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Monday, August 17, 2015

Announcing Masculinity 2.0! Relationship guidelines for men who want to be men, and the women who love them!

The following is an excerpt from my Masculinity 2.0: The new relationship guidelines for men who want to be men, and the women who love them!


Why I wrote this book
I wrote this book because my girlfriend said I should teach a course on how to satisfy a woman!
Now, I accept the possibility that those words may have been your standard boost-your-man's-ego-in-bed pillow talk that every man (hopefully) hears at some point. However, being the literalist I am, I took her suggestion to heart and asked her to explain why she thought it would be a good idea.

"Well," she said. "You have some very common sense ideas about men and women—how they interact, and how to maximize that interaction for intimacy and enjoyment of each other sexually and in other ways—that seem to have been overlooked/lost/not emphasized, even almost purposely squashed in our society today.

"Those ideas," she continued, "set off a physical chain reaction in me that made me feel more feminine, inspired me to express my femininity, awakened feminine desires, and as you experienced for yourself, put me in touch with what I wanted you to do to me to satisfy those desires.

"Plus, in listening to your outlook on male/female dynamics, I was left with a palpable sense of your masculinity and my femininity, and how much of a turn-on our differences in this arena are, and I just think other men and women could really stand to finally handle the truth!"

Cool! Well, thanks, for that, sweetie. Now, between you and me, I think she might be biased, but I wrote this book anyway, to share:

(1) a personal philosophy and belief system about relationships and sexuality,
(2) a concept of masculinity and femininity that works for me and my girlfriends,
(3) my personal compatibility and selection standards that keep me happy and get me the women I want,
(4) behavioral guidelines for my relationship that keep me guilt-free and living true to my self,
(5) private sex practices that keep me young, strong and virile, and make my girlfriends say the things they do,
(6) my positions on monogamy, marriage, gender roles, porn, kinks, fetishes, and biological wiring that allow me the freedom to love others honestly and, most importantly, to love true to my self! And all of this, is supported by:
(7) input and feedback from the women I date, through their actual conversations, interviews, emails and letters!

In other words, I wrote this book to share things you'd get to know, things you'd need to know, as well as criteria you'd have to meet, if you want to be my girlfriend! And since the suggested goal was to satisfy women, men are invited to take notes and follow what resonates with them. Women may simply complete and submit an application!

Now, once I started my research for this book, people asked me if I intended this to be a "how to" manual for men.

Well, I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to tell other men how they should live their lives. I'm simply offering my own thoughts, beliefs and practices as a first-hand overview of what works for me. These ideas and practices are simply one option—a choice that at least one other man (me) has made—for how to live and love. Now, should others wish to follow these ideas on a path of their own happiness, I won't sue!

So, while I won't go so far as to say that this is applicable to every man in society, I will say that these changes in my own living and loving were necessary because of what I observe and interpret as shortcomings, flaws, errors and outright lies in the belief system that informs the overall state of relationships in our society. Those observations led to a set of questions I had to answer for myself.
In achieving happiness in our society, I had to answer:

Who am I?
Because we operate from a self-concept that is either incorrect or incomplete, and thus, we cannot live true to the self if we do not know who that self is.

What is love?
Because we do not understand the basis of attraction and strive for ideals that may be impractical, or non-existent.

Why do I love?
Because we structure or allow others to structure our relationships in ways that contradict what we really want.

 Whom do I love?
Because we choose partners with whom we are fundamentally incompatible.

How do I love?
Because we engage in relationships and intercourse in ways that limit our pleasure

When do I love?
Because we interact for durations of time that undermine our happiness.

Where do I love?
Because we reside and remain in locations and environments that do not support our wiring or the fulfillment of our desires, and ultimately:

What is a man?
Because we do not have a clear concept of masculinity.

12 provocative things you'll learn by reading Masculinity 2.0

1. Why men don't really enjoy sex as much as women do, and why once-a-month is the best frequency for all involved.

2. The only way a marriage can work is if it's a 7-year contract. But, we won't be getting married. You'll be happy.

3. "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean..." and other lies women tell men with small boats; what women will do and say differently if you're in the Big Boat Club!

4. Why men watch's not always what you think.

5. How and why your grandparents stayed married for 50+ years, and why they'll never reveal the real secret!

6. The difference between "women who want to be women and women who want to be men."

7. Why a harem is the only workable living arrangement for everyone's happiness.

8. How capitalism robbed you of your gonads and gave them to your wife.

9. Why some men's "lovin' spoonful" tastes better than others.

10. Why you may be living in the wrong country to be happy.

11. The undeniable, inescapable and inextricable link between the shape of a woman's feet and femininity, and, wait for it:

12. How to TAME your girlfriend!

Want More?
Click here to download a few more excerpts

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