal and natural, etc. And you are not allowed to question any of that. In addition, your self-esteem is always undermined, so that you always feel insecure and unloved (hence the American New Age term "you must learn to love yourself" because no one else will love you) which you don't in most other countries. So you constantly feel like crap and insecure, which results in social anxiety and shyness and awkwardness. Yet the blame is always on you, you are told you have Aspergers or that you have social anxiety or low self-esteem, or you are socially awkward and lack social skills and confidence, etc. All of which, even if partially true, are useless and do nothing but bring you down, and most importantly, become much LESS of an issue once you move to friendlier less judgmental countries like Philippines or Brazil.

I'm sorry, but all those things above are very IMPORTANT to me, though the US media never discusses them, not even the alternative media does. Without them, America is the most UNFREE country to me. And as I said earlier, freedom is the ability to do what you want and love without hindrance or obstacle. That's the TRUE definition of freedom, not the freedom to vote or protest against government, which is all Americans seem to know and talk about. So I definitely don't agree with Truthers, Patriots and Trump Supporters that America is "the last bastion of freedom", even before the 2020 Election. No way jose. I hope I've explained why and I hope you consider my points.

In a nutshell, in America you are a suppressed slave and feel like one too. You are only allowed to work and live for your job, with no social or romantic freedoms. No freedom to connect with others, talk to strangers, or make friends. No freedom to flirt with the opposite sex. No freedom to be yourself and speak freely without regard for political correctness. All you're allowed to do is work and consume and ignore others. The culture is also toxic and overly competitive. And the media constantly keeps you in fear too of course, which creates negative vibes when people on a mass scale live in fear and vibrate that. 

You aren't allowed to complain about all this though, you are expected to accept it and see it as normal. No one cares about your social well being. Everything is all business. It's a very negative and soulless existence, one which easily causes depression and mental illness. Not surprisingly, a high percentage of Americans have had to resort to using antidepressants. If you have a real soul you will suffer under all this, especially if you have a sensitive soul. And unless your friends are open minded and understanding, they won't want to hear about it. Instead, they will blame you because you are supposed to pretend everything is great and never talk about any of this.

No thank you. Not my cup of tea.  It seems NE Asia is like this too (e.g. Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore) so I guess that's not my cup of tea either. There are far better cultures where all these things are the exact opposite. I know this for a fact because I've experienced it and lived it for many years, so I want to tell you about it and give you the good news gospel about it, if you too feel the same way I do that is. No one else, or very few people, are bringing these things to light. So if you've found this article, consider yourself lucky and blessed. Very few people will get to hear about all this or learn about it, because it's so taboo to talk about. Who knows. Perhaps God or higher forces above are using me as a vehicle to deliver the good news of Happier Abroad to those in need.

Thanks for reading. To learn more about how you will experience more personal and social freedom abroad, as well as much better social connection and dating and mental health/self-esteem, visit my website and forum at Happier Abroad. Please visit our Forum if you wish to discuss these topics with others of like mind. Thanks for reading.

Btw, one more thing. Check out these photos of me singing in Angeles City, Philippines at a bar. Notice that I look vibrant and comfortable in my own skin in a happy positive environment, which I can never do in America or Taiwan, where you are always in a state of fear and everything is controlled and you never feel free, even though you are told you are free. Doesn't this speak volumes? 


  1. There's more than a grain of truth there. But Ok...A lot of those pictures, (groups of girls) were taken in bars where the staff might be inclined to be super friendly anyway. That is essentially their job being there. Being hospitable to guests, so that they stay and purchase product/drinks etc. local and foreign. If i were to go to Hooters in the US i could probably get a bunch of girls together as well for a fun pic even though their role is slightly different. The pic with the Russian girl shows a younger Winston. If he were to go back there today, naturally with age there's more resistance and would experience far less success approaching females in most countries Everything is relative; there's also the simple curiosity factor. I wish i could get the girlfriend i had when i was 30. Not possible.


  2. There are various videos on Youtube where former North Koreans who made it up to South Korea by risking their life are talking openly about while life is much better in South Korea but always they mention that this personal feeling of isolation in South Korea did not exist while they were still living and suffering in North Korea. Whenever there was an opportunity they were 'talking' to each other and did never feel 'lonely'...

    Northern people describe themselves - excluding politics of course' - as 'talkative' 'helpful to each other' during their daily life and mention that such communication does not exist in South Korea. - South Koreans are 'not helpful to each other' 'merely do not look at other people' 'barely even know their neighbors' 'are greedy and unwilling to share anything with others' etc.

  3. Dude, just because you are a sex tourist and a total looser and can't get laid in America doesn’t mean America is not the last bastion of freedom. I've lived and worked around immigrants for many years and what you are saying is totally not true. I lived in southern California for over two years with Mexican immigrants, and immigrants from Honduras and El Salvador some here legally and illegally, learned the language, and traveled many times to Mexico and what you are saying is a total lie. Cross the border into Mexico with a firearm and you wind up in prison. Cops shake you down for absolutely no reason for bribe money. Go to any of the several wrong places accidentally and you wind up dead like that family from America shot to shit by the cartel. I'm not saying that America is perfect, but it is by far the best place in the world or else there wouldn't be so many people from around the world risking everything to get here, and even more people here complaining about America, but still won't leave. It's a free country, you don't like it, leave. I agree with some of the things you say about the corruption of the government, but the rest, there is something totally wrong about it. I have no problem at all interacting with other people, even total strangers come up to me everywhere and start conversations. But, your emphasis on wanting to be "flirtatious" a lot and your words and pictures make you seem to come off as totally creepy. There are times and places for everything and maybe you are just not doing it right. There are plenty of karaoke bars in the US where anyone can get up and make a fool of themselves, that's just part of the fun, but if your own insecurities about yourself make you feel less "free" in America, that is a personal problem, not a problem with America.


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