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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Expatriation Apocalypse! Guide for the Broke and Hopeless

Hi everyone, Ghost here. Today's post is brought to you by a donation from Ghost. Ah, sorry, wrong script. Anyway, I'm here to plug my new book "Expatriate Apocalypse! The Guide to Expatriation for the Broke and Hopeless". Hmm. Too blatant. Anyway, read my book now. Ghosts need to eat too. You can find it on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats at the links below:

Here's the idea: expatriation is becoming a more difficult game to play. I'm still trying to figure it all out myself, but I have figured a lot of things out. I'm very sympathetic to the plight of the young, broke, hopeless man who is stuck in Western society. That was my story, and it didn't start changing until I embraced expatriation. Expatriation Apocalypse! contains a lot of the knowledge and wisdom I've acquired since I started traveling two years ago. Here are three reasons you should read my book:

1. No bullshit.

I don't sugarcoat. As I state in the book, I don't believe in “happy chapters.” What's a “happy chapter”? It's a final note about how there is still a chance that everything will OK. There is hope on the individual level, but I offer no such consolation for Western civilization. There is no happy chapter in my book. Western civilization is sick and the illness is terminal. I believe the window for expatriation will eventually close. My goal isn't to alarm or scare anyone – my goal is to motivate you with this fact. 
If you're a young Western male, and you're stuck at home with no job and relationship prospects, then you want to start your journey today. That brings me to the second thing...

2. You'll find tools you can start using today.

In Expatriation Apocalypse! I compiled a lot of resources from the internet, many of which I have used myself. These resources are about making money online, finding jobs abroad, foreign dating, language learning, and more. Instead of overwhelming readers with a massive list, I narrowed my list of resources down to things that I either used myself or looked into thoroughly. Everything in my resources section can be used right away. There are no get rich quick schemes or unrealistic ideas. The idea is to keep things true to life. You probably aren't going to score a six figure job, start a hugely profitable business, or get into some fortuitous windfall. The idea is to make good choices and build up what you know and what you can do. Big dreams can be realized by a succession of many small steps.

One chapter of the book is also dedicated to getting a TEFL job abroad. This is what I do and although the market is growing more competitive, it is still realistically attainable. In my book I talk about how anyone can get into this field as a way to expatriate.

3. It will change your perspective on expatriation.

Expatriation isn't easy, but a lot of expats and wannabe expats over-complicate things. Hey, it's great to have a pension, big bank account, a business, and other financial means before you expatriate. But do you have to have these things? Not at all. A lot of expats talk about needing a few thousand dollars a month to live in a given country. If you're a retiree, perhaps you aren't willing or able to rough it a bit. But if you're a young guy? Make some sacrifices, plan well, and go without some conveniences and you won't need to break the bank to start expatriation.

In the book I also talk about simplifying your life. That is vital. Being able to let go of physical things is a must. They say you can't take it with you into the afterlife. Well, you can't take it abroad with you either.

Your entire perspective will change at some point. It certainly will after you expatriate, but if you start changing your perspective before you go abroad you will be better prepared and adapt better to new environments when you start traveling.

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