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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jezebel does feminist hit pieces on Winston Wu, Global Dating and Foreign Women


Check this out. A popular Celebrity/Fashion site called Jezebel did two hit pieces on me - one on my anti-marriage essay, and the other on my Global Dating Solution article. They are kind of pointless but funny and entertaining to read. You should see the image they put together of me in the 2nd hit piece. LOL In the second hit piece, they call me the "web's weirdest authority". I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not.

I gotta thank them though. Even though they were senseless, these hit pieces brought a lot of traffic to my site.

Here are some brilliant third party rebuttals to the second hit piece that are spot on!

Bernard Chaplin's rebuttal

Part 1:

Part 2:

Rex Patriarch's rebuttal

Rebuttals in my forum:

Let me correct a few key fallacies of these feminists:

First, technically I cannot be a "misogynist" because if I am promoting "foreign women" then I am promoting women, not frogs. So how can I be a "hater of women"? This is a straw man and a mind control tactic to vilify dissenters of the party line.

Second, you all should know that the term "feminism" is reverse logic since it is the wrong word to describe the movement. Since the feminist movement is about "masculinizing women" rather than making them more feminine, technically it is incorrect. It's a type of neurolinguistic programming by the conspirators behind feminism. What American women don't understand is that you aren't going to make a man become more masculine by becoming more masculine yourself. The way to make a man more masculine is for a woman to become more FEMININE. That's how nature and the male/female dynamic works. Remember that important lesson.


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  1. Good for you, Winston. You have done a wonderful thing by striking a raw nerve with feminists. They have run riot and been unchallenged for over 40 years. My hat off to you. Reading your blog has been very eye opening and validates what I think although never saw it in print before. Everything from women abusing men in the workplace to the treatment of men in relationships.


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