Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Finding a Good Woman on Date In Asia – Mission Impossible? Part II: Finding Your Good Woman

So you're actively avoiding the rotten apples of (DiA) and all the trouble that entails. Now you want to directly find a good girl on there. Possible? Yes. Easy? No.

When it comes to dating sites, many guys ask a lot of questions that don't need to be asked. If you have to wonder about whether or not the girl showing cleavage and displaying a tattoo in her profile photo is a potentially good catch, then the problem is lack of common sense. When thinking about writing this article, I realized how much of it is really just common sense, which appears to be sorely lacking oftentimes. Common sense needs to be reiterated here. I will keep this post short and sweet and simple.

There are really only two things you need to remember when wife-hunting. One is about you, and one is about her. I'll get to these in a moment. Consider a few things first...

You need to have principles and you need to stick to your guns. Especially with online dating with Asians, it's too easy to fall into the kid-in-a-candy-store mentality. You'll need to avoid that trap, as it will make you make bad decisions.

More and more bad women are getting on dating sites these days, and you'll have your work cut out for you separating the wheat from the chaff. Westerners have reputations for accepting sluts, single moms, bar girls, and other bad females as girlfriends and even wives. You'll have to establish yourself as being different from the stereotype.

If you don't have plans to go to her country (assuming you find a worthwhile girl) then don't bother with online dating. If you don't have plans to go abroad, it's just masturbation.

If you've never been abroad and/or know nothing about the culture of the girl, things will be more challenging. It's obvious, but cultures really do vary. Philippine culture will feel more familiar to you if you're a white guy, but Chinese culture (and girls) may seem odd or cold until you come to understand it better. Things vary a lot. Not all foreign women are created equal.

So, the two simple things you need to remember about finding a good woman online...

  1. Make sure you are actually looking for a good woman.

It's really damn obvious, but so many guys fail here. What are you really looking for? If you message single moms, bar-girls, girls showing cleavage and tattoos, etc. then you're not really looking for a good woman. You're looking for a slut. 

Her physical appearance will tell you a lot about her. Look for a wholesome, genuine, down-to-earth look. Read her profile before messaging her. What is educational and work background? Is she clearly trying to hide anything? Is her profile polite and respectful or abrasive and masculine? If she's a good girl, she'll pass the “duck test”: she'll look like a good girl and talk like a good girl. Make note of what she says about family: does she want kids? Is she clearly prioritizing family over concerns? Women are meant to be mothers – if she isn't interested in having a family, then you next her immediately. A woman not wanting children in the future is looking for something else, such as money or a green card. 

Before you start your search, KNOW what you are looking for.

  1. Be a Good Guy Yourself
Again, should be very obvious, but many guys seem to miss this. Are you a good guy yourself? Are you looking to have a family one day or to just sleep around? You might be surprised at how good Asian women are at discerning this. It's no longer the case that being a white guy will get you any girl you want. Good girls are indeed much more wary of foreigners these days because of the reputation of mongers. So if you're a tattooed bad boy type, might as well stay home, or resign yourself to sluts abroad.

When you create your profile and upload photos, put your best foot forward. Again, very obvious, but I can't count the number of times I have seen guys make shitty profiles. One liners, profiles devoid of any info, bad spelling and punctuation, unflattering photos, etc. are incredibly common. It astounds how many guys don't take the time to make a good profile on dating sites. Aside from uploading good photos of yourself (remember: light-hearted, not serious) you need to write a good profile. This will also help the good women find you, while signaling to the bad ones to back off. So what should you write in your profile? Write your intentions, some things things about yourself (hobbies, job, etc.), and what you are looking for. (And write more than one line for each thing!) When you write what you are looking for, also include what you are NOT looking for! This will serve to keep away the bad women from sending you messages and wasting your time. For example, you could mention that you are looking for a modest girl, and then include that if you see a girl's profile with photos of cleavage, tattoos, low-cut shirts, etc. that you will not message her nor will you respond to messages from her. What you write will help you weed out bad women before they even decide to drop messages in your inbox.

And that, ultimately, is all you need to know. It's easy to get stuck in the mindset of having to jump through hoops to find women if you've never left the anglo-zone. But this is foreign dating, where nice guys have a clear advantage – if they are really nice guys. And bad boys will be at a severe disadvantage finding any woman worth flying to.

That's all you need to know. Good luck gentlemen.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Finding Success at Home

By Andy

No games. No bullshit.

