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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Personal ads and New Age groups – US vs. Abroad

Here is one big difference that I notice between the US and abroad with regard to meeting women through personal ads and New Age groups. In the US, the ones you meet through personal ads tend to be chubby/obese, handicapped, or dysfunctional in some way, either physically or mentally. The "normal" girls and attractive ones consider it beneath them to use personal ads, as they have too many choices anyway. And even if they do use personal ads, they are highly selective and bombarded with so many responses that they barely have time to respond to even the ones they like. Either way, the odds are highly AGAINST the single male.

Why personal ads in the USA don’t usually work

One of my readers explained why personal ads in the USA are a waste of time and don’t usually work:

“Hi Winston --Ads are essentially a waste of time. your article makes good points. Loser chycks to be found there only. As a man, you will run into 4 possible things with personals:

1. a Chyck with obvious physical flaws which would explain why she needs to use the personals (e.g. fat chycks, etc). There is a caveat here: it should be noted that if physical appearance is not a factor for you, then you can meet a chyck who will fit your criteria no problem. If this be the case, then the fatter the chyck the sweeter she will be. This is the inverse of the Beauty Premium Law.

2. Chycks who are attractive to look at, but have to retreat to the personals due to some emotional problem. These chycks are so screwed up mentally they can't hold on to a man in real life. You will discover this early on when you meet the chyck, which also includes her not sexing you.

3. lesser extent: Women in the online personals who are good looking but have no intention of responding to any anyone; they just do this for the stroking and attention they get from guys who respond to their ad.

4. lesser extent: personal ads with attractive women which are totally fake; these are bogus ads placed by the administrators of the service. This is done in an effort to increase their membership / usership of their service.You can pretty much take this to the bank 'ol buddy!yours,R”

I’ve met hundreds of girls in person from the internet in America. None of them wanted to see me a second time, except for maybe two or three, but they only wanted to meet again as friends. And it was not due to any fault of my own, as I did nothing wrong. These girls had impossible standards, and couldn’t even hold an intelligent conversation. So if the problem is with me, then how come I don’t have any problems holding conversations with foreign women and meeting them more than once?

But on the other hand, outside the US, meeting women and even just new friends through personal ads and the internet in general, tends to result in quality meetings with quality interesting and attractive people. Abroad, the internet is not considered for "losers" like in the US, and even those who are popular, attractive and have fulfilling lives like to meet new people online. There is no mistaking this huge difference between meeting women online in the US vs. abroad.

Likewise, with regard to New Age/alternative spirituality/holistic groups, there is a similar pattern. In the US, those who are attracted to such groups and movements tend to be old and/or chubby, past their prime, and less attractive. Just look at the “Art Bell” folks which contain a high percentage of hicks and trailer folks. And not to be mean, but it's understandable since those who aren't very attractive tend to be forced to "look inward" and ask the deep questions about life, in order to give their lives some kind of meaning. That's simply the predicament in the non-inclusive US for them.

In contrast, in other countries you find a far more normal spectrum of people in New Age/alternative spirituality/holistic groups, which includes young attractive people too. It seems that outside the US matrix, you don't have to be unattractive, old, or excluded from "fun" to be interested in spirituality, God, and the deep questions of life, reality, and the universe. But that shouldn't be that big of a surprise since in other countries, there is not an inverse relationship between beauty and brains like there tends to be in the US. Especially in Europe, it is common for an attractive person to have a cultured intellect, worldly knowledge/understanding, and a rich inner or spiritual life. And yes that applies to attractive young females as well :)


  1. How true! Personal ads in the US are a joke. It's usually fat girls and ugly girls who use them and lets not forget single mothers, they use them as well.

  2. Are single mothers necesarily bad people? What about the young single moms who are pro-life, and had to escape physically and emotionally abusive relationships? I am an unmarried and attractive young mom. I go to college, I am not on welfare, I support my baby, and I did not rape my daughter's father up the ass for child support. I am the one that does all the hard work and asks for nothing in return. I may be a single mom, but I think someone decent and nice like me deserves to have a good husband to love and have more children with.

    -From an American Girl


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