Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What My New Geek Toy Tells Us About Happier Abroad

Xiongmao here.

I quit my job to go and see if I was actually Happier Abroad.  Well that's a long story, but when I went abroad I didn't forget any of my geek skills.

I've just built a new keyword research tool, so I thought I'd see what it could find out about Happier Abroad.

You can read the report for yourself here.
And if you want to try my tool yourself, then here's how to get started.

What does the tool do? Basically it retrieves the top X* number of search engine results for a particular keyword, puts all of the pages' HTML into a big melting pot, and extracts the most used words. This can be a great way to find important keywords in a particular niche.

*X is configurable.

So what did it find for the keyword Happier Abroad?

First up, the most common word relating to Happier Abroad is women, and that's followed in the #2 spot by dating.

So are women the #1 reason people go and live in other countries?

Let's look at some other themes I picked out of Happier Abroad-related keywords:

  • America: The good old US of A figures quite high up in the keywords report. I guess this is the most popular country in terms of people wanting to emigrate from it these days.
  • Russia and Ukraine: Apart from the USA, these are the most mentioned countries in the report.
  • Honourable mentions also go to the Philippines, Australia, Thailand and China. But they're quite far down the keyword popularity scale. Given how many Happier Abroaders go to these countries compared to Russia, I wonder if Winston is promoting Russian dating sites when he should be plugging Asian dating sites?
  • Kindle: This e-book related word features very highly. I wonder if Winston is writing Kindle books? If not then maybe he should be!
Further down the keyword hierarchy, things turn into the mass of different topics that the forum seems to cover, i.e. everything from politics, lunatics, science, immigration, food and loneliness.

And of course there are Winston's pet subjects, such as dogs, Taiwan, 12 reasons for this, and 7 changes of that.

I'm not sure where vegetarianism fits in with things though.

My tool also finds images related to keywords. Images in the Happier Abroad report include Winston with some cute ladies, some passports, a robot and many sexy beautiful foreign women.

The Forum report flopped hard, but maybe because Winston can't be bothered to SEO up his phpBB so my Forum Directory's data feed can't properly catalog the Happier Abroad forum . Still, I'm not bothered as I like the forum  look and feel exactly as it is.

I wonder if Winston will travel abroad this year? If he needs to increase the monetization of his sites in order to pay for flights, then maybe he needs to look at promoting phone cards, beefing up the content on expat living and getting into the travel dating niche.

Well I hope you found that some food for thought.

If you want to try the Niche Laboratory for yourself then download it at

I'll also take any suggestions for what to add to version 2.0 of Niche Laboratory - leave suggestions in the comments box below.