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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Attending Sporting Events in the U.S. Sucks!

By Andy

Attending sporting events, at least in the USA, has become such a mediocre experience. It has also become overpriced. I've noticed this happening during the last ten years or so. Last night I attended a baseball game, and I hadn't attended one in quite some time. Last night reaffirmed why, over the years I've been spending more of my free time doing other things like going for a long walk, taking photos of nature, and traveling. 

First of all, drunkards are in abundance at sporting events. Besides the fact that they're "having fun" by getting voluntarily retarded, they're also looking for trouble. Not only that, they're annoying and distracting. Hello, I'm there to enjoy the game. Attending a game in person is different than watching it on TV. 

Secondly, there are loud, annoying kids everywhere. Newsflash: Kids are a pain in the ass and a humongous liability. Last night I was constantly reminded of why I'm not a parent. There were kids crying and screaming. This nonsense started shortly after I found my seat, and it persisted throughout the game and even afterwards. 

While sitting in my seat, I was constantly kicked from behind by some stupid little girl. Yes, she was stupid because of her stupid parents, who did jack shit to stop what she was doing, which was why she was roaming all over the aisle behind me. This is just one example of why today's parents are fucking stupid, and know diddly shit about parenting. They do absolutely nothing to discipline their kids, and they think it's perfectly acceptable for their kids to do whatever the fuck they want. I looked back several times, but didn't say a thing, because you all know how parents and especially AW are in regards to making you look like the evil one if you speak up and ask them to stop. 

They'll tell you to mind your own fucking business and then call security. That's how fucked up things have become. If you discipline your kids, you're a monster. If you tell others to grow up, you are asked what your problem is. If you speak the truth, you're a criminal. 

If you think you're gonna find hot chicks at a sporting event, it's time to wake up from that slumber of yours and remove the sugar coating. I didn't see any attractive or slender women at last night's game. I did, however, see plenty of land whales, carpet munchers, hipsters, tomboys and tattooed pathetic excuses for women. This was no surprise, but it was just disconcerting to see how bad things have gotten in this country in regards to dating and relationships. Ironically, I did see a jumbo jet fly overhead, and I was able to see that it was a foreign airline taking off from a nearby international airport; so it's next stop was undoubtedly a foreign city.

Let's not forget the male simps and hipsters, who really didn't hide the fact that they had no balls. They just let their fat ass girlfriends or wives drag them around by an invisible leash. Then, as is always the case at a sporting event, there was a conversation some loudmouth geeks were having about comic books. Never mind that the conversation wasn't about baseball, the conversation was just too loud. There was even an inebriated loudmouth woman, cheering on the team, trying to sound like a man and failing at it, and only getting a hoarse voice as the evening progressed. 

Women getting drunk and screaming their lungs out at sporting events just just unnatural. We are so accustomed to men doing that. Actually, having women attend sporting events or even parties to watch the games on TV is against nature. On that note, women in foreign countries like sports, but not to the point where they are buying jerseys, are glued to the TV or even at the events themselves. Actually, foreign women are more concerned with doing sport (going to the gym, yoga, walking, running) than watching sports.

And, of course, there were people glued to their smartphones, tuning themselves out to their friends, family and the game. Outstanding. When we should be showing our sense of community by rallying around the team, we continually seek more ways to become disconnected from one another. One fucking stupid family of very limited intelligence even brought a selfie stick into the ballpark, and struggled to use this narcistick. I'm surprised nobody got hit or poked with that useless piece of shit.

What really epitomized this rather forgettable gameday experience was the fact that the concession stand vendors and ushers left much to be desired in dealing with the public. Seriously, they need to work on their customer service skills. In general, they were just rude and unhelpful. When I went to the concession stand to order food and drink, the tone of the worker's voice who took my order, made my translate "Can I help you?" to "What do you want?" I saw ushers giving looks to people that would indicate they just saw a spaceship. When they weren't doing that, they were being standoffish by yelling at fans when giving directions to their seats. 

At least they weren't being fake, I'll give them props on that. But what could possibly be up someone's ass about working at major league baseball games? I really believe in excellent customer service, and if I don't get it, then I'll just take my money elsewhere. In this case, I'll just find other ways to spend my free time. That's right, say goodbye to repeat customer. 

All of this just contributed to a mediocre experience. Don't get me wrong, I like attending sporting events, as the gameday experience is not the same as watching the ballgame on TV, but only every once in a while. Besides, attending a sporting event in the U.S. is an expensive venture. Add up the costs for just one game, and I virtually guarantee you'll soil your underwear just a bit. Find other things to do with your time, don't be so narrow-minded.

Hey, if you really like watching and playing sports, you can join a gym. Just about any gym will have many flat screens, so you can watch the game on TV and get your workout in at the same time. You also don't have to waste money on cable TV because you're spending that money on a gym membership. If you don't like gyms; just invest in an mp3 player with a radio, get some headphones and listen to music or the game while you're in the park, jogging or walking. Just get off your ass so that you're not a fatass when you travel overseas.

Even if you're a big sports fan like I am, you must realize that there are other things to do with your free time besides attending sporting events. Learn CPR, help transients get off the streets, go someplace you've never been before, do something meaningful and productive with your time. Get out of that box you're living in. Sporting events in the U.S. suck, but you don't have to. Be at a higher level.


  1. As I get older (I'm 41y/o) I become less interested in sports and more interested in doing more fulfilling things such as enjoying photography, hanging out in Washington D.C., volunteering and getting my pilots license. As people are becoming more and more antisocial as a result of mobile devices, I'm becoming more engaged in life. I've yet to see my best days. Here in Columbus,Ohio, you'll actually grow to dislike sports by the way people are so fanatical about Ohio State University football. It's beyond my understanding. Every Friday all you see are jersey's, Ohio State flags waving from peoples homes and cars, tailgate parties starting the night BEFORE the Saturday 8PM game. It's such a turn off. I could go on and on but I'm sure you know.

  2. Another great post. Do you have other sites/media I can follow Andy? Twiter perhaps? Avid supporter of your work.

  3. Another great post. Have a twitter? Would like to follow + consume more quality media from you!

  4. LOOK at how UGLY the sport-fanatic Americans look in the above (top) photo (not to mention the Moronic sign). That tells all...

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  8. I agree with a lot of what you said here. I went to a college football game last fall, and a little kid was sitting behind me who made it a point to kick me the whole time! Eventually, I got fed up with this and glared at the kid and his father. His father yelled at me like I had done something wrong and said "He is just a kid!"


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