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Saturday, December 29, 2007

10 Reasons Why Filipinas aren't after me for money or a green card

Critics and prejudiced Americans will commonly charge that the women here, as well as in most foreign countries, like me for money and a green card to the US. However, they are wrong because: (please read these bulleted points carefully)

1) Many girls here don't care about my money and STILL like/love me even after they see that I'm a cheapskate and very frugal. They don't even care if I spend money on our dates, as they just like "being with me" and enjoy my funny, charismatic, positive, enthusiastic, personable personality.

2) This is probably the biggest reason, and my cultural consultant, a long time visitor to the Philippines who speaks two Filipino dialects, attests to it too. Most of the Filipinas I’ve met or dated here prefer that their boyfriend or husband stay with them in THEIR country. After all, family is everything to them, and so they prefer to remain close to their immediate and extended family. But if their lover insists, they will try to go overseas, albeit reluctantly. In fact, out of all the many women I’ve dated here, NOT ONE of them has asked me to take them to America or even brought up the subject! That right there DEBUNKS this common misconception. Besides, it is an American myth that most people in other countries want to come to the US. The well traveled know that is not so.

3) I’ve slept with bar girls and girls who normally sleep with men for money here for FREE, simply cause they liked me and found me sweet, romantic, tender and charming! They never asked me for any money! Imagine that. That could never happen to me in the States. That proves right there that they aren’t after me only for money, but that I am very likable and charming to them. And I’ve gotten FREE kisses here from HUNDREDS of girls too, including French kisses from bar girls and dancers that I never paid or bought commissioned ladydrinks for (and NO, they don’t do that to every guy!).

4) A few girls here (but not most) have told me that I’m not their type, for they like white guys or bigger masculine guys. And conversely, I’ve seen some reject white guys in favor of me, because I’m more of the type they like and go for. Now, if it were all about “money and a green card”, then “type” wouldn’t matter now would it? But it does, because relationships and romantic chemistry are personal and subject to taste and chemistry.

5) Filipinas have shown favoritism toward me over other older richer guys or customers. (I can't get into details about how since it wouldn't be appropriate to describe here :)) This also proves that they don't like me just for money, since I am treated better, given favoritism and preferentail treatment over other guys who have more money than me, due to my higher likeability. Some bar girls have reached down from the stage to give me a kiss on the mouth, which they don't do for most customers. I have a fun loving free-spirited personality that a lot of Filipinas resonate with, as well as a sweet romantic side, and a face they find young and handsome (gwapo). Those are the reasons why I am liked so much here that even bar girls let me hang out in their bar without paying or buying any drinks. I’m likable and entertaining to them.

6) I've been able to get acquainted and befriend middle class girls here who have enough money themselves not to need a guy (which I can't do in the states). Sure, the middle or upper class girls aren't easy to "pick up" in public, but they find me interesting and likable too, once they get to know me. And they are willing to spend personal time with me, unlike girls in the US who always make excuses and say they are busy.

7) There are some guys here with looks and money who don’t do well at all with Filipinas. I know one good looking American guy here with a good income from an international job, and my cultural consultant knows a good looking young French guy here with a successful art business. Yet believe it or not, both of them can’t get a girlfriend in the Philippines! They have had nothing but bad luck and bad experiences with the women here. It’s obviously not their looks or status. But rather, something in their vibe and personality just doesn’t jive well with the girls here. Some people’s chemistry just doesn’t mix well with certain countries, just like mine doesn’t mix well in American culture and its fake politeness social culture. Sometimes, things just don’t click, not just between individuals, but between individuals and countries as well. Thus, it’s not all about money and status, like some think. Yet here in the Philippines, my personality seems to jive extremely well with Filipinas as a whole, regardless of whether I’m their physical type or not. And that’s why almost all Filipinas, even those who aren’t into me romantically or are already taken, ENJOY hanging out with me.

