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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Happier Abroad Support Network

Do you have a book, blog, website, Youtube channel, forum, small business, or any product or service that needs promoting? Frustrated because you can't find reliable help?

It's not easy to succeed when there is so much competition and you have to fight so hard just to get a few clicks, views, and sales.

At Happier Abroad, we are building an outlet for getting what you need: clicks, views, reviews, subscriptions, sales. We call it the Happier Abroad Support Network.

The idea is to bring red pilled men together so that they can help each other. Maybe you have a book or Youtube channel that's red pill, and you can't expect any help from the mainstream. Perhaps you just realize how crappy most people are to work with.

The Happier Abroad Support Network (HASN) is our attempt to change all that and give red pilled men an outlet with which to help each other. How does it work? It's simple:

Once you are accepted for membership (it's free!) just post what you need and include the relevant details. Include what you can offer someone in return. Once someone replies to your offer, you both can work out a trade – a favor for a favor if you will. For example: you might need someone to promote your website. But someone else in the HASN needs subscriptions and likes on their Youtube channel's videos. The both of you work together, each doing what the other needs. It's essentially a bartering system for favors, and it's simple and easy.

Membership in HASN is free! We do ask that you have a product or service already out there that you need help with and are of decent character. (It wouldn't hurt to make a few posts on the Happier Abroad forum.) The HASN operates on the honor system – a trustworthy network of mutual help is the goal. (And don't worry, we do kick out those who are not trustworthy, so you don't have to worry about getting taken advantage of.)

Ready to join a trustworthy network? Here's all you have to do:

First, join the Happier Abroad forum here:

Second, make a few posts, introduce yourself. If you have a product or service, go ahead and link it in your signature and tell us about it!

Third, send a private message to Ghost, the head of the HASN. Once approved, you'll get access to our forum and become part of the network. You can send him a PM from here:

It's difficult out there without help you know you can trust. Don't go it alone and keep struggling forever. Join the HASN and let's help each other.

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