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Thursday, January 17, 2008

A BIG SECRET I want to share with you!

Are you tired of or dissatisfied with the following norms in modern America?

1) The anti-social isolationist lifestyle where everyone minds their own business and lives
to make money, having little interest in connecting to others.
2) The ice barrier and cold indifference of strangers all around.
3) The fake artificial social atmosphere where no one really fits in but only pretends to.
4) Working to death and going home to live in fear, isolation, and loneliness.
5) The unavailability of women you desire who think they’re too good for everyone, depriving you of quality female companionship.

And do you feel like you’re the only one, and afraid to talk about it because it’s so taboo? Well you are definitely not alone, as my site is the support network and information resource for those who feel that way. (You can read hundreds of letters from people who feel that way here:

The wonderful GOOD NEWS is you don’t have to put up with ANY of that! There are MANY overseas alternatives where all those norms are REVERSED! The US media will NEVER tell you about it, but I WILL! So the question is, are YOU ready to STOP living in fear and isolation, and experience the REAL world beyond the American matrix?

In fact, I'll share a BIG SECRET with you right now. No bull, no strings attached, no-nonsense, etc. I’m going to just tell it like it is (which is the kind of person I am, like it or not).

If you WANTED to, right now you could be

1) Traveling the world experiencing great sites and cultures, expanding yourself while learning things you never dreamed of
2) Dating and making love to beautiful gorgeous women (many or one, it's up to you), never being without attractive female companionship
3) Having soul enriching experiences that make you deeper and more multi-dimensional
4) Having the freedom to cultivate as many quality relationships and friendships as you want
5) Being in an interconnected community and public atmosphere where social interaction is completely
natural and free-flowing

for many years, without a lot of money! I've been doing it (evidenced by the pictures on this webpage) and I've seen guys in their 20's and 30's doing it. You don't have to be "financially independent" in the American sense, or old and retired with a pension either.

How, you might ask? Well the secret is simple, yet it’s not because it’s taboo in workaholic and strict countries like America (which is “built for business, not for living life” as one of my readers said) and not discussed publicly. It requires that you conquer your fear, change your beliefs and free your mind. The secret is: ALL you have to do is GO ABROAD to a country where these things come easily and naturally. There are so many countries where the cost of living is dirt cheap where you will automatically be rich by their standards and get almost everything you want and need. In fact, going abroad can be the BEST THERAPY for all your crazy weird problems in America!

You see, our culture has taught us that America is the world and that anything not possible in America is not possible anywhere. Thus, to most Americans the notion that something outside America is “better” is not only an alien concept, but “out of bounds” as well. It’s simply unthinkable. Therefore, this simple “secret” goes against what society has conditioned us to believe. The assumption is that since we are “the best” there can be nothing “better” out there beyond our borders, so there is no point in even looking beyond the matrix. Plus, it is TABOO in the US to say that leaving the country is a solution to a problem. And it is also TABOO to say that there is something wrong with the country, its culture or people, or that people are anti-social and isolationist in general. In fact, it is TABOO to say that anything outside America is better. Even if it's true, it's still TABOO to mention it. You aren't supposed to think like that. That's why almost no one ever says it, even if they feel it! But as for me, I could care less about what's taboo, as I'm all about the truth, not about living in fear of taboos, especially when my happiness, fulfillment and freedom are at stake.

Breaking this "taboo barrier" is what makes this simple secret so difficult. But it can be done, if you really WANT to!

The first step is to STOP believing certain false things that are taken as Gospel truth in this country. You gotta STOP buying the bullshit propaganda of corporate America that you have to be a workaholic for money until you're retired, old, over-the-hill and need viagra, in order to be free and do what you want. Detach from it. It is absolutely NOT true! Don't waste the best years of your life buying into it, never experiencing all the joys, pleasures, and wonders that the real world out there can give you! And you’ve got to STOP assuming that America is “the world” and that everything outside of it is bad, terrible and dangerous, which is yet another totally BS propaganda perpetuated by the US media and mass paranoia of the population. Also, you’ve got to STOP the inclination to do what society expects of you rather than what you REALLY want to do.

You’ve got to FREE yourself of all that! To put it simply, you've got to FREE your mind first! I know that's easier said than done, but if you REALLY want to do it, YOU CAN!

