Wednesday, January 22, 2014

12 Reasons Not To Get A Dog: Why They're Not Worth The Trouble

I don't understand something. Why do people, especially white Americans, need to have pets in their home, especially dogs? They are so much trouble, burden and responsibility, yet provide no practical value or benefit. So why do so many people seem to need them? Why are they so common? Why do so many people get them without thinking or weighing the pros and cons? As we all know, dogs are an icon of the typical American family home. This is exemplified in TV shows too, where every ideal American family has at least one family dog.

Now don't get me wrong. I love animals too. I'm a vegetarian after all. But that doesn't mean I want one sharing my living space, especially my bed. That's weird. I don't feel that animals and humans are meant to live together under the same roof. Animals are for watching in a zoo or in the wild, not for sharing your living space. Come on now. Isn't it kind of strange to have an animal running freely in your home, which could potentially harm you or others in your home (even if by accident), cause damage to your furniture and carpet, and also make you do more house cleaning as well? That's crazy.

So why do people get dogs as if they were some normal thing that everyone gets? Weird. People don't make sense! Americans don't seem to mind all the trouble and are addicted to pets, as if they need them for some reason. But in Asia, people aren't as big on pets, and if they have them, they usually keep them outside, because their standards of cleanliness in the house are very high.

Here is a list of factual drawbacks to getting a dog, which are valid reasons NOT to get them: (apologies to any dog lovers here)

  1. You constantly have to buy food for it, so there's an added cost to your budget. Though dog food is cheap, if you want your dog to eat well, you have to pay more for fresh food, even in a can.
  2. The veterinarian bills must be expensive. Also if your dog gets sick, it's an emotional burden on you as well.
  3. If the dog poops or pees on your floor, you have to clean up after it. Stains in your carpet and furniture will be common. Americans don't seem to mind this, but Asian families will not tolerate this at all.
  4. Pets in the house result in fur everywhere, on the carpet, furniture and even bed. Ick. How do Americans tolerate this? Every Asian I know can't stand that and are clean freaks.
  5. Dogs are very needy and dependent and need constant love and attention. They could emotionally drain you. Cats are easier and less trouble and not as needy.
  6. A dog usually wants to share your bed, which means there is less room in it for you (and your partner) in it. Also, if you come to bed later than your partner does, the dog may already be lying in your space, so that you can't even snuggle next to your partner. And it also means that its fur and smell will get on your bed too. How come Americans don't mind that? Asians would never think to let that happen.
  7. If you are with a woman and her dog is there, and you hug her or kiss her, her dog may think you are attacking her and bite you or attack you, or do it out of jealously. Would you want that? Geez. Why the unnecessary trouble? That's so stupid! Who would want that?! Also, if you are having sex or making out in your bed, and the dog is there, it will get aroused and make noise and try to join in the action by humping one of you. That's very distracting if you are trying to make love or have sex. Why wouldn't you want that? That's crazy.
  8. A dog jumping up on you or into your lap puts you and any others around at risk for injury or bruises. This is especially the case if you have babies and toddlers around, who are more fragile. A cat with claws may accidentally scratch you, and there's also the risk that its claws could hit your face or eyes too. A cat will also scratch at furniture. Even the Garfield cartoon portrays this.
  9. A dog is noisy and barks a lot, sometimes for no reason or for things you can't see. If you are a writer or artist and sensitive to sound, this will not be good for you. It will be very distracting to your deep train of thought.
  10. Dogs can also be hostile to your guests and neighbors, and frighten children. Little kids or young females who visit are easily frightened by hostile animals or barking dogs. Why would you want to do that to them?! Geez. Why would you want a hostile dog barking at your guests? That's not good. So why put up with that, especially when there's no benefit in it? It doesn't make sense! People don't make sense!
  11. When your pet passes away, you will suffer emotionally and endure grief and sadness. Why would you want to go through that? Why create unnecessary attachments that will result in sorrow? Why is that necessary?
  12. Dogs and pets tie you down and obstruct a lifestyle of traveling. When you go away on vacation, you gotta worry about who's going to feed your pet and watch over it. So you gotta burden someone with the trouble, or else you have to put it in one of those pet kennels where someone babysits your pet along with many others. Such places put your pet at risk for catching diseases from the other pets there too. So if you want to be free with less burden/attachments, not more, then obviously pets aren't for you. Being responsible for a pet means LESS freedom. But even if you travel with a dog, most restaurants, stores, hotels and indoor public places will NOT allow you to take it in. But if you leave your dog in the car, even with the window down, the summer heat can be deadly to it, so you can't do that if it's too hot. This puts you between a rock and a hard place. The only restaurants you can eat at are the ones that have outdoor seating. Stores don't allow dogs, unless they are zipped up in a dog stroller. And national parks also do not allow them on trails, only on overlooks. So bringing a dog with you on your travels causes many inconveniences and obstructions. In addition, pet experts will tell you that dogs do not like travel, but prefer stable environments. So constant travel would not be good for a dog psychologically.

So with 12 factual drawbacks to getting a dog, and no tangible benefit or gain, why are they so common then? It's so weird and illogical. Something tells me that the reasons must be mostly emotional, not logical.

Besides, isn't it kind of strange to have an animal running freely in your home, which could potentially harm you or others in your home (even if by accident), cause damage to your furniture and carpet, and also make you do more house cleaning as well? That's crazy. So why are they so common? Why do so many people get a dog like it's some normal thing to do without thinking or weighing the pros and cons?

I mean, if you need something to love you back, why don't you get it from humans, your kids, friends or lovers? Why a pet? If you are lonely, you can call your friend or Skype with them. Or find a new penpal or chatmate online. Or go out and make new friends. Why do you need a pet and put up with all the many drawbacks above? A pet can't hold intelligent meaningful conversations with you either.

If you need security in your home, you can get a strong lock on your door, or install a security system, or get a gun or tazer. You don't need a dog, and put up with all the trouble above. Come on now. Besides, danger to the home is exaggerated, especially in the USA which is relatively safe. I've never had anyone try to break into my home. So why live in unnecessary fear?

Aren't dogs considered ugly anyway? I mean, when guys refer to an ugly girl, they call her a "dog", not a "cat". Doesn't that indicate that dogs are physically unappealing? So why would people need them if they're not even attractive?

So why do so many people need pets? Especially dogs? Overall, they are a ton of trouble and burden, with many drawbacks, and no tangible benefits or usefulness. So why are they so common? People are weird and don't make sense.

And how come white Americans don't mind animals and humans sharing the same living space, especially sleeping space, but Asians do? Why do white Americans people not care about getting their home all dirty with fur?

Wouldn't it suck if you were dating someone and got serious, and found out that your partner is the type that needs a pet or a dog? That would suck. You could eventually break up over it.

I don't get some people's incessant need to have a pet or dog and go through all the UNNECESSARY trouble outlined above. It doesn't make sense. What do you think?

If you are a dog or pet lover, it'd be interesting to hear your feedback on the above too.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

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