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Saturday, March 15, 2014

“I was a God in The Philippines” – No You Weren’t Here’s Why.

The Philippines is a very stratified society. To be honest, I don’t doubt at all that you probably got laid like a champion during your week visit. But there really is something more going on that will escape your eye as westerner and that someone who has an insider knowledge of the culture can tell you.

  1. The most obvious is the local joke. “Why do foreigners date the ugly girls?” I’m not here to bust any balls, but there is a reason why locals think this way. Once you spend time on the ground, you notice this as well. There is a thing about shifting beauty preferences, like a bad hang-over than you notice 6 months into the trip. By the time you realize you bedded attilla the hun’s sister, everyone is laughing at you for being such as sucker, and you have used up most of your social capital to bed the girls in the upper strata.
  2. This reason is not so obvious. The Philippines is very strict in strata dating. This means dating is heavily based on the economic strata. With females being hypergamous, you will see a lot more leeway in the bottom strata as girls find to date upwards. The guys on the top on the other hand have SO MANY options, but since access to money is VERY influenced by the perception of people towards the stratas these men do not cross the line… unlike the uninitiated foreigner.
  3. You have unresolved issues about sex, love, and relationships. America is such an unbalanced place that the gender dynamic has been twisted and contorted for the pursuit of ego and capital. It truly is sad to see an American man waiting in the street corner LIKE A CRACK ADDICT waiting for his pussy fix in ermita, and even sadder to see healthy YOUNG AMERICAN guys who are using “game” to have an ego boost of notch-counts but generally looking desperate in the high-end bars.  When you chase pussy of course it is going to open up. But the quality of pussy you open up is a different aspect. Learn the society first gentleman, this ain’t first world Japan.
  4. Pussy is plentiful. Imagine a pyramid.. well you know I’ll just draw you pyramid (up there). This means there is a whole more to date from the bottom that there is at the top. Why should you care if the girl has money or not? I pondered the same question when I was a former a contributor at rooshv forum before embarking to a trip to Colombia. There was a legendary poster by the name of MixX (Colombian-American from Miami) who wrote the guide about Colombia and remarked that “I could really fck barrio girls all day if I wanted to.. ” and I didn't understand it then. But when I went to Colombia I was enlightened. Same thing in Manila.
  5. It’s all in your head. When you first go here you think you are the shit. This manifests in your thoughts and the way you move. You see someone looking at you then you believe it! You go and date some girls you meet online (fact: 95% of the girls in Filipina dating sites are similar to barrio girls or have something wrong with them thus excluding them from the local dating pool) and this attitude carries over. Never mind that you are blowing a shit load of cash for a fancy hotel or fancy expat restaurant when her local lover boy takes her out on fish-ball dates.

I would like to end this by saying that even if the entire American nation of sex-starved males comes to Manila to hunt pussy, it will not even make a dent on my dating options. There are too many females here. As Manila heads towards “medellinifcation” (to become like Medellin in dating), there needs to be some sort of guide for this to at least show what cannot be seen by the western eye (insider access). American men deserve quality because they are high quality men. The problem really is that they do not understand the society. To them, pussy is just another pussy. It’s not. Especially in a third world society. 

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