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Monday, January 2, 2017

Using Apps as Tools in International Dating

By Andy

In international dating you need all the tools you can to help you succeed. After all, you're already at a disadvantage of being in a western dating inferno, and the women you really desire are half the world away. And when you travel halfway across the globe, you have to deal with cultural and linguistic barriers, not to mention jet lag. Chances are, you've initiated communication with them via some dating sites. You've exchanged some letters for a little while and you've probably even exchanged contact information after getting comfortably acquainted. But, what makes you cringe is that you can't meet your woman or women soon enough because you don't have quite enough money saved up for that trip or your time off from work isn't for another few months. 

This is where technology comes into the picture. Technology is a wonderful thing, so why not use that to your advantage in dating foreign women? You see, there have been some wonderful innovations over the years such as Skype, Viber and WhatsApp, just to name a few. These apps are kind of a medium between letter-writing and real-life meetings. I'll explain how these apps can not only aide you in dating foreign women, but they can also save you a shit-ton bunch of fuckin' money and time. 

First off, these things are free. You only pay when you purchase credits to make (international) calls or send text messages to your lady's phone when Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger aren't working. It's a very good deal as you won't use these too often, more like a backup. So, go to that Silicon Valley store for Android or otherwise, and download these apps on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or all of the above. Once you have those downloaded, then familiarize yourself with the layout and functions.

After you've done that, make sure you've established some level of trust with the ladies you've been communicating with via legitimate dating sites. Make sure nothing they're doing or saying is shady or suspicious. For women you've already met, this will be easier as there really isn't any uncertainty as to whom you're communicating with. Hint: If a woman doesn't want to see you, face-to-face on Skype and you've never met in person, she's not a person with whom you want to waste your time at all. In any case, NEVER SEND MONEY, YOU DWEEB.

Next, make sure you have a (functional) camera on your device. It's one thing to hear someone's voice on the other line. It's another thing to hear their voice and see them. With a camera, you can see if the person with whom you've been communicating appears like they do in their profile photos and is who they really say they are. Not to mention it's a virtual in-person meeting, or just about the closest thing to that.

Once those fundamentals are squared away, arrange a time to Skype with your foreign lady. Be sure to keep yourself aware what time zone she is in and the time difference between the two of you. This can be tricky at first, but once you know that, things seem automatic in that you just know when not to call. The same holds true for just a phone call without the camera, when you two have already hopefully seen each other on camera. It's a little easier if she lives in the same country or hemisphere as you, but still, know your time zones.

You may think that what comes next is the most terrifying, nerve-wracking experience, but it's really not. A webcam chat on Skype is nothing to be worried about. You might be self-conscious about how you look and what she might think afterwards, but in the long run, things work out in your favor. You really just need to stay positive, smile and know what to say and ask. Keep the conversation engaging with questions about her and interesting things you did or do. 

Use common sense, though. Especially for that first meeting on Skype, brush your teeth. Make sure you are well-groomed, nicely dressed, and be polite. You don't have to dress like you're attending a black-tie event, but you need to dress decent so that you don't appear like a slob. Most web cameras can only capture the upper body, but keep your pants on in case you have to get up for whatever reason during the chat session, and do get your exercise as eventually, you're going to have to meet in person if you wish to cultivate a real relationship.

If, for some reason, you have to wake up early for a chat session, cold water and eye drops will be your best friends so that it doesn't look like you just rolled out of bed for the chat session. That's pretty much it as for as Skype as concerned. It's not an in-person meeting, so you can't touch or feel someone. But if you still like the person you're chatting with after that initial Skype session, then great. If not, or if she doesn't feel you're the right person for her, then simply move on because you just saved a ton of money by not flying halfway across the globe just to get rejected.

All that's left to tell you regarding this is; use common sense. Don't constantly call or call at all hours of the day. An instant message is fine and appreciated. You have your schedule and she has hers, and she is several time zones away. You two can schedule a day out of the week to see each other on Skype. 

Just remember to have notes ready after each of those chat sessions to make note of her answers to questions and her behavior, or, heaven forbid, she keeps flaking out to meet on Skype. A woman who doesn't have time to chat on Skype, does not even deserve the opportunity to meet you in person. Additionally, a woman you Skype with and call via Viber or WhatsApp regularly, who says she is coming to visit your country, yet mysteriously doesn't answer your calls or respond to your messages upon her arrival, belongs in the trash heap of stupid. Such a person is not worthy of your time, and you should cease contacting her immediately and completely. You're a person of action and the women you converse with should be, too.

So, take these technological tools and put them in your tool box. Use them wisely and with care, and you'll be amazed at what virtual meetings can do to pass the time until meeting in person! It's certainly a lot better than playing pick-up sticks with your butt-cheeks.