I know that it’s not easy disassociating from the deeply ingrained beliefs that your family, society, educational establishments, media and peers instilled into you. And it's not easy to think or pursue a way of life that is taboo in your country either, but hey, your happiness is at stake here, and if you are not happy conforming to the US matrix, then you've got to do something about it.

But once you do and see the light, you’ll be glad you did. Once you taste the reward of TRUE FREEDOM, you’ll never want to go back to being an automaton. To walk this path of the freespirit, you’ve also got to STOP believing that the primary purpose of life is to work and make money, and instead, like the Europeans, believe that the meaning of life is to have RICH EXPERIENCES! That’s what will motivate you and give you the strength to make the necessary changes.

YES! There is a REAL solution to the isolation, loneliness, stress, datelessness, sexlessness, and meaningless life in America that WORKS! But America will NEVER tell you about it, because the solution is TABOO! You will only hear about it from people like me. But it really works, is life-changing and opens your eyes to a whole new world! So you’ve got to decide whether you want to waste your time living in fear of American societal taboos, or living a rich, fulfilling, meaningful happy life where your needs and wants are met. If you’re willing to choose the latter, this site will guide and inspire you to do so.

The most important discovery I’ve made during my travels is this:

Beyond North America, the social atmosphere is INFINITELY more natural and free flowing (in most places at least) and I am NEVER without attractive female companionship.

For a breathtaking quick visual glimpse of what I’m talking about, see this collage and the ones that follow: (As you can see from the collage, my dating life SKYROCKETED from ZERO to INFINITY upon leaving the USA Matrix)

Many people already know about this, but since it’s a taboo subject, it’s not discussed publicly.

Remember, the US media hides everything positive and exciting about the foreign world from you, misdirecting it with bad news instead, to keep you an ignorant busybee drone whose sole function is to make money and consume! But as in Plato’s Cave Analogy where the tribe of cave dwellers sit in a candle-lit cave watching the shadows on the wall while one of them ascends to the surface into the world of daylight, you’ve got to do the same, breaking from the flock that keeps you in fear and isolation as well, to live the life you want.

But of course, if you are happy in America, have a great love life (or don’t need one) and truly believe that the primary purpose in life is to use up most of your life making money so that you can live comfortably in your old age, then this ebook and website isn’t for you. Otherwise, continue on. I don’t think though, that most Americans are completely happy or fulfilled. They simply conform, or pretend to be.

Anyway, the secret is to just GO out there and DO IT! STOP making excuses! It's not hard unless you THINK it is. It's not truly difficult unless you sit there and think with the brainwashed conditioned mindset that you have to first amass tons of money, pay off all your debts and mortgages, and retire with a big cash flow. Most people are never going to reach that stage. They may try their whole lives, and then end up in regret over it. If you think like that, you'll probably never make it abroad to true freedom, or if you do, it'll be when you are over the hill. The lies and propaganda that you were fed with are what make it hard. But if you go out there and DO it, then it's easy, as well as fun, exciting and rewarding!

I promise, if you go out there and do what you believe in, things will fall into place. An invisible hand and unseen higher order will work out the practical areas and money issues. It's a win-win situation where you can get your heart and soul's desires. You see, when you do what you are meant to do or go where you are meant to go, the universe will provide for your needs. It’s similar to the Christian teaching that when you do the Lord’s bidding, he will take care of you and provide for your needs like a loving father does.

Sound too good to be true? Well it only is if you just sit there and think about it, making up problems and excuses. But if you actually go out there and DO it, then it’s not too good to be true anymore, it becomes a REALITY!

I know what you're thinking, you need money to live and travel right? Sure. But there are many ways to live frugally and cheaply. The info is out there in books (e.g. “(country name) on a shoestring”) and online.

And if you ever need to earn more money to continue living your dreams abroad (and you are not retired with assets, pensions or social security), you can just get a job in the country you love. It's a lot easier than you think if you are already IN that country. But you have to GO there first, not try to get it in advance. Most overseas jobs are NOT advertised online, and the ones that are, are hard to get, so don't bank on them (unless you have very special qualifications that they need), as they are a low bet. If you just GO there, start asking around and networking, you will get important leads that open doors to a variety of good jobs for you, even if you don't speak their language. There are PLENTY of overseas jobs for Americans, some even by US corporations based abroad or are outsourcing. Depending on the country and circumstances, some are well-paying, others just pay enough for you to get by (but isn't it more important to be happy than rich?).

