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Monday, January 28, 2008

Hot girl writes the same things about America as me

I can't believe a "hot girl" would write this too. Maybe she's my alter ego :)

From one of my email list members:

Hey Winston, thought you might be interested in this. An old friend from college sent me this - and she's a very attractive girl, for your information - and it surprised me because it sounds exactly like something I remember you writing. Just that it's from the perspective of a hot girl:

"L.A. feels pretty boring to me, but then again, i definitely do not get out much right now that i'm in school and working all the time... when i do go out though, it doesn't seem to be very social... like, people usually stay with their friends, and as girls, we're trained to think that any guy that comes up to you in a bar or club is either a) a creep, or b) desperate.... it's odd that we think that way, but it's the culture... so where are you supposed to meet people?

another reason i think people are so uninteresting here in the States, is because of the whole politically correct thing... it has a huge effect on what people will allow themselves to express, and as a result think... it's like we're too civilized or something... so people become breathing versions of their environment, American society: conventional, washed-out, literal, pedestrian, square, colorless, mundane, and uninteresting... always looking to the future, and never living in the moment.. and if you do live in the moment, you somehow feel guilty... it's so sad to see it so clearly when you come back from being abroad for a while...

Machismo is repulsive, but what's attractive is guys who are guys... and that inevitably involves some raw, uncooked, unrefined, aggressive characteristics... maybe the problem isn't that guys here aren't these things, but that women are mentally trained to be repulsed by it... and when we go to other countries, we automatically sort of drop all of our expectations about how "our men" are supposed to be (because they're not our men) and we "allow" it ... and when you guys go to other countries, the women don't have the same expectations that american women do, and you find it more liberating and interesting to be with them, like they just allow you to be guys... i don't know, all i know is that i can't wait until spring break when i can go on another vacation...

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