8) There are men I know here who have a lot of money and a high class professional occupation. Yet the girls who go out with them look unhappy around them, and don’t stay with them for long. Though they will accept their money and presents, they still leave them after a while because they simply don’t like them and don’t enjoy being with them. Now, if it were all about money, this wouldn’t happen. I’ve seen this happen to doctors, oil company professionals and business owners. As a result, these wealthy men who splurge to impress women, become jaded and cynical, unlike the happy optimistic me who even though poor, wins over women here with charm, looks, sweetness, and confidence. You’ve got to remember that these girls, though mostly poor, are HUMAN BEINGS who, like you, prefer to be with those they LIKE and CLICK with, not just anyone with money and a US passport.

9) From my experience with gold diggers and users in Russia and the Philippines, I’ve come to recognize their common patterns, such as the way they manipulate and tell lies, the way they tell you what you want to hear yet their actions contradict their words, and their tendency to ask for money within the first week of knowing you. And what I can tell you is that MOST of the girls who like me here do NOT exhibit these traits. However, oddly enough, there are some women (and men) who genuinely believe that giving money is a demonstration and sign of true love. These folks see no shame in “buying love” and are proud to utter the phrase “no money, no honey”. Such women will even ask for money from a man she truly loves, seeing nothing wrong with it. But of course, I do not share their values. An effective way I’ve found, to weed these types out is to simply tell them that you are poor and on a tight budget, and act like it. If they disappear after that, then you know what they were probably after. If not, then you’ve got a more genuine girl. Needless to say, if you want to impress somebody, you don’t have to take them to a fancy restaurant everyday; rather, mix it up with several days of going to fast food or cooking at home. A nice sweet Filipina will appreciate that.

10) A high percentage of Filipinas I get involved with tend to like to bite me and pinch me. I was told that they only do that to you if they LIKE you. Certainly if they only wanted to use me, they wouldn’t be biting and pinching me. They only do that to those they like or find adorable, cute, or cuddly.

Some guys see everything in terms of money and economics. Well I’m not one of those guys of course, for I consider many other deeper factors. Not every guy with money can duplicate everything I’ve done. Looks, personality, and attitude are strong factors too, among others, and in this culture, I rank high in those areas to them, which is why I often get preferential and special treatment from girls here over richer guys who are more shallow and not as personable or likable. Let me give you a little pep talk though. In reality, human beings are very complex, and don’t fit into overly simplistic pet theories like “She just wants you for money”. People often don’t make sense and don’t even understand themselves even. So these one shot labels and formulas put together by shallow know-it-all people to try to explain other people just don’t hold in reality. None of the girls here would claim that they like a guy ONLY for money or a green card, and frankly, NONE of them have ever asked me to take them to the US either! (Likewise, no one considers themself “bad”, “evil” or “crazy” either, as we all consider ourselves justified in what we do) These are merely labels we put on others to explain them in OUR MINDS. And in this case, the “they just like you for money and green card” theory comes from the mouths of judgmental people who like to jump to conclusions, and maybe are “all about money” themselves. But they can only speak for themselves, not for others.

If you think though, that all my experiences here are with money grubbing whores, think again. Make no mistake, I can and have gotten NON-WORKING girls to sleep with me on a regular basis. So, please don’t assume all my experiences are with whores. Unlike in Russia, after our dates, they often prefer to go home WITH me rather than without me.

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  1. The Philippines is a Catholic country and it is reflected in many things in the behavior of the people:

    They are taught that love of money is the root of all evil.
    They are taught that marriage is sacred

    Plus, they are the only romantic country in a very practical Asia. Most Catholic countries are romantic- France, Italy, Mexico.

    So, they act accordingly. As far as guys who think they can get Filipinas to love them for money ( and now these Filipinas look miserable), these guys should go to Thailand, instead. There you can actually buy gf's/wives and pay the family for it and the girl will be happy. I mean it.

    Or they should go to countries with a big overseas Chinese population- Malaysia, Singapore, etc and become investors there. They will get girls who appreciate the guys's economic value and respect/love him for that.
    The overseas Chinese love to work and love hard workers/rich guys, too.


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