Monday, January 28, 2008

The Seattle Freeze: Proof from Ferry Photos vs. Riga, Latvia

Here are some interesting real life photos I took to illustrate my point about the social disconnectedness in America. While I was on a ferry ride between Seattle and Bremerton, I took these pictures of passengers inside the ferry. As you can see, it's an obvious example of how disconnected and isolated Americans are in most public places (at least in the Northwest) and how they prefer to be alone and not bothered. The strong isolation mentality is well displayed here. Though the scenery outside was nice, inside the atmosphere was gloomy and anti-social. So lively and festive isn't it? (sarcastic)

Now, contrast that with these photos I took during a ferry ride in Riga, Latvia (in Eastern Europe). Even though the ride was in the late afternoon, people still knew how to party and dance. Here you see a mini-disco lounge on board the ferry being enjoyed by the passengers even on this short routine ride! See what I mean?!

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