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Monday, March 24, 2014

I Need YOUR Trip Reports!

Xiongmao here.

Since I sold all my stuff to go traveling I find I have plenty of time on my hands these days. I don't have a car, TV, games console or even that many books to read.

So I've been building a lot of stuff on my computer lately...

My latest project is to build a trip report tool that can help guys like yourself find out where the best places are to go traveling.

Find the trip report tool here: Trip Report Tool

As an inducement to file new trip reports, anyone filing a report gets a free 12 month Gold membership plan of the associated dating site. It's mostly full of Filipinas and ladyboys, but at least it won't cost you a cent to chat to anyone.

As to the trip report tool itself, the emphasis is on places that are good (or not so good) for dating. But I've also included the ability to rank places on other factors, such as food, weather and transportation.

As I found in Bangkok, a city full of single women is one thing, but if it takes a bus an hour to travel half a mile then it's exceedingly difficult to actually schedule dates.

Here's a screen shot of the trip report tool:

Xiongmao's travels through Asia

I've populated it with trip reports from all the places I've been to in Asia.

It gives me a warm fuzzy glow inside to know that I've been privileged to have visited so many cool locations. If you haven't traveled much yourself, then what are you waiting for?

Hopefully some more guys will file trip reports and then we can build up a better picture of which places are best to visit in Asia (and anywhere else for that matter).

According to my own trip report ratings, these are the best places I've visited:
  • Overall Shenzhen ranks most highly,mostly on account of the top quality dating potential here.
  • Second place is Guangzhou and third Hong Kong. Shanghai comes in last.

If (like Winston and I) you like your food, then Hong Kong, Bangkok and Pattaya are good places to visit. Hong Kong is a foodie paradise. Bangkok was great, and Pattaya scores highly on account of it being so cheap to eat there. Falcon and I visited an Indian restaurant there and we both had a 6 dish set meal for around 150 baht each.

As far as living costs go, I've never been to anywhere that you could call exceedingly cheap. While somewhere like Wuhan in China is cheap for day to day living costs, the problem with China is that as a foreigner you're [officially] only allowed to live in certain areas. And of course they're generally more expensive than where the less well heeled locals will choose to live.

On the whole I'd say that Pattaya in Thailand was the cheapest place I've visited so far. Food and entertainment were pretty cheap there, and much less expensive than in Bangkok.

So that's briefly what I've generally thought about the places I've visited in Asia. Don't forget to file your own trip reports so we can come to a much better consensus on which places in the world are worth visiting.

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