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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Expatriation Ragnarok – My New Guide For Expatriating in These Dark Times

Hello everyone, Markcus McCloud here. You may know me better as Ghost from the Happier Abroad forum. I think it is evident that expatriation is harder these days, as the condition of the world continues to rapidly deteriorate. Ten years ago must seem like the good ol' days of being happier abroad. Where is there left to go that is still relatively good? How can you get started going abroad if you are starting at zero? And once abroad, how can you get what you need out of it? I talk about these things and so much more in my new guide, Expatriation Ragnarok.

The successor to Expatriation Apocalypse (2015), Expatriation Ragnarok expands on why the West is declining and collapsing, how we got into this mess and where it is leading, the ultimate economic doom that may be coming over the next few decades, and how to make the most of going abroad when things are so grim and difficult.

I have always had a focus on the 'common man' who is starting from zero or near zero. There are not enough resources for these alienated men who need help the most. Expatriation Ragnarok is the same – a guide for those who are at bottom and just want to get out of the West before it is finally too late.

I do not offer predictions and prognostications about the future. What I am doing, however, is exploring what I see as the most likely dystopian possibilities for the West and the world. We do not know the day nor the hour when the West will splinter, or when going abroad won't be feasible at all anymore. But we can look at the warning signs and see that things are heading in that direction.

The window to expatriation looks to be closing, and the world is in a worse condition than it was even just a few years ago. Get working on an escape plan before it is too late.

Expatriation Ragnarok is available here on Amazon:

Expatriation Ragnarok

Make the most of going abroad while you still can.

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