That's the motto of my new friends-with-benefits relationship. I know, right? How can friends-with-benefits relationships even be possible in today's gynocentric and misandric culture that has spawned MGTOW? How could I possibly go back to dating or screwing women in my own country after swearing off them and altering my perception by traveling abroad for so many years? In such a toxic dating climate, how did a recent one-night stand turn into a booty call arrangement?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Using Date In Asia to Find Good Foreign Women: Part I: Tips, Tricks, and Avoiding Bad Women

If you're new to online dating and foreign dating, can be a good place to start. I have been a member there for about two years, and I've learned a few things. For part I, I will share some tips, tricks, and advice on avoiding the scum at the bottom of the barrel. Part II will focus on directly searching for a good woman on Date in Asia.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

3 Things Chinese Culture Does That Everyone Should Do

China's culture can be frustrating at times. People push and shove instead of forming lines to wait. People spit and smoke everywhere. But Chinese culture also embraces some great ideas, ideas that every culture around the world could benefit from. Here are 3 things that Chinese culture does that every country should adopt...

Friday, September 18, 2015

Is China Freer Than The USA?


China, the land of an oppressive totalitarian government where the people are definitely not free. Or are they? While I am not a fan of the Chinese government (or any governments for that matter, since they all commit terrible acts against people) I have seen enough good stuff in China to come back after my first year there. Could China really be freer than the U.S.? Here are a few things to consider...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Attending Sporting Events in the U.S. Sucks!

By Andy

Attending sporting events, at least in the USA, has become such a mediocre experience. It has also become overpriced. I've noticed this happening during the last ten years or so. Last night I attended a baseball game, and I hadn't attended one in quite some time. Last night reaffirmed why, over the years I've been spending more of my free time doing other things like going for a long walk, taking photos of nature, and traveling. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Announcing Masculinity 2.0! Relationship guidelines for men who want to be men, and the women who love them!

The following is an excerpt from my Masculinity 2.0: The new relationship guidelines for men who want to be men, and the women who love them!


Why I wrote this book
I wrote this book because my girlfriend said I should teach a course on how to satisfy a woman!
Now, I accept the possibility that those words may have been your standard boost-your-man's-ego-in-bed pillow talk that every man (hopefully) hears at some point. However, being the literalist I am, I took her suggestion to heart and asked her to explain why she thought it would be a good idea.

"Well," she said. "You have some very common sense ideas about men and women—how they interact, and how to maximize that interaction for intimacy and enjoyment of each other sexually and in other ways—that seem to have been overlooked/lost/not emphasized, even almost purposely squashed in our society today.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Teaching English Abroad

It's the old “easy way” to expatriation: teaching English as a foreign language abroad. More people than ever have gotten into TEFL jobs since the Great Recession / Great Depression II of 2008. And yet the field still has lots of opportunity available and is still growing. And for the average Joe, TEFL is probably still the most accessible route to expatriation. It's a relatively easy way to get a job with a middle class salary (depending on the country you go to) and temporary residence.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

3 Reasons Why You Should Read Expatriation Apocalypse!

Hi everyone, Ghost here. Today's post is brought to you by a donation from Ghost. Ah, sorry, wrong script. Anyway, I'm here to plug my new book. Hmm. Too blatant. Anyway, read my book now. Ghosts need to eat too. You can find it on Amazon and Createspace:

Here's the idea: expatriation is becoming a more difficult game to play. I'm still trying to figure it all out myself, but I have figured a lot of things out. I'm very sympathetic to the plight of the young, broke, hopeless man who is stuck in Western society. That was my story, and it didn't start changing until I embraced expatriation. Expatriation Apocalypse! contains a lot of the knowledge and wisdom I've acquired since I started traveling two years ago. Here are three reasons you should read my book:

Thursday, June 11, 2015

12 Reasons Why Men Have A Better Dating and Social Life Abroad

You know, when we HAers (HappierAbroaders) spread our good news gospel that Western men and East Asian men (Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean) can have a better dating and social life overseas, we often hear the following one or two explanations from the mainstream crowd. These are cliches that attempt to invalidate our message and support their politically correct belief that people are the same everywhere:

1) You are a foreigner and have novelty appeal over a local, so they see you as a chance to practice their English and learn about your culture. Many also feel obligated to treat foreign visitors with hospitality too, so they try to be extra nice to foreigners so that they will have a good impression of their country. (e.g. white people in China and Taiwan usually get extra hospitality from locals)

2) They perceive some potential benefit from knowing you. If they are from a less developed country, they think you are rich and so your money gives you social value. Or they may be hoping to get a visa or green card to America or a more developed country, so they see you as a ticket to move abroad for a better life.