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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Marrying A Filipina? Here Are Three Things To Watch Out For!

These are some tips about marrying a Filipina lady from a Filipino guy that I know. Some very interesting insights that you need to know if you are headed this direction with a women from the Philippines.

It's not a big surprise that many Americans today prefer to abandon ship when it comes to love and swim over to the other side of the world in search of their elusive soulmate. The relatively toxic culture of the West when it comes to marriage and commitment is an open secret, hence the collective eyes of its men are all turning to Eastern countries, one of which is the Philippines.

The Philippines is a relatively poor nation, but assuming you're not planning on finding economic opportunities there, they have a lot to offer when it comes to women. Marrying a Filipina is a joy that needs to be experienced firsthand, but some men get blinded by the euphoria and fail to see the negative aspects of the wedded life. Here is a list of three cultural norms that may make you hesitate when it comes to tying the knot.

Intrusive family members – in the States, everyone's expected to pack it up and move out of the house when they reach 18. Not so in the Philippines. It's relatively common for people to live in their family home up until they're ready to leave, which may never be. Parents also remain in close contact with their children even after they've started their own families. While you may be able to get a private abode for you and your Filipina wife, you can never really get rid of her family ties, so expect lots of unexpected visits and unwelcome opinions from her extensive network of busybody relatives. This may be a good thing if you enjoy all that company, but it can prove to be a massive irritant for those who prefer to be left alone. Above all, do not make an enemy out of your wife; it's like declaring war to an entire tribe. You won't survive!

Tampo – this is a strange phenomenon that is endemic to the Philippines. Tampo is a local word that roughly translates to "silent treatment," and it is a weapon employed with cruel precision when a lover's quarrel breaks out between you and your beloved Filipina. Rather than engage with you in a screamfest like many scorned American women, the Filipina will use the opposite tactic: ignore you until you're literally tearing her hair out in trying to get her to say something. A typical tampo (displeasure) will last for several days, and the only way to break out of it is to apologize excessively or threaten her with something severe enough to compel an interaction (like divorce). Speaking of divorce…

No divorce – That's right. Other than the Vatican, the Philippines is the only nation on earth that does not have legalized divorce. You can get an annulment, but that usually takes a few years and will require you to prove a legitimate fault such as adultery. If you decide to marry a Filipina in her home country, you're going to be in it for life, so make sure that you don't exchange vows unless you mean every word of it.

Is marrying a Filipina all fun and games? Obviously not. There are some days when you're going to feel as if you'd rather get hitched with a Las Vegas gold-digger than spend one more minute in the house with your wife. But you know what? These cultural quirks, while frustrating, are mere quibbles when compared to the benefits: a doting spouse, a well-kept home, a nurturing mother, and a devoted partner who stands by you through the good and bad times. At the end of the day, dealing with a few snakes are worth it when it means living in paradise.

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