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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Life is a Scam – Enjoy Going Abroad While You Still Can

I'm going to tell you a secret that isn't so secret: life is a scam. If you are red pill, then you probably know that by now. But do you understand the depths of it? That is what I want you to realize. I'm not saying that life is a scam only right now, at this particular point in history. I am saying that it was always a scam. Sometimes the scam is a little better or a little worse for you, but it is always a scam. And it is specifically a scam for men.

What do I mean by that?

The system seeks to extract as much from you, a man, for as little as it can give you in return. Even for some red pillers, this can be a scary rabbit hole to go down. This system has always been in power – it is a defining part of humanity's nature. You can apply any label to it you want. Some call the system gynocentrism or feminism. Others call it statism. Some just call it society. Let me repeat: the world seeks to extract as much from men as possible for as little as it can give you in return. That is the essence of the system no matter what you call it. This has always been true and it will always be true.

You give the system your labor – it wants to pay you as little as possible.

You give the system your imagination – it wants to give you as little status and recognition as possible.

You give the system your courage – it forgets you after you have made your sacrifice

You give the system (represented by a woman in this instance) your commitment – it gives you as little sex as possible.

You give the system your children – it gives them as little of their father as possible.

This does not at all conflict with the idea that “things used to be better.” Why not? The system has at many times throughout history been forced to give a lot to men (jobs, status, sex, etc.) if it wanted to elicit anything from those men. Just because things were better for men doesn't mean that this same system was not in power. It was. It just had to fulfill its end of the bargain.

And you know what?

That this system is in power is not even necessarily the problem in itself. As long as the system gives men plenty of what they need, it works.

The problem is that things can get too unbalanced. And this is where we are now.

The same system is in power, but we have now reached a point at which the system can get by with giving men NOTHING.

Now at this point you may be thinking, “yes, but wait, when the system does that it means men drop out of the system! That means MGTOW rises.”

And you would be right. But here's the thing: the system is now able to push men out and still perpetuate itself. It is able to do this with technology. In fact, this is one of the big issues in the world today: technology will replace workers, and the economy will be automated with robots and other machines. Our fate hasn't fully been determined yet, but for now this is what it looks like to many.
The system has become so good at discarding men that most men cannot even get a scrap from its table.

A menial job - any job at all? No. A girlfriend – any girlfriend at all? No. A country, a home that he can call his own? Big NO.

Historically speaking, this You have probably heard or read that Rome collapsed in part because of feminism. Yes, and feminist leanings were responsible for the decline of many great empires and countries. But Rome did not have a system that was capable of not needing men to keep the lights (err...candles?) on. And this is precisely the problem for men now: the system doesn't “need” them.

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that because the system can discard men now that this system can go on this way ad infinitum. (Pushing men out means innovation slows and stops, and populations decline, and the social fabric tears – which long term has historically meant collapse.) But for the time being, the system has men over a barrel.

We're fucked and we know it.

I don't think this will change in our lifetime. So what to do in the meantime?

Going abroad plays into this because in many countries (undeveloped or 'third world' countries mostly) some semblance of traditional life exists. The system isn't able to push men out the same way it does in the first world. There are a number of reasons why this is so, which we won't go into here.

But here's the kicker: this is not the great option it once was.

Expatriation as a solution to this imbalanced system is declining – and steeply. Don't get me wrong, it is still far better abroad than in, say, the U.S. But it is getting worse. As countries “develop” they become more like dystopian societies of the Western world. And we don't know how bad that situation is going to get, but there's no reason to be optimistic about it.

Hope has all been extinguished and the future is over. Acceptance can bring you peace with the bigger picture, but here, right now, you still have to live your life and make choices.

If at all possible, go abroad and experience the ghost of real life before expatriation becomes entirely pointless.

Life is a scam, and the best you can do is leverage yourself into a position that is better relative to what you had before. The system is present and in power everywhere, but there are still some countries where it has to give something to men if it wants to perpetuate itself.

Go abroad while you still can.


  1. Very good topic. I've read this blog for a very long time and one of the few I read. I am all for equality for both sexes, but in the west, there's a huge imbalance and the playing field has been "unequal" for a while now. This is nothing new for the black man, whereas The West has always demanded services from black men and offered them little to nothing in return. CONservatives perpetuate this nonsense in many ways, as well as religion and other useless ideologies.

    Another favorite blogger of mine "Devil's Advocate" (who is anti-traditionalism as I am) admitted that in the old days, men had no life outside of his role of being a "provider for his family". A lot of men were stupid enough to base their entire self-worth on that. A lot of men were also stupid enough to believe they would be rewarded for that in their old age (the so-called golden years). But how has that even guaranteed, promised or let alone equal?

    CONservatives perpetuate it by saying "nobody is owed anything", which is true. But likewise, society is not owed your contributions. Especially if it isn't a two-way street. Nowadays, even liberal feminists say the same thing, that nobody is owed anything. Again, this is true. But it's also true that you do not have to play by their rules.

  2. I'd be curious as to where to go. My life has been absolutely fucking crazy - pushed out of 6 different jobs by women exactly in the way that you say in one of your previous posts. I can't believe the shit that "smart men" are having to face in these days and times. Smart white men should I say. There once was a time where I could just go out and get a job as a programmer or something, or go into the military. Even this is fucked completely fucked - what am I defending? What "world" is there to defend at this point?

    The only motivation I have, after having lived in my car for 3 years now with a STEM degree from a great university and job skills is to somehow take down the people who have brought me down where I am now, and I have no clue where to start. This world is a crazy one where we've let people believe that love is no longer unconditional, that our young men are "supposed" to be slaves to women and that this all is somehow "normal". But it's not, and we all know it. We were supposed to rule this land, we were supposed to be superior, and when we gave people opportunities out of the desires of fairness, we failed. We failed big. We didn't calculate the momentum we'd be creating for them, against us.

    What the fuck, even. Fuck.


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