Another option is to cultivate some kind of residual income online like I do, which is even better as it would give you a lot more freedom in your schedule and location. There are now so many ways of doing so. You don't have to be a computer wiz or techie geek either. For an overview, see this page (off-site):

You can then continue living a life of freedom, fantasy, love, beauty, stimulation, cultural richness, connectedness, expression and passion that you couldn't in the US. Always remember the motto "Where there's a will, there's a way."

Sure you'll have to be prepared to make sacrifices. But that's life – a series of tradeoffs. If the rewards are worth it, that's what counts. I know it’s easy to get yourself in a comfort zone where you are afraid of change, even if it means living in misery. But remember, you regret more what you didn’t do than what you did do. If you can find the courage and will to sell that house, end that apartment lease, or quit that boring job (you can always get another one overseas, even with an American company), and stop making excuses, you can be truly FREE and not have a “stone around your neck” any longer, you will be glad you did. Sure, I know you may have debts, obligations, and responsibilities. But you can choose to be a slave to them, or be free of them. You can choose to live in fear, or follow your dreams, passion and bliss.

And no, you don’t have to save up a million dollars first, that’s an illusion designed to keep you working and in fear. Between five and ten thousand will do as a jump start. The rewards and benefits of having TRUE FREEDOM, not just of location but of mind too, are more than worth it.

Ask yourself these questions:

What would you rather do, make lots of money while living a stressful workaholic life in isolation and loneliness with nothing to enrich your soul or inner self, just to conform with the rest of the drones? Or live freely in pleasure, fantasyland (well the closest thing to it), experiencing new sites and wonders, gaining cultural and personal enrichment, never having to be without beautiful attractive company of the opposite sex (unless you want to), no longer a slave to the corporate mindset, your life filled with rich colors compared to the drab dreary colorless life of a corporate drone, and be able to look back and say "I'm so glad to be free of the workaholic life of slavery to money and not a drone anymore! If only I had known what I know now sooner!"

Would you rather have YOUR LIFE be like a beautiful moving movie, filled with rich experiences and moments, like in a fantasy? Or would you prefer to WATCH a movie at home while winding down from a stressful day at work, just to mildly distract yourself while you doze off to await the same colorless routine the next day, and all the while, your neighbors all around you are shut in their homes doing their own thing ignoring you like you don't exist? I've experienced both, and I can say hands down that the former is FAR FAR BETTER.

Anyway, I hope that gives you a better perspective of the big picture of what’s available to you.

Here is a great example, in some ways greater than mine, of someone I’ve met and revere who did just that, inspiring thousands. She goes by the name of Kinga Freespirit. And unlike my suggestion above to save up between five and ten thousand dollars first, she started with only 600 dollars. Yet she and her companion ended up traveling the world for FIVE YEARS, visiting many countries and every continent except Africa. When they needed money, they found good people to help or they worked temporary jobs for cash. And that’s it! She went out there and DID IT, experiencing places, things and cultures that most of us could never dream of! When practical problems arose, she dealt with them on an as-needed basis, occasionally assisted by a higher hand. Unfortunately, she passed away recently from malaria. But her story inspired thousands to go out and live their dreams, and still does today. You can view her website, read highlights of her journey, and order copies of her impressive journal book of her five year journey (with breathtaking photos, I highly recommend it), at these links:,

I know that so far, this is all just talk and words, but it is my hope that the vast material and mountain of photos on my site which chronicles the example from my own life will inspire you to step out of the box and do it! In addition, since I am connected to real people out there who are doing all these things, I am able to offer first hand information and resources about these things to you. I hope that you will learn to trust me and my sources, for I possess a love of TRUTH and a desire to change lives and help others find happiness like I have!

And if you ever need to discuss your personal situation or get advice from others about it, feel free to participate on my discussion forum at

Now let me share with you the real world I've experienced beyond the US matrix. It will open your eyes, enlighten you to a world outside your “matrix”, help you see “the light”, and most importantly change your life!

There is a better life out there for you, and I'm one of the few Americans who will tell you about it! So if you're ready to take the "red pill" then READ ON!

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