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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Walt Goodridge Teaches "How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit"! FREE Ebook, CD and Personality Test

Hi Everyone,
I'd like to introduce you all to an amazing and inspiring person that you will learn a lot of valuable information and lessons from. He is a Passionpreneur (a phrase he coined) who teaches people how to turn their "passion into profit" and live true to themselves. His name is Walt Goodridge, originally from Jamaica but grew up in New York, and is an Author, Traveler and Coach. He has written 20 books, many articles, runs a dozen profitable websites, conducts coaching seminars, been featured in many articles and magazines (including Time), and been interviewed by radio shows - which is very impressive.

This is a guy that you can learn a lot from. I've seen his books and listened to his interviews and will say that this guy is truly one-of-a-kind, genuine and highly spirited. His books contain a lot of fantastic useful advice for finding resourceful ways of doing what you love and making money from it. I would say they are a must read! I've looked through two of his books - "Turn Your Passion Into Profit" and "Living True to Yourself" and I would suggest starting with those.

Check out his websites, books, articles, interviews, free personality test and audio series at these main hub pages to his work:

Here you can download Walt's FREE Ebook "7 Conversations to Freedom":

You can listen to a FREE audio CD of Walt's "Passion into Profit" lecture series by downloading it here:

And here you can take his FREE personality test to find out what type of role you are best suited for: (here was my result)
Here is his travel blog "Jamaican in China":

Walt and I have a lot in common. We are both online entrepreneurs, freethinkers, freedom junkies, and vegetarians. He is definitely a kindred spirit. I ought to try to travel around China with him next time he goes. He and I could be an Asian and Black passionpreneur duo, like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in "Rush Hour". lol Anyway, I've been corresponding with him and we are going to try to help cross promote each other's website.

If you Google him, you will find a lot of third party sources praising him and his accomplishments, some of which contain interviews with him - all of which give him a lot of credibility. Some examples:

Time Magazine:,9171,998295,00.html

Senate Resolution on Saipan Island congratulates Walt Goodridge for his accomplishments and contributions to society:

What an impressive guy huh? Like I said, this is a guy you can learn a lot from.

Here are some photos of him when he was young. You can see the look of intelligence and ingenuity on his face.

Here is his interview posted on YouTube. He sounds so knowledgeable, passionate, aware and authentic. It's amazing. People like this are rare and one of a kind.


Check out more of his interviews here:

Learn more at:

Thanks for reading. I hope this inspires you to make good use of your passions.

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