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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Why people leave America

To the average American, on the surface, this ebook and my site might seem like a strange farce. I mean, you are taught that America is a shining beacon of freedom, prosperity and opportunity where everyone wants to come to. So how could there be an ebook like this? It goes against everything you’ve been taught.

Well the reality is, as they say, money isn’t everything. There are simply other factors that matter to people’s lives – quality of life, peace, leisure time, interpersonal relationships, feeling of worth, the need to have meaning in one’s life, culture, sex, quality relationships with women, sense of belonging, etc. America may be great In some things – large degree of freedom, money making opportunities that reward hard work, religious freedom, etc. - but it doesn’t have it all. America isn’t at the highest in every category that matters to people. In some categories it ranks quite low in fact – e.g. culture, socializing, community connectedness, free-spirited fun, women, dating, sex life, deep relationships, etc.

Thus, for those who strongly care about the factors that America ranks low in, there will be an inevitable disappointment and/or dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is logical to expect that some people will go abroad to areas where those factors which are important to them rank higher in their favor in comparison to the US.

And with certain things getting worse in America - less friendliness among people/communities, relationships becoming more superficial, increasing paranoia, disconnectedness, overindulgence in the consumer lifestyle leading to poor health, stress/overwork, increasing mental health problems, unpopular foreign policy, the “War on Terror” propaganda that the media is incessantly trying to brainwash you with, etc. – those seeking happiness and fulfillment abroad are increasing, albeit still unreported by the US media (for obvious reasons).

As mentioned in the introduction, according to Getting Out: Your Guide To Leaving America, approx 300,000 Americans move abroad each year and around a million go overseas for extended trips.

As far as I know, here are the reasons why Americans live overseas. Here in the Philippines, I see the following patterns with the expats here. First, they tend to be male old retirees in their 40’s and 50’s. Of course, there are some female expats, but they are far fewer in comparison to male expats. Second, they tend to be overweight, balding, and come in a variety of erratic or crazy personalities. Some are nice, but others are assholes who like to get drunk and treat women like sh**. I’ve also noticed a high number of military retirees here who live on pensions. I would guess that it’s because during their careers, they’ve traveled to different countries and so were better informed about benefits and advantages of living or retiring overseas.

They come here to third world countries like the Philippines for two primary benefits:

1) The cheaper prices and cost of living increases their money and purchasing power multiple-fold, and

2) The everlasting constant supply of young single attractive beautiful women available to them for love, dating, marriage, companionship, or just plain sex.

Those are two BIGGIES to men of course. And I believe that if more dissatisfied men in America were fully aware of these benefits, expatriation among them would skyrocket.

Take for instance this blunt summary by this expat in the Ukraine of his life there vs. in the USA, whose letter was forwarded to me by a mutual friend of ours:


I have Erra clean the home for me..spotless it is....then Katya comes by and she assist in cooking "Erra also has a degree form a tech school in home economics" The I have Olga..who comes by to help Olga is my friend she is 19 and works at a local store...If all else dont work I have many a neighbors ready to assist ole Si...I feel like a king here...I havent cleaned my home for at least 6 months...nor have I done my laundry, pulled weeds, mowed grass, jarred foods, picked fruits "I had over 150lbs of grapes mine you" my beautiful, lovely women do it all for me....I am a little king in so called poor Ukraine. I live on 400 USD a month "total poverty level USA" But I have hot water, good foods, 3 homes paid for cash" I get massages near daily by a lovely lady,sex on demand, foods cooked for me restaurant style..and I drink and am merry during the holiday..Never lonely "a friend-women is a phone call away"...and people ask me why I have not returned to the USA...aWell let me explain my life if I returned there..lets compare. I'd be making MUCH more money...maybe 75K a year...BUT I'd be paying the bank on the home. I'd likely be lonely as friends in USA I need appointments for..Women..well I'd have to search the Yahoo personals for some gross obese fat chick...Then add she is on some type of medication or has luggage. Sex...likely masturbation...yeah id have maybe better roads, and fast food.....and would be making good money...but....I think I'll take my 400 bucks a month and be very happy here!"

And my intellectual cultural consultant put his situation and reasons like this:

“I emigrated to the US in 1978 because I was escaping from military service in a dictatorial country which was getting ready for war.

