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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why I love Filipinas - as lovers, playmates, and best friends

In my opinion, Filipinas make the best girlfriends, lovers, and friends. Compared to females in the other Asian countries, they aren't as strict, serious, prudish or hung up. Instead, they are more relaxed, carefree, happy-go-lucky, easygoing, playful, passionate and sensual. They are also very nonjudgmental and nonracist. And they have a great sense of humor, enjoying the silliest things which easily amuse them. Thus, you can always have fun and joke around or play with them, even if you have nothing else to talk about. That's so nice and refreshing, especially when you are so accustomed to antisociality and hostility from women in the US.

Best of all, they LOVE to flirt. When I flirt with girls in the Philippines, they not only enjoy it, but it actually ADDS FUEL to our chemistry (whereas in the US, flirting with girls "creeped" them out and emanated a vibe of hostility from them). And that's a big thing to me, because I am a big-time flirt!

Filipinas are also a great blend of outer and inner traits. Ethnically, they are Asian, Malay and Spanish, resulting in a very exotic and beautiful mix that is very pleasing and sensual to the eyes. Their exotic sexy sensual olive complexion ranges from light to dark shades, all of which are sexy to me and many other foreigners here. And their attractive highly feminine appearance is combined with a tender romantic loving/caring inner side to them – a fantastic blend to say the least.

They have this warm sensual tender touch in them that white women definitely don’t have (not to sound racist). I’ve experienced it and can understand now why so many foreign men are addicted to the Philippines and to Filipinas. I think it’s a genetic thing, not just a cultural thing, as you can feel it to the bone (and soul). Not to sound racist, but just as brown sugar is healthier than white sugar, and brown rice is healthier than white rice, (as any nutritionist will tell you) perhaps brown skinned women are healthier for your mind, body, and sanity as well. They seem to bring this natural balance to your life and soul.

Thus, I’d say that even if you didn’t have a taste for Filipinas or Asian women before, if you come to the Philippines, you soon will. Once you’re here and experience females of this caliber, any preferences you had will simply go “out the window.”

Not only are most Filipinas either hot or cute, and passionate and tender in bed, but their personality is so soothing, gentle, easy-going and accommodating that they are like my best friends too. They are just so comfortable to be around, in a way that you could never imagine possible in the West.

They are also a great blend of White and Asian traits. Their Spanish blood makes them much more wild, relaxed, passionate and expressive than Orientals such as the Chinese, Japanese, or Koreans, who are non-expressive, robotic and overly serious and strict in comparison. And they have big round eyes that are considered attractive in Western Culture (although to my surprise, my slanted Asian eyes are considered more attractive in Filipino culture than their big round eyes are). They have all the physical beauty of thin feminine Asian women in light and dark colors (“vanilla and chocolate” so to speak), as well as their humble, modest, sweet, pleasing, soothing romantic nature. The only drawbacks to them are that they don’t like to think much, don’t like to answer questions or provide explanations when asked to do so, and are sometimes moody and quiet for unexplainable reasons that they refuse to discuss. It seems in their nature to be that way. Thus you don’t get much intellectual stimulation with them. But the good news is that it’s much easier to train and educate them than it is to teach a Westernized woman to be sweeter and more loving.

Although Filipinas aren't as intellectual, educated, or deep-thinking as the European women are, they make up for it in their other qualities. They have this essence about them, warm sensual tenderness and a way of treating you that makes you feel needed and loved, like a real man, in a way that you had always wished and dreamed deep down but never dared hoped for. It's beyond words - something you have to feel and experience as a man to understand. And when you do, you realize it's what you had always wanted.and even friends. They are tender, sweet, passionate and fun.

In a way, it's like they give new birth to your heart, for if your heart had lost faith in love, they awaken it and renew it with their child-like hope and belief in love, making it a reality for you, and making you a believer again as well.


  1. Winston, if you keep talking like this, I may have to visit the Philippines some day! These American women here in the US are the exact opposite of the Philippino girls. You can't flirt with women here in America (maybe at a bar, club or party). Women are so uptight here in the United States they are paranoid of strangers! I know you said the Russian girls did not have that "paranoid look" on there faces when you approached them neither do the girls in the Philippines. I wonder why American women are so paranoid of strangers and of men? This is not the place to live if your trying to meet women and make friends!


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