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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The NBA Finals

By Andy

Well, the NBA Finals are over. Congratulations to the Waaaaaarriorrrrsss on their second NBA Championship in three years. A rivalry with the Cavs has developed, and there looks to be a dynasty in the making for the Bay's team. The series was electric and heart-pounding. These games were great to watch...from the comforts of home.

Yes, that's right. Despite the fact that I live within driving distance of Roaracle Arena, I watched the NBA Finals on TV. When I wasn't watching it from the comfort of my living room, I watched it while getting a workout in at the gym. Why? Driving to and from, and around the Bay Area is a nightmare, and the cost of tickets was outrageously expensive, that's why.

How expensive, you ask? Well, the cost of a courtside ticket was just over $65,000. That's one year's salary for some. Some don't quite rake in that kind of dough per year, and others don't even come close to making that much. The cheaper seats sold for nearly $1,800. 

To put that into perspective, that's roughly the cost of round-trip airfare, in general. By the way, these prices were per game. So, if a Dubs fan for example, wanted to attend Games 1,2 and 5 in Oakland, and sit in the cheapest seats, they would have had to shell out over $5,000. To offer another perspective, that would be the total cost of a trip abroad, and that's being a bit generous. If you're a very affluent sports fan, then money likely is no object, but for those of us who are not high rollers or yuppies, we're saving our money.

Besides working and paying bills, there is more to life than just sports. There are places to see, and people to meet. There is a world to explore. And no, in this case, watching the game at a sports bar just for the sake of getting out of the house, doesn't count. You need to really get off your butt and beyond borders for new atmospheres and a deeper appreciation for things that really matter.

If you read my earlier article on attending sporting events in the U.S.,you'll know what I'm talking about. Besides, the atmosphere at sporting events overseas is generally a lot better than at home. I know firsthand from attending a European Soccer Championship and World Cup. No, I'm not even talking about hooliganism, either. Quit watching so much TV. 

Again, if money is no object to you and you don't care about drinking $12 beer, then more power to you. Attend as many sporting events as you want. I don't care. Otherwise, simply save your money. You'll thank yourself later when you're far from home, strolling a promenade, chatting up model-like women, or hiking Machu Picchu.

Watch sports on TV from the comfort of your gym or your humble abode, and spend some of that saved money on that trip abroad you've been wanting to take. You'll reap the rewards in more ways than one. You'll see.

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