I love the US for its gov't, its business structure, it's educational opportunities and its political and religious freedoms. I love the general Anglo Saxon sense of responsibility and how efficiently and smartly things are done. I am a US citizen now and will not change that no matter what. I have repaid all debts I owed, never defaulted on student loans and am a law-abiding citizen.

But there are things that I do not like and they are of social character- racial discrimination in social interactions, how people are officially divided into Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians, etc. an how females behave, dress and treat men. I do not like the high divorce rate. I do not like how people are hyphenated- Irish-American, Italian-American etc. Even in Social Security annals, they right " foreign-born" and "American-born".
Why they need to do it is beyond me.

Also, if you are a male immigrant from a non-white/non 1st world country, you will generally not be accepted as dating material by American women. I have heard and seen it over and over again. Plus the "real" Americans will not want to associate with you for friendship either. Even if you have a tiniest trace of an accent, you will be rejected. Socially, it is very nativistic and snobbish. This is why, unlike in quite a few other countries( even China , Korea and Japan) foreign men ( even Bangladeshis) have local wives, in America you almost never see that. Even I know Germans here who have Germans wives, not American ones.

The best and most natural way of integrating into society is by marrying into it but it rarely happens to immigrant men in the US. They are just not marriage material.

Plus in the US people generally live in ethnic ghettoes and do not associate with others. I call it apartheid and I am very much against apartheids.

In the country where I grew up I was a popular guy and had dates and many friends. I became a lonely man in the US. I could not stand it and decided that I had to combine America with another country. Since I began doing that, first by going to Japan and then other countries, my loneliness disappeared. It was the right choice for me and it worked for me.

The last straw? I applied for several jobs and they would not hire me. They kept asking me about the country I was from and all that. They did not like the fact that I spoke many languages. "Why? What is your nationality?"

I also got called a "foreigner" at one job I did get, and when I protested and said I was US citizen, I was told "I mean a foreigner, not born here." That was it. I was on the next plane out. I owe it to myself to live in a friendly place where people are not so nasty.

I got an MA in TESL and began teaching.”

As you can see, many expats, when they see the difference between the life they can have overseas vs. the life at home, they see a much bigger picture, one that the US media and culture never ever acknowledges.

And of course, there are other expats, including expat couples, who live abroad because they are attracted to a certain foreign culture and their soul feels more at home there. Or because they are tired of the workaholic rampant consumerist lifestyle in America as well as the growing unpopular US foreign policy.

Some mono-nationals in the US who are judgmental and prejudiced against foreign countries might consider these expats to be losers, misfits, or freaks who take advantage of poor countries and women. But that isn’t looking at the big picture. In their minds, they are merely going to where they feel comfortable, happy, and more content. And there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, if you aren’t happy or getting what you want in one place, there’s nothing wrong with going somewhere else where you will be happier or get your heart’s desires. Why remain standing in quicksand?

Some of these expats live on incomes from pensions, social security, or residual income from businesses they have back home or that they’ve started in their new country. Others live on savings while they find work in their new country. And some who specialize in certain trades work as freelancers or contractors in their new country making a little money off the side.

In any case, each expat has a uniquely different story, but they each have in common their courage to take the plunge and go out of the American matrix, which discourages such things. And of course, average people are not able to think outside the propaganda or box that they’re instilled with. Most people are afraid to go against the grain, so these expats tend to lean toward being more unconventional.

Whatever the case, one thing is for sure, pretty much all of them are HAPPIER ABROAD! (no pun intended on the title of this ebook. Hehehe) And that’s why they STAY overseas, some for years, others for decades.

And finally, one other important pattern among them is that the longer they stay overseas, the MORE observations and opinions they acquire will be similar to the ones in the rest of this ebook! That’s because the longer you’re out of America and the more multi-national/cultural your perspective becomes, the TRUER the observations and comparisons in this ebook become to you.

So read on if you dare. And prepare to take “the red pill” (term from the movie “The Matrix”). But be warned, once you’re enlightened out of the “matrix”, you can never really go back and fit in like you were when you were a drone indoctrinated with US propaganda. So make your choice! Will you choose Truth or the path of least resistance?

Note: If you wish to discuss your reasons for going abroad or ask advice about it, feel free to do so on my new forum:

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  1. How true! You never hear how great things are in other countries, only how bad things are in other countries. We keep hearing how everybody wants to come to America and nobody wants to leave. Well that's not true but the media will never tell you that!


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