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Saturday, January 7, 2012

International Dating - The Only Real Solution to the Male Loneliness Epidemic in America

By Winston Wu, Founder of

In modern America, there is a silent nationwide epidemic that the US media is afraid to talk about because it is such a taboo issue. It is an epidemic of loneliness and datelessness among millions of American males in the USA who cannot find a marriage partner, a date, or even a quality female companion.

The causes for this epidemic are numerous, but the primary one is the highly skewed supply and demand ratio of men and women in the dating scene. Let me try to explain in the simplest terms possible. In wealthy highly developed first world countries like the United States, most women only want to date or marry the top 10 or 20 percent of men in terms of looks, wealth, and status. If they can't get that, then they will remain single and complain that "there are no good men". But on the other hand, men do not care about the status or wealth of a woman. They merely want a decent looking nice woman who will treat them right and be good to them. Their needs are far simpler.

Add to this the narcissism, selfishness and isolation mentality that American culture instills into its people, and the problem becomes twice as bad, due to the difficulty of getting along with others. Even worse, add to this the extreme high standard in looks and image that the advertising industry has created for people to live up to, and the problem becomes three times as bad! On top of all that, add the fact that the feminist culture has conditioned women in America to not even need men, and to view them as fools, creeps and predators - instilling a man-hating attitude in them, and the dating environment for men become a nightmare beyond comprehension!

All this makes the problem worse for men, but not for women, because men just want a decent feminine woman with good character and values that will be good to them. They don't need a super model or a high status woman. They couldn't care less about the standards of the fashion or advertising industry. But on the other hand, women generally DO CARE, unfortunately, because they are more conformist in nature and try to live up to the trends and standards of their culture. Thus, since the Western media presents overly high standards for men that few or no men can meet, women's expectations and standards for their "ideal man" have shot up through the roof, while men's standards for women remain relatively unaffected.

As a result of all this, millions of men are left out of "the dating/marriage market" and left out in the cold, because they do not fit in the top 10 or 20 percent status of men, nor the extreme standards imposed by the media culture. This has led to the epidemic of millions of lonely men in America without choices or options.

But it is a silent epidemic that is not publicly acknowledged. Most men will not admit to it due to the shame it would bring, loss of pride, and the "loser status" of admitting such a thing. Thus this epidemic is either denied or suppressed. All the US media can do is to tell single men to stay where they are and try to "work it out" by improving themselves, which usually changes nothing and leaves them waiting for some "lucky miracle" to happen.

However, the Good News is that I've found a REAL SOLUTION to this epidemic which I've been promoting for years - one that works for any decent open-minded guy, using simple market forces, without trying to change who you are or make you live up to unrealistic standards. The solution is called GLOBAL DATING (aka INTERNATIONAL DATING). This is not any secret formula or trick. It's just taking advantage of simple supply-demand market forces, coupled with the natural desire and need for love that still exists in the rest of the world, which American society has attempted to unnaturally suppress.

The Global Dating concept is simple:

1. First, you expand your market globally to the 200+ countries in the world, rather than limiting yourself locally. This gives you an EXPONENTIAL increase in choices and a much wider range of opportunities!
2. Then, you simply go to the global market where you are "wanted", where the cultural, economic and demographic supply/demand factors give you the best advantage and competitive edge (and where your personality fits in the best too). That will give you the highest probability of getting what you want in dating, love, relationships, friendships, quality of life and self-esteem.


You see, for various reasons (which are beyond the scope of this intro), in the rest of the 200+ countries of the world, there are countless millions of single available women who are sincere, feminine, natural, down-to-earth, sweet, with good values, etc. who are looking for a good man, and will be a good mate or companion to the millions of lonely men in America. That's the Biggest Dating Secret For Men! So all a single guy has to do is to go to these other countries - finding the right one to suit his preference and compatibility - and meet these women, and VOILA! Problem solved.

Nearly 100 percent of the single men in America I know that have done that have reported that it's one of the BEST choices they ever made! That's living irrefutable proof right there that this is the best and true solution to the dateless/loveless male epidemic in America.

But the biggest problem is the lack of awareness of it in America. You see, the US media cannot promote Global Dating, International Dating, or Foreign Women in any positive light, because they are controlled by feminist groups, and the target market of their advertisers are American women. If they were ever to portray this in any positive light, their female audience would be extremely angry and offended. So they must present all this in a negative light, using FALSE derogatory terms such as "mail order brides", etc. Thus, they can do nothing to help the millions of lonely men affected by this silent epidemic - except give them cliched useless advice (e.g. stay put and try to improve yourself so you can live up to the high standards of American women).

That's where we come in. Since we started in 2007, we've grown to become the largest and most elaborate Global Dating website and movement in the world. We've attracted people from all over the world and we now have a Dream Team of knowledgeable experienced Advisors in our Online Community. We have a wealth of free information for you about Global Dating, Expat Living and finding Freedom beyond America. Our site contains mountains of proof of our claims about the success of Global Dating in the form of Testimonials, Interviews, Photos, Videos, Articles, Ebooks, Research Studies, etc. You are welcome to join our Online Community where you can discuss all this with others, network with like-minded people, make new friends, and get free advice from our knowledgeable experienced Advisors. If you would like to learn more, or join our movement and help promote it, visit us at:

There, you can look over our information and presentation, and register in our Online Community. We have many pamphlets that you can download and distribute to help spread awareness of the Global Dating and Living movement. It is our desire that all this will help you and provide you with motivation, inspiration and guidance, as well as the fellowship of like-minded others in our Community. Best wishes to you for success and happiness.

Winston Wu
Founder of
Note: If you feel that this movement and solution below is important and significant, you may help spread awareness of it by distributing a PDF version of it (with images) downloadable at: (right click and select Save As to download)


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  1. Thanks for sharing this i think global dating is very nice.

  2. There are a lot of single men and women in America and you might find it surprising that these American singles doesn't only mean that these are the people who are not committed. Yes, that is right; these singles are also those people who are already divorced, and are widowed. Human as they are, these people can also feel emptiness.

  3. Great article! I especially loved this point you made.

  4. Women of any nationality don't owe you a thing just for being male and having needs. This whole website and forum just reeks of male entitlement even with it's strong points that american society does suck. I don't give a damn about the 10 or 20 percent of males for partners. I gave a chance to mostly the nerds and geeks and they all choose to stab me in the back every single time. Women are lonelier than you would think and we don't get easy dates just for being females. Stop it with these idiotic stereotypes please! You men want nearly perfect partners, you are the ones going for the top 10 and not the other way around. I'm sick of men trying to psychologically tear me apart with games, huge egos and just bs every single time. I never had a man compliment me on anything, why should I go out of my way to make you feel like a king if you can't even look me in the eye?. I never had a boyfriend at 27 because I was born with a skin disorder and therefore I'm apparently just not dateable to every single man out there. I have been harassed, mistreated, bullied just for having little white spots in my skin and so do many other women suffer silently too. Fuck you and your manly needs, you have never done a thing for me personally for me to give a damn back anymore!

  5. It's not only real solution. You can try to pick up girls at the bar, gym or work. It's good for very shy people, like my brother. He's spending all his time on and i think that it's little